Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. It features three playable species, the Tenno, Grineer and Corpus. The player takes on the role of an operator in charge of defending humanity from a multitude of enemies and destroying machines with various weapons and abilities.

The warframe equinox prime maim build 2021 is a guide that will help you to get the most out of your Warframe.

Equinox is a dual-personality Warframe that can transform into two entirely distinct Warframes depending on which form she chooses, having the option of being either day or night.

She is a one-of-a-kind Warframe owing to her ability to transform into a different shape, which grants her additional powers that she may use in combination.

What Is Equinox and How Do I Get It?



By defeating Tyl Regor in the Titania mission on Uranus, you may acquire Equinox’s components and schematics.

Equinox may be purchased for 325 Platinum instead of farming her components.

Prime Equinox


Equinox Prime is the most powerful version of Equinox, with more health, armor, and energy.

Equinox Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: None Vaulted Axi K5 is a product that is currently available.
  • Meso M3 Neuroptics: Vaulted: None Available
  • Vaulted Chassis: Lith M4 is now unavailable.
  • Systems: None Vaulted Meso E2 is a product that is now available.

Guide to Other Popular Builds



Equinox can change forms, put opponents to sleep or make them weak, decrease enemy damage or boost friends, protect allies, or inflict massive damage to foes.

Equilibrium is his passive ability, which grants her an extra 10% energy and health when she picks up health or energy orbs.

Equinox’s powers alter as she transforms into Day/Night form.

1) The term “metamorphosis” refers to the transformation of one person


Equinox undergoes metamorphosis, which transforms her into either Day or Night, affecting her powers.

When you switch to night form, you get an extra shield and armor.

When you switch to day form, you get a boost in damage and speed.

When transitioning between forms, this ability is useful for changing her powers based on whatever skills the user intends to throw.

It also becomes necessary when the user can make use of the many effects, which makes it situational at times.

(You can view Equinox at night in the picture below.)


(You can view Equinox in day form in the picture below.)



Equinox’s other self appears for a short time, increasing Equinox’s damage by 300 percent and granting many additional benefits.

2) Rage & Rest



Night Form: The target, as well as all other foes within a certain radius of the target, is put to sleep.

Killing opponents that were ignorant of the ability while it was being cast will result in a stealth kill if they are killed immediately.

Day Form: Enemies suffer more damage and move faster while in this form.

From utilizing sleep to acquire large quantities of affinity through stealth kills to dealing with population control in regions, this skill may make a big impact in missions.

Equinox’s skills, as well as those of her teammates, will do more damage to opponents while they are enraged.

(You can see Enemies sleeping when Night Equinox casts Rest & Rage in the picture below.)


(You can see Day Equinox casting Rest & Rage in the picture below.)



Killing an opponent causes them to pass on the Rest & Rage effect to their friends as an augment mod.

3) Calm and Provoke


Night form: Each enemy’s energy is drained, reducing their damage.

Day form: Improves the squad’s ability strength.

This ability may be used to weaken opponents so that you and your squad take less damage, or it can be used to boost the ability strength of the whole squad to enhance abilities.

(You can see Night Equinox casting Rest & Rage in the picture below.)


(You can see Day Equinox casting Rest & Rage in the picture below.)



When friends are damaged, the adversary is slowed, and the ability’s power is increased when an enemy is slain inside the radius of the ability.

4) Repair & Maim


When deactivated, Equinox and her squad get healed depending on opponents destroyed inside the ability radius.

Equinox’s day form causes opponents to bleed and enables her to collect damage depending on enemies that die from slash attacks in the area, enabling her to discharge all of the damage when the ability is deactivated.

This ability may be used to heal her teammates or to inflict severe damage to adversaries.

In its day version, this ability has a lot of crowd control and offers Equinox an opportunity to kill opponents for slash damage that she may later unleash on other enemies in the vicinity.

(You can see Night Equinox casting Pacify & Provoke in the picture below.)


(You can see Day Equinox triggering Pacify & Provoke in the picture below.)


(You can see Day Equinox disabling Pacify and Provoke in the picture below.)



Equinox may retain her collected charges even if she changes forms thanks to the Augment Mod: Energy Transfer.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Duality



Equinox’s Duality build focuses on her utilizing her alternate form to battle opponents with her.

Her other form will assist her in combat, inflicting significant damage depending on what she has equipped at the time she casts the ability.

Equinox was given modifications to enhance her health and shield so that she could use them in her other form as well.

This build is useful in a variety of circumstances, including delivering additional damage to groups of opponents or bosses, as well as defeating adversaries in arenas like The Index.

(You may see Equinox and her Duality clone in The Index in the picture below.)


Maximize Efficiency


This build emphasizes the usage of maim, which has a long range and can disable a wide area while also causing all opponents in it to bleed and potentially die, adding to her charge.

Killing opponents with slash, including killing enemies with the ability itself, may accumulate a lot of damage, and when unleashed, it can inflict a lot of damage in a big area.

This build is ideal for people who like using slash or melee weapons, since it allows them to conquer vast regions quickly.

The lower ability strength is compensated for by improved efficiency, which allows for more slash damage to be stored.

Due to the wide range, crowd management is also provided.

(You can see Equinox releasing slash damage charge in the picture below.)


Build Maim Power


It’s similar to the previous design, but it consumes more energy and has a greater ability strength, allowing it to do more damage.

This build increases the damage done by the ability’s initial bleed effect, as well as the amount of slash damage charged for the ability.

(In the picture below, Equinox has maim active and is killing opponents.)


Build a Buff


This construct is mostly for support, although it may be used to inflict damage to opponents in certain circumstances, however its range is restricted.

Allies’ ability strength will be significantly increased, leading Warframes to become very strong while approaching Equinox.

(In the picture below, Equinox is boosting herself and her friends.)




Equinox is a highly helpful and innovative Warframe; based on the skills she has and how the player wants to utilize them, she may influence the result of a mission or even speed it up with little effort.

Day mode is primarily concerned with doing harm, while Night mode is concerned with healing and disabling.

When you’ve mastered all of the powers, you’ll be able to switch between forms and perform various abilities quickly, giving you a lot of control over your missions.

Equinox is a one-of-a-kind Warframe that, because to her versatility, may be utilized in a variety of tasks.

The equinox duality build is a Warframe guide that will help players learn how to build their own Equinox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Equinox good Warframe 2021?

Equinox is a Warframe with a lot of potential, but its not something you should really jump into unless youre willing to put in the time and effort.

How do you get the 2021 Equinox in Warframe?

You can get the 2021 Equinox in Warframe by completing a quest called The New Strange.

Is Equinox prime good for endgame?

Equinox Prime is a good option for endgame.

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