This guide will outline how to build a Warframe Hildryn for maximum damage and survivability.

The balefire charger build is a Warframe build that has been around for a while. It’s a sniper build that uses the Balefire Charger to shoot enemies from long distances.

Hildryn is a Warframe that uses her shields to both battle and defend her friends, allowing her to destroy her opponents while also bolstering the survivability of her allies.

She is a Warframe capable of delivering massive amounts of damage and inflicting crowd control on many opponents, making her ideal for wiping out enemies and opening up gaps during combat.

What is the best way to locate Hildryn?



After achieving the Agent level or above, Hildryn’s primary blueprint may be bought from Little Duck with Vox Solaris standing.

The blueprints for her components may be obtained by defeating the Exploiter Orb in Orb Vallis as a prize.

Hildryn may be bought for 325 platinum in the orbiter’s market instead of farming for her components and buying her blueprint.

Acquisitions of Other Warframes may also be found here.



(Abilities of Hildryn)

Hildryn can fire strong blasts against opponents, steal her enemies’ shields and refill them for herself and her friends, use a shield aura to defend teammates, and take flight while suspending her enemies in the air.

Her shielding mechanism is sophisticated, thus she utilizes it more than most Warframes would. As a result, she uses her shields to power her powers rather than consuming energy.

Hildryn gets protection from damage that bypasses shields while she is afflicted by overshields, which prevents her from taking damage to her health while her shields are up.

When her shields are exhausted, she becomes invulnerable for 3 seconds, which affects her teammates who are connected to her via her Haven ability.

Because her skills are fueled by her shields, she performs abilities using the shields themselves, and as she collects energy replenishes, she gets shield points and her shields charge regardless of the recharge time.

Even if her shields are restored, mods or arcanes that are impacted by energy pickups continue to have their effects.

1) Barbecue


Hildryn wields her Exalted Weapon, the Balefire Charger, which fires strong energy bolts that inflict area damage using her defenses.

This ability does a lot of damage, depending on the power of the ability and the construction of her Exalted Weapon, which may be modified just like any other weapon.

She is capable of inflicting massive quantities of damage on opponents, immediately killing the overwhelming majority of those she encounters.


(Hildryn fires the Balefire Charger at her foes)

2) Plunder


Hildryn takes armor and shields from surrounding opponents and refills her own and her friends’ shields.

The ability’s effects also erase any status effects she and her allies are suffering from.

This ability is very helpful for eliminating status ailments from yourself and your teammates, as well as replenishing everyone’s shields to increase survivability.

This ability may quickly refill Hildryn’s shields as well as give her a huge number of overshields, thus providing her extra shields with which to defend herself and utilize her skills.


(Hildryn casts Pillage in the vicinity of a group of foes)


(Hildryn’s shields are restored and she gains overshields after being affected by Pillage.)

3) Haven


Hildryn connects her shields to her friends and foes, causing various effects depending on who she connects with.

Allies who have been connected by this ability will have their shield capacity boosted and their shield recharging will be quicker.

When allies are connected to Hildryn, the invulnerability phase when shields are depleted also benefits them, thus giving them additional emergency protection.

Enemies will be given links that will cause them to suffer radiation damage every second.


(Hildryn, connected to foes and inflicting harm with Haven enabled)

4) Storm Aegis


Hildryn starts to float in the air, enabling her to move about freely, while an aura forms underneath her, blasting her opponents, inflicting damage and hanging them in the air.

Foes that are impacted will generate energy orbs every few seconds, and when Hildryn’s shields are depleted, she will crash to the ground, crushing enemies in the process.

When this ability is active, Hildryn may only use her Balefire Chargers to attack opponents, and she won’t be able to perform pillage until the ability ends.

This ability is excellent for delivering damage and crowd control while also giving Hildryn and her allies a source of energy.


(Hildryn activates Aegis Storm)


(During Aegis Storm, Hildryn fires her Balefire Charger at foes)


(Hildryn turns off Aegis Storm)

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


This Balanced Build is designed to enable Hildryn to make the most of her skills while also increasing their stats.

She will inflict more damage and get greater benefits from her powers, as well as having a longer range to extend the range of her abilities.

This build is suitable for a variety of tasks and is suggested for people who are new to Warframe or seeking a basic yet effective build.


(Hildryn battling foes with her powers)



Hildryn will be able to inflict massive amounts of damage to her opponents as well as receive significantly enhanced benefits