Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. It features three factions with unique characters and abilities, and focuses on player progression through acquiring new weapons and equipment. The game has been praised for its expansive content and customization options.

The warframe endo farm 2021 reddit is a very popular farming spot for Warframe. It has been confirmed to be the best place to farm Endo.

“Used in the fusion process to boost the performance of existing Mods”


This is a unique material that is used to enhance Mods through fusion and is usually found in tiny amounts.


The more modifications you upgrade, the more Endo you’ll need, and having an abundance of Endo is required to update all of your modules.

Endo is essential for excellent and powerful builds, since you need maximum modifications to get the most out of them.

Endo may be obtained in a variety of ways, including as a reward completing rotations on certain missions.

Knowing how to harvest Endo will come in handy in the future when you need to upgrade a huge number of modifications.

What is the best way to cultivate Endo?


To harvest Endo on a regular basis, you must complete a series of tasks to get to the mission that enables you to do so, which will take place on Sedna.


Nakki, Yam, and Vodyanoi are Sedna’s three Arena assignments.

These missions put the player and their team (if they have one) against Grineer opponents in a gladiator-style arena.

The team with the most kills wins, and the players get Judgement Points for their efforts.

To advance to higher level arenas, you’ll require Judgement Points, and our goal is to harvest Endo on Vodyanoi.

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Getting Points for Judgment


Before going to Vodyanoi, you may pick between Nakki and Yam, which are two arenas.

These two missions provide you Judgement Points, which you may spend in Vodyanoi later.


1) Nakki


The first arena assignment, Nakki, requires no Judgement Points to complete.

The opponents are set at level 40, which may be difficult for some novice Warframe players.

Players may easily solo this level, however going with a team helps it go quicker since opponents will spawn in greater numbers.


You may carry a lot of frames with you, and most weapons will be able to kill the level 40 monsters in Nakki with ease.

Due to the low number of opponents, certain ability-dependent frames may be utilized. However, keep in mind that the energy drops may not be enough for the whole squad since they only provide a little quantity.


After completing Nakki, you will get an average of 15 to 200 Endo and 10 Judgement Points.

2) Yam


Unlike Nakki, Yam needs 10 Judgement Points to begin, and those points will be removed from a squad’s score once the operation begins.

Enemies here will be level 60, and even experienced gamers may find it difficult to defeat them.

For this level, a team is suggested not just because of the high opponent level, but also because the task will complete faster with more members.


Because they are level 60, enemies will have more armor and may be a little hazardous for most frames.

Having a team with a variety of abilities may help you win, particularly if you have Warframes that can assist or do a lot of damage.


After completing Yam, you will get 15 Judgement Points and a sum ranging from 15 to 300 Endo.

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3) Vodyanoi (Vodyanoi is a Russian word that means “


To begin, this task will cost Judgement Points, precisely 15 points, same like Yam.

The opponents here are up to level 85, posing a challenge to even the most experienced gamers.

Due to the high level and abilities of the opponents, we highly encourage you to bring a team with you.


It is critical to have a strong squad with you in order to get the most out of the task by swiftly eliminating the opponent and keeping the drops in one location.

Having a Nekros is advantageous since it increases your chances of getting more treasure, which means more Endo.

Nidus is also important since he can drag opponents from a long distance, enabling everyone to safely gang up on the enemy.

Other Warframes that can do harm or help the group may be selected according on your preferences, and as long as you have those two Warframes, it’s up to you.

Nidus and Nekros, as well as the rest of the squad, will store treasure in one location and ensure that everyone may farm there.

When trying to camp, keep in mind that walking too far will only spread opponents out.

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Technique for Endo Farming


Nidus and Nekros, two Warframes, are our greatest options for farming Endo.

We can use Nekros’ Desecrate ability to compel opponents who have been slain and perhaps chopped into pieces to drop more treasure.

Because the force loot impacts body parts as well, the probability of dropping rises when opponents are dismembered.

