Warframe is a free-to-play online co-op third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. In the game, players control and fight as members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryogenic stasis to find themselves at war with the Grineer, a militarized faction which aims to destroy anything standing in their way.

The warframe the new war not completing is a guide that will help players complete the Warframe Erra quest.

The Erra quest is a secret mission that emerges every few hours in the Veil Proxima before disappearing and reappearing on another node.

While you play on the particular node where the alert is, which can also be noticed by a flashing red signal when viewing the Veil Proxima, an objective will popup instructing you to investigate an anomaly.

Completing the mission will reveal more about the game’s backstory as well as a blueprint for a sentient weapon that the player may construct.

What Is Erra Quest And How Do I Get It?


Simply wait for a flashing indication on one of the missions/nodes in the Veil Proxima to begin the Erra quest.

This will alert you to the presence of a sentient spacecraft, and you will be able to investigate it once you arrive.

Later in the mission, a paracesis will be required to complete the objective, and it does a lot of damage to sentients.

Requirements for the Erra Quest


Of course, you’ll need access to the Veil Proxima and the node that has the anomaly.

The most important condition is that you bring a paracesis with you, since you will need it to destroy a red crystal that will toggle the quest after you complete it.

Walkthrough for the Quest


You can only meet the sentient spacecraft while the anomaly is present, and you may only begin the mission under such circumstances.

Keep an eye on the star chart of Veil Proxima from time to time to see whether there is a flashing node, which indicates that the anomaly is present in that mission.

Start the quest when you notice a flashing node, and the sentient spacecraft will spawn in that map.


Cephalon Cy will tell you at the outset of the assignment that there is an abnormality that you must “investigate and disrupt.”


Carry on with the task as you would any other Railjack mission, but be cautious not to use up all of your revives since the sentients may be very difficult, and you’ll need all of the extra lives you can get.


Make your way to the sentient ship via Archwing or Railjack after you’ve completed all of your other goals.

Head out to the sentient ship on your Archwing and approach the front, where an entry may be discovered.


There will be no opponents on the ship’s exterior, so just fly right inside and to the center, where you will find a glowing red door.


As you draw closer, a quest sign will emerge, indicating where you must walk to board the ship, which you will continue to approach.


You will be able to enter the ship via the entryway, just like you would with Grineer crew ships.


Things will seem drastically different once you’re inside, and the environment will resemble a broken map that you must navigate.

Your goal will be to kill 20 sentients, similar to an extermination assignment, with a red marking indicating where you should look for the enemy.


You may come across containers that you may demolish to get certain types of treasure, similar to what you’d discover during Railjack missions.

Make sure to demolish them for a boost in resources on top of anything you get from the rest of the task.


To continue with the task, make your way across the area and kill the sentients, then keep following the waypoint until the goal is completed.


Keep in mind that there will be “Immunodes” strewn around the area that you must eliminate in order to fight the sentients.

Immunodes, as its name implies, make foes around them immune, preventing you from killing sentients until they are eliminated.


The mission will be completed after you have killed 20 sentients, and the extraction marker will point you in the direction of your ship.

You may be tempted to teleport back at this moment, but hold that idea because there is something you need to accomplish first.

Following the marking will take you to a chamber with a huge red crystal guarded by sentients.


Kill the sentients in your vicinity and continue to the red crystal, which you must destroy in order to complete the Erra mission.

Shatter the crystal using your Paracesis, since it is the only weapon capable of doing so, and then return to your ship.


Return to your Drydock after the red crystal has been broken and you’ve returned to your Railjack.


When you return to your orbiter after reaching your Drydock, you’ll find that a mission has been added, instructing you to explore personal quarters.


Approach Lotus’ helmet, which you will need to interact with, and make your way to your personal quarters.


Interact with the helmet to continue the quest, and a cinematic will play showing a flashback of what occurred during The Old War.


During the flashback, you will see events such as the Orokin’s collapse as well as how the Lotus and the operators battled back.


Following the flashback, you’ll be transported to the present, where your operator will see a scenario in which Lotus isn’t in her sentient form, as well as the unraveling of what’s going on right now.

The scenario will conclude, and the secret mission will be completed, awarding you a prize for finishing it.

Reward for Erra’s Quest


You will get the Shedu blueprint as a prize for finishing the Erra quest, which you may later construct after you have harvested all of the other components.

Shedu Parts for Farming


Finding additional anomalies and completing the sentient ship goal again may be used to harvest Shedu components or parts.

This is the only location where you may harvest the components, which are dropped by a particular opponent aboard the ship.


The Symbilyst is an opponent that seems to wield a weapon similar to the Shedu’s and will sometimes drop the Shedu Barrel, Shedu Chassis, Shedu Handle, or Shedu Receiver.

The Shedu components have a common drop rate, and as common drops, you have a good chance of getting them. This implies that repeating the task a few times will almost certainly result in you finishing all of the pieces in 6–10 attempts if you’re fortunate.

Shedu market pricing may fluctuate, but if one is ready to trade up with platinum, it may be purchased from other players.



  • To prevent your Railjack being destroyed, complete all other goals before proceeding to the sentient ship.
  • For those who are more interested in Shedu farming, you may leave your ship far away from the enemy until no agreement is reached, then go straight for the sentient ship to kill the sentients, or abandon the operation if no parts are dropped and repeat it.
  • Although paracesis is needed for the Erra quest, you are free to use other weapons when harvesting for Shedu components.
  • Bring a Warframe that can withstand or avoid receiving a lot of damage, since the opponents will be level 80–90 and will quickly kill people who aren’t prepared.
  • It is preferable to have a team with you to complete the task quicker rather to going alone, which may result in you completing less runs due to the limited time until the anomaly disappears.
  • Visit our Shedu Weapon Build for stats and builds for the Shedu weapon.

In the warframe the new war not starting update, a quest was added to help players understand what is going on. The update also includes a new weapon and a new enemy faction.

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