The Warframe community is growing and the developers are constantly adding new content to keep it interesting. This year, they have introduced a new weapon called Hallowed Flame that has been highly anticipated by players.

Warframe Hallowed Flame 2019 is a new update for the game. This update includes a lot of new content and changes.

As of October 26th, 2019, the Hallowed Flame tactical alert is live, and you may earn prizes for completing a certain set of tasks.

You will be able to get specific prizes for surviving the tasks by completing a new objective that seems to be a mix of survival and combat with the ZealoidPrelate.

Mission of the Holy Flame


Players will be able to play tactical alerts and win unique prizes until the conclusion of the event, which is November 1st, 2019.

There are three missions to accomplish, each with a different prize, and once the third one is finished, an endurance version of the task will become available, with a different reward.

Walkthrough for the Hallowed Flame


You start the task by going to the lantern and killing its bearer, then picking it up and bringing it back to yourself.


The lantern’s light radius degrades rapidly over time, although it may be refilled by killing opponents.

Instead of being like a typical survival assignment, the game will focus only on the lamp, which you and your squad must maintain light until the mission is completed.


When you reach a particular point in the mission, you will be able to extract from it, which will unlock a prize (which you will only get once each mission) and the following mission.


You may go to the extraction to collect your prizes after you have successfully maintained the light burning for the required length of time.


Sacred Flame (15-20)


The first Hallowed Flame task needs you to keep the lantern burning for 5 minutes in order to get an Orokin Catalyst, although additional prizes such as modifications, resources, and credits may be found in other missions.

Mission 2 of the Hallowed Flame (25-35)


The second Hallowed Flame assignment asks you to keep the lantern burning for 7 minutes, and the prize is a Forma that you may use to change the polarity of your equipment.

Mission 3 of the Hallowed Flame (35-50)


The third assignment will reward you with an Aura Forma if you keep the lantern burning for 10 minutes and change the polarity of your aura slot.

Endurance of the Holy Flame (55-100)


To complete the endurance goal, keep the lamp burning and earn at least 900 points to get a Naberus Ephemera, which is mainly themed around Halloween.

Bats hover about you from time to time as a result of the Naberus Ephemera’s visual aura.


You will also get the Stratos Emblem in addition to the Naberus Ephemera.



The Hallowed Flame tactical alert or event is another another wonderful little addition to the game that the creators have given us, and the Naberus Ephemera looks quite nice, so get it while you can.

All prizes will be given to you through mail, which will typically open instantly once each task is completed.

Aside from the ephemera, the other prizes are very helpful, particularly for those who are maintaining their equipment.

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