Warframe’s Frost build is a great way to get started in the game. It offers good damage, survivability, and utility. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this build.

The warframe steel path frost build is a guide that will help new players to understand the basics of the game. It also includes a list of tips for players who are struggling with the Frost Warframe.

Frost is a Warframe with a chilly element type, and all of his powers revolve on that element, since his talents primarily slow and freeze foes.

When on missions, he is an excellent Warframe for crowd control and defending his teammates.

What is the best way to get Frost?



Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Vor may be killed in the Extra mission on Ceres to acquire Frost’s components.

His blueprint may be purchased with 25,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Frost may be purchased for 375 Platinum in the Ingame market, in addition to farming for his components.

Frost Prime (Frost Prime) is a


Frost Prime is the most powerful version of Frost, with a shield that is higher than his counterpart.

Frost Prime-containing relics include:

  • Blueprint: Meso F2, Meso F3, Neo F1 Vaulted None are available.
  • Neuroptics: Neo E1 and Axi E1 have been vaulted. None are available.
  • Chassis: Lith G2, Meso E1 Vaulted None are available.
  • Systems: Lith G2, Neo S5 have been vaulted. None are available.



Frost possesses powers that delay or even completely freeze opponents.

He can freeze an opponent solid with a shot, send out ice waves to attack his foes, construct ice barriers to defend himself and his friends, and freeze a huge region solid.

Cryogenic, his passive ability, has a chance to freeze melee enemies solid.



Frost fires a projectile that slows or freezes opponents for a certain amount of time.

When you need to freeze a specific opponent to take them out later or make them simpler to kill, this comes in useful.

(You can see Frost using Freeze on an opponent in the picture below.)



Freezing Forces is an Augment Mod that enables you to cast Freeze on allies, which adds 100% cold damage to their attacks.

Ice Wave


Frost unleashes a wave of ice that injures any opponents it comes into touch with.

Ice Wave may be used to quickly wipe out groups of opponents as well as lesser enemies that come in your path.

(You can see Frost casting Ice Wave in the picture below.)



Ice Wave Impedance is an augment mod that creates a path that slows opponents passing across it.



Frost creates a sphere around a target location that absorbs damage and slows intruding foes.

When a source of damage is going to strike the squad, this is helpful for defending a location or shielding yourself or your friends.

Enemies inside a certain radius of Frost will be frozen and driven away, and some may shatter when they strike objects.

When a Snow Globe is recreated within another Snow Globe, its health will stack.

(In the picture below, Frost is unaffected by opponent assaults within the Snow Globe.)



When opponents are within the Snow Globe, the Augment Mod: Chilling Globe has a chance to freeze them.



Frost freezes opponents in a wide radius around him, causing the ice to burst, injuring them and freezing them for a certain amount of time.

Enemies who are affected by Avalanche will have their armor lowered for a short period of time.

This ability is excellent for delivering area damage and crowd control since it may halt opponents in their tracks, allowing you and your team to kill them before they thaw out.

(You can see Frost casting Avalanche and freezing opponents in the picture below.)



Augment Mod: Provides 60 damage absorption to friends in the region for each opponent impacted by Avalanche.

Also see Banshee’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Terrifying Globe


This setup enables frost to cast Chilling Globe frequently while using very little energy.

Frost can easily stockpile the health of the Snow Globe with this build, and he can utilize the cheap energy cost to continuously push opponents away or defend regions.

Due to the cheap energy cost, other abilities will benefit as well and may be used effectively throughout missions with this build.

(In the picture below, Frost is using a Snow Globe to drive opponents away.)


Build Avalanche Damage


The goal of this setup is to be able to cast Avalanche for a reasonable cost while doing a lot of damage across a wide area.

This build is good at wiping out big groups of opponents and inflicting a lot of damage across a wide area.

(You can see Frost casting Avalanche and destroying opponents in the picture below.)




Frost is a fantastic all-around Warframe that can assist the squad in a variety of ways, from delivering damage to shielding friends and much more.

Frost’s powers may delay or freeze opponents, making him an excellent Warframe for crowd control.

Frost may be used for a variety of tasks and can have a significant impact on the result of a fight depending on how he is modified.

Frost is a must-have Warframe for those who can adapt their playstyle to Frost’s powers and utilize him with various tactics.

The warframe frost prime build is a guide that will help you in playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get frost in Warframe 2021?

Frost is a Warframe mod that freezes enemies in place and slows their movement. It can be obtained by completing the quest The Second Dream on Mars, or by trading with other players.

Is Frost still good Warframe?

Frost is still a good Warframe.

Is Gara good 2021?

Yes, Gara is a good dog.

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