The Harrow is a Warframe that has been in development for quite some time. It’s finally here, and it looks to be the most powerful weapon of all time.

The warframe harrow steel path build is a guide to help players get started with the warframe Harrow. This guide will teach you how to use the new steel path in Harrow and what it can do for your game play.

Harrow is a dark monk-like priest who had been imprisoned and was eventually let free. He concentrates on keeping his team alive and fighting fit.

He is a highly helpful Warframe, capable of maintaining his team’s health, energy, and even saving them from imminent death, as well as buffing them to improve their fighting ability.

What is the best way to go to Harrow?



After completing the Chains of Harrow quest, you will get Harrow’s blueprint.

His components may be acquired via a variety of tasks, including:

  • Neuroptics: Reward from espionage mission Pago at Kuva Fortress for rotation C.
  • Chassis: Corrupted opponents drop it.
  • Reward for rotations B and C on Defection missions in systems

Harrow may be bought for 225 Platinum and is already constructed.

Guide to Other Popular Builds



Harrow can chain opponents, sacrifice his shields to boost his squad, offer energy regeneration for his team through kills, and protect himself and his team from harm.

Conviction is his passive ability, which gives him 200 percent extra overshields, allowing him to have 2400 overshields.

1) Condemnation


Harrow summons chains to bind his foes and give him extra shields for each opponent strike.

This is useful for crowd management and providing Harrow with shields when he needs them, such as when he is attacked or when he requires additional shields to enhance the overall impact of his Penance ability.

(You can see Harrow throwing Condemn on opponents in the picture below.)


2) Penalties


For a limited period, Harrow sacrifices his shields to give his squad life steal, enhanced rate of fire, and reload speed.

The greater the benefits of the boosts, the more shields Harrow possesses.

This is an excellent talent for not just helping the team but also for himself, since it improves Harrow’s and his squad’s survivability as well as their damage output.

(You can see Harrow using the Penance ability in the picture below.)


Thurible, No. 3


Harrow begins channeling and uses his energy to create a radius around him in which every opponent killed grants energy, while headshots do the same but at a higher rate.

This ability ensures that the squad has an endless source of energy, which, combined with Penance, renders the team almost unbeatable owing to the limitless life and mana supply.

(You can see Harrow channeling Thurible in the picture below.)


(In the picture below, Harrow gains energy by killing opponents while under the influence of Thurible.)



Warding Thurible lowers the amount of damage taken by allies while the ability is channeled and provides extra energy.

4) Commitment


When Harrow breaks free from his shackles, he and his allies become invulnerable for a short while, and the damage they have taken is turned into critical chance when they are struck by foes.

This is one of the finest abilities available; not only do you get invulnerability, but you also earn a significant amount of critical chance.

When the circumstance calls for it, this may be utilized to amass damage or save members of your squad.

(You can see Harrow casting Covenant in the picture below.)




Headshot kills increase the critical chance timer during covenant using the Augment Mod: Lasting Covenant.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build timeframe


The primary goal of this build is to make Covenant endure as long as possible, giving Harrow and his squad plenty of time to react during invulnerability and then a lengthy duration while they have the critical chance boost.

Condemn, his crowd control ability, will keep opponents in place for a lengthy time, making them easy targets or opening doors for him and his squad.

The length of Harrow’s buffs will significantly increase, ensuring that he and his squad are well prepared for extended battle.

(In the picture below, you can see Loot falling from afar, as well as the health conversion.)




With Harrow, this build emphasizes on increasing his ability strength, which will enhance the benefits of his buffs and allow Condemn to give him more shields per opponent.

Because of the build’s excellent ability strength, Covenant will enhance the crucial probability that Harrow and his team will get quicker.

With this build, Harrow will have a good amount of health and shields, making him fit for battle, and his buffs and abilities will make him unbeatable.

(Shadows of the Dead are seen murdering adversaries in the picture below.)


Build a Range


This build focuses on extending the range of Harrow’s buffs so that friends may stay a little farther away from him while still benefiting from his abilities.

Condemn’s range will be extended, making it easier to apply crowd control and target more opponents for overshields.

This ability is helpful in situations where the team does not remain in one location and would assist cover most of the squad’s needs for buffs.



Harrow is a difficult Warframe to acquire at first, but he pays off in the end since he can help himself and his team survive a long time in combat.

Harrow is one of the finest support Warframes, able to provide his squad with all they need to live, and once equipped with a decent set of weaponry, he becomes an unstoppable killer in missions.

The Covenant ability of Harrow is one of the greatest in the game since it may save players from imminent death or enable teams to push ahead without worry of being wounded.

Harrow is not only a superb support Warframe, but he can also help any team deal damage and improve their combat skills.

The warframe harrow solo build is a build for Warframe that is made for solo play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harrow good 2021?


Is Harrow any good Warframe?

Harrow is a Warframe that is focused on dealing damage and has a lot of offensive capabilities.

Is Mirage prime good 2021?

Mirage is a good card for decks that focus on ramping out powerful creatures. It is not an amazing card in decks that focus on winning through combat, but it does have some synergy with cards like Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Ob Nixilis Reignited.

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