Nidus’ Larva ability makes the task simpler by attracting opponents to a single location and enabling the squad to slaughter them freely.

This is most successful with a Nidus modified for Range since he can drag opponents from vast distances, reducing time and making it a more efficient method of obtaining kills.


Not only will having a squad with you make defeating opponents simpler, but it will also speed up the farming session since more enemies will spawn.

There is no such thing as the greatest Warframe, however certain Warframes may make farming more effective when it comes to preferences and situational tasks.

Choosing the proper Warframes to operate as a team can help you complete your task quicker and simpler, saving you time and allowing you to harvest more.


The team may concentrate on the opponents within the Larva as Nidus draws them in, since the range of its pull pulls in all attackers and none are left to free strike the team.

After Nidus has entangled the opponents, he may inflict damage, but he must utilize Larva on a regular basis or the team will suffer.

When the squad is Endo farming, Nidus’ job is to disable the opponents and pile them up for the rest of the team to eat.


Nidus’ recommended build would be to improve his Range and Efficiency so that he can spam Larva.

Enemies are being drawn from vast distances, as shown above, and the squad is ready to rip them to pieces.

This is a fantastic approach for completing the task quickly and saving time by enabling many runs, and it is often regarded as the greatest method for farming Endo.


Nekros’ Desecrate will enhance the probability of loot after the foes captured by Nidus’ Larva are killed.

Desecrate will cause the dead opponents and any severed body pieces to evaporate and, by chance, drop an item.

Endo is one among such things, and at the conclusion of the quest, you may get a big quantity of it.


Other Warframes may be recruited to the team in addition to Nidus and Nekros, depending on whatever Warframe they like to employ and which they believe would be helpful to the group.

You could use a buffer to boost the squad and tip the odds in your favor, perhaps giving the whole group a large benefit.

If someone wants to choose a different support Warframe that heals or protects the squad, they may do so.

Even more damage-dealing Warframes will be able to conduct quick and effective Endo farming sessions if you all work as one unit and cooperate.


In less than 3 minutes, you and your Warframe may have 400 to 1000 Endo or more.

That was just 3 minutes, but think if you repeated it 10 times and ended up with 4000 to 10,000 or more Endo.

Teamwork is essential, and a strong team may make Endo farming simpler than you ever thought.

Endo is acquired in a variety of ways.

1) Treasures of Ayatan


Ayatan Treasures are beautiful items that may be discovered on various missions at random locations and by chance.

Ayatan Treasures may be used as decorations or just preserved in a collection, but there is another purpose for them.

You may sell Endo’s treasures in Maroo’s Bazar, which is located on Mars.

2) Modifications for Sale


You may also trade for Endo if you have a lot of additional modifications that you don’t need.

When you farm, you’ll typically end up with hundreds of extra modifications, which may be a wonderful backup supply for Endo when you really need it.

3) Bounty Programs


Bounties have a chance to award Endo, who is chosen at random from the mission’s reward table.

Bounties aren’t the greatest method to farm Endo, and they shouldn’t be used as a means of obtaining a significant quantity of it.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.


Endo is a valuable resource that is required to strengthen your modifications and therefore improve the overall capability of your Warframes and weaponry.

Having a large supply of Endo is beneficial later in the game when you need to perform improvements after obtaining specific mods, such as Rivens.

To view the various methods to farm as well as a guidance on what may be utilized to farm effectively, go here for a more comprehensive explanation on how to farm resources.

The warframe railjack endo farm is a guide that will teach you how to farm Endo in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you farm Endo fast in Warframe?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many different ways to farm Endo. If youre looking for some quick and easy methods, try farming the K-Drive or the M-Drive on Earth.

How do you solo Endo farms?

You can solo Endo farms by using the power of your lightsaber to destroy all enemies in a single hit.

Where can I grind Endo Warframe?

Unfortunately, there is no way to grind Endo in Warframe.

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