Looking for a way to get more out of your Warframe experience? Here’s a guide that will show you how to find hidden messages in the game.

Warframe’s hidden messages are a series of riddles that players must solve to unlock special rewards. The warframe hidden messages third riddle is the solution for this particular riddle.

To acquire Mirage, you must first complete her quest, which serves as both an introduction to her story and a method for obtaining her components.

This is how you may acquire Mirage for free if you don’t want to spend platinum on her and just want to enjoy the adventure.

The Hidden Messages task leads you along a route where you must solve puzzles left behind in order to locate the components for Mirage, which you may later construct in order to piece together the Warframe.

Walkthrough for Hidden Messages


The Hidden Messages quest will be accessible in the Codex, and it will need to be enabled before you can start going on missions to locate Mirage’s pieces.


This will not be like other missions where you can just click on the task and be sent to where you need to complete the quest; instead, you will have to figure out your next location using riddles provided in a message that Ordis will read to you and then send to your mailbox.


Each riddle will be linked to a certain task on a specific planet, and you must find out which assignment it is by solving the question.

For those who are unfamiliar with the riddles, research is always accessible, but it is also possible to guess each task by clicking on it, with the option to choose the Hidden Messages quest if the correct one is selected.

Of course, this may be tiresome, so we’ve provided a list of tasks in this guide to speed things up and spare everyone the effort of guessing and looking.


Each operation will be identical to regular missions, but with a twist, such as communications throughout the mission or the task taking extra time to complete.


After completing a task, you must remove and acquire one of Mirage’s components, depending on the assignment you completed.

Each task will reward you with one of her parts, and the methods to acquire them will be increasing as you advance.


Each time you get one of her pieces, you must create it before moving on to the next until you receive her third and final part.

All of Mirage’s components will take 12 hours to construct, however this may be sped up by using platinum.


The task will be completed after you’ve obtained the last component and crafted it, and you’ll have all the pieces you need to construct the Mirage Warframe.

Mirage’s blueprint costs 35,000 credits and may be purchased at your orbiter’s market.

Riddle Locations for Hidden Messages

Olympus is a Greek god (Mars)


The Mirage Neuroptics is a company that specializes in neuroptics., which is situated in the Olympus expedition on Mars, is the first blueprint you will acquire.

“Can you identify their summit where the earth meets the sky?” asks the riddle. This is a reference to both the actual Mount Olympus and the mythological Mount Olympus that some may be familiar with.

Instead of the usual disruption assignment, you’ll be sent on an extermination operation, during which the first communications about Mirage will be received.

Calypso is a Caribbean music genre (Saturn)


The Mirage Systems is a company that develops and sells blueprint is the second blueprint you’ll get after completing the Calypso mission on Saturn.

“Seek the nymph who sung oh so beautifully, She drew him in with her song and smile, his wife must have considered it a pity,” the riddle says. This is an allusion to Calypso, the nymph who, according to legend, seduced Odysseus away from his wife Penelope.

You’ll be performing a 15-minute survival task during which you’ll be fighting infected opponents for the length of the game.

Charybdis is the Greek god of the underworld (Sedna)


The Chassis Mirage, which is awarded after completing the Charybdis task on Sedna, will be the third and final blueprint.

“An ancient marine monster, take a spin or not?” says the riddle. Look for Charybdis, the ancient sea creature in Greek mythology believed to be a whirlpool that subsequently seemed to devour anyone who ventured too close.

Instead of a normal Mobile Defense operation, the task will be a Hive Sabotage mission.

Costs of Making

Mirage Neuroptics


Mirage Systems


Mirage Chassis


Blueprint for the Mirage


  • Credits: 25,000
  • Mirage Neuroptics is a company that specializes in the field of neuroptics
  • 1 Mirage Chassis 1 Mirage Chassis 1 Mirage Chassis 1
  • Mirage Systems, No. 1
  • 1 crystal of argon



  • The infected will be your opponents in all of the tasks, and they may be readily destroyed using cut, heat, and chemical weapons.
  • Mirage is one of the most accessible Warframes, and it may prove to be a powerful weapon for both new and experienced players.

The warframe hidden messages second riddle is a message that can be found in the game Warframe. It is an easy puzzle to solve, but it does require some thought.

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