Warframe is a sci-fi third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. It was released on March 2, 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The player controls an Asari warrior named Commander Shepard who must battle the enemies of the human race in order to save Earth from being invaded by an alien force called the Sentient.

The ember build warframe 2021 is a guide that will show you how to get the new Warframe Ember Build.

Ember is a Warframe that specializes on using fire skills and can inflict a lot of heat damage to opponents in a big area.

Her powers are excellent for causing huge quantities of damage, and she excels at nuking and delivering damage over time to big groups of opponents.

Using her powers together, she can quickly wipe out huge numbers of opponents while also protecting herself from harm and providing crowd control.

What is the best way to get Ember?



The components of Ember may be obtained by defeating General Sargas Ruk in Tethys on Saturn.

Her blueprint may be purchased for 25,000 Credits from the orbiter’s market.

Ember may also be purchased straight from the market for 225 Platinum.

Ember Prime is a character in the game Ember.


Ember Prime is the prime version of Ember, with higher armor and shield values.

Ember Prime is found in the following relics:

Vaulted: Meso E1, Neo E1, Axi E1 Available: None Blueprint: Vaulted: Meso E1, Neo E1, Axi E1

Meso F3, Neo S5 Available: None Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F3, Neo S5

Meso F2, Neo F1 Vaulted Chassis None are available.

Systems: Lith G1, Axi S2 have been vaulted. None are available.



Ember can shoot balls of fire at her opponents, cause enemies in a wide area to suffer additional heat damage, create a ring of fire that grows and burns those within it, and put all of her enemies on fire just by running near them.

For each opponent inside a 50-meter radius that is consumed in flames, her passive ability grants her 5% extra ability strength.



Sends a ball of fire forward to harm opponents in the area where the projectile lands, with the possibility of putting enemies on fire.

The ability may be charged up to inflict considerably more damage, and there is a combo window that increases the damage of subsequent fireballs.

As the Ember’s Immolation level rises, so does the charge speed and damage.

This ability is excellent for delivering damage to opponents who are close or far away while also applying the heat condition effect, which does damage over time.


(Ember casts Fireball, causing opponents to burn)


When held to cast, Augment Mod: Fireball Frenzy grants allies 100 percent extra heat damage for 40 seconds.



When this ability is used, Ember is shielded by fire, which grows over time as shown by a bar on the screen.

The damage reduction she receives from opponent strikes and other damage sources is proportional to her heat level.

Heat builds up over time, however casting Fireball or Inferno causes the shield to burn up quicker, while using Blast of Fire cools it down.

Ember will lose energy if the heat bar fills up, but she can always manage it with her other powers to maintain it at a level she prefers.

When pushed again, the ability may be disabled, or the heat level can be reset.

This ability greatly increases Ember’s resilience and may aid her in surviving severe confrontations, whether they be against hordes of foes or strong bosses.


(Immolation active on Ember)


Immolated Radiance’s Augment Mod offers surrounding allies 50% of the damage mitigation that the ability provides.

Fire Blast


Ember smashes the ground, unleashing a wave of fire that pushes opponents back and sets them on flames.

Enemy armor is also stripped, and this is influenced by Immolation, thus depending on how high the Immolation level is, more armor is removed.

This is an excellent crowd control ability since it pushes opponents back when things become too heated, and the added bonus of inflicting heat state on them helps with her passive.

Fire Blast may be used to regulate the heat level of immolations by lowering the level of immolation when it is cast.


(Ember performs a Fire Blast)


Fire Blast heals Ember by approximately 25 to 50 health for each enemy hit. Augment Mod: Healing Flame causes Fire Blast to heal Ember by roughly 25 to 50 health for each enemy hit.



Ember sends down comets from the sky that strike every opponent in a radius around her, inflicting damage and causing them to be surrounded by a ring of fire.

Over time, the ring of fire will inflict damage and will spread to adjacent opponents, forcing them to suffer damage as well.

The ring of fire’s damage increases with Immolation, making it inflict more damage the higher the Immolation level is.

This ability is excellent for annihilating large groups of opponents and may help Ember’s passive.


(Inferno is cast by Ember)


Exothermic is an augment mod that increases the probability of energy orbs dropping by 15% when an opponent is destroyed by Inferno.

Also see Volt’s Construction.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


With a decent boost in ability strength, range, and efficiency, our Balanced Build for ember enables her to utilize all of her skills sparingly.

There may be a small decrease in the length of her powers, but this has no effect on her talents and you won’t notice it.

She’ll be able to combat opponents and aid friends with crowd management now that she can perform all of her skills anytime she wishes.

This is a nice build for people who are new to Ember or who want to start with a basic build and then modify it as they see fit.


(Employ a number of her talents)

Build a Nuker (Efficiency and Range Build)


The Nuker build is primarily designed to cast Ember’s abilities frequently while also providing enough energy to cover the casting costs.

This build will enable you to perform your abilities frequently to deliver huge amounts of damage in a wide area, as well as inflict status chances on opponents or knock them down for crowd control.

Fire Ball may be used repeatedly to attack opponents, while Inferno can be used to inflict damage to all enemies within range while also applying status effects and expanding the ring of fire.

This build enables you to deliver sustained damage to opponents over time as well as knock multiple enemies back in a single location.


(Ember casts Inferno on a huge number of foes)

Build Damage Over Time (Duration Build)


The Damage Over Time build prioritizes having a lengthy duration for the build while also increasing Ember’s other stats.

This mostly focuses on utilizing Inferno to inflict its effects on opponents in order to cause them to suffer damage over time for an extended length of time.

This construct may be used to deliver damage to opponents while moving about or directly confronting them, and it works well with a variety of playstyles.


(Ember moves around opponents afflicted by Inferno.)

Build Your Survivability (Balanced Build With Health And Quick Thinking)


We offer Ember greater survivability with the inclusion of Vitality for extra health and Quick Thinking for a chance to avoid death by using a less powerful but more balanced build.

This enables Ember to be more aggressive throughout missions and jump into combat more often, while also allowing her to utilize her abilities more effectively.

If Ember takes fatal damage, Quick Thinking will offer her a chance to flee by using her powers to push opponents away and flee, or by using her abilities to fight back within the time limit where she resists death.

This is an excellent build for people who like using her abilities and engaging in battle, particularly those who want to get up up and personal and dole out a lot of melee damage.

This may be one of the most powerful hybrid builds for players to utilize as an all-around build if they have a lot of talent.


(Imagine battling opponents up close and utilizing skills at the same time.)

Also see Vauban’s Construction.



Ember is a strong Warframe that is renowned for doing a lot of heat damage and burning opponents in her path.

Her Fire Ball ability allows her to take down opponents from afar, while her Inferno ability makes her very lethal by inflicting damage across a wide area surrounding her.

Aside from the damage she does with her skills, she also causes a lot of heat status effects, which cause opponents to suffer damage over time and ultimately die.

She can not only inflict a lot of damage but also use crowd control to take down opponents, providing her and her teammates an advantage in missions.

Although she is vulnerable owing to her low health and basic armor, when utilized properly, she can do a lot of damage and even survive some of the most intense battles.

Ember remains one of the most popular and beloved area of effect damage providers, hitting opponents with explosive missiles and lighting all of her foes on fire.

The ember prime build 2020 is a Warframe build that has been used by many players. It is the most popular build in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ember a good Warframe 2021?


Where can I farm ember in 2021?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Did Ember get nerfed Warframe?

No, Ember is still a strong frame.

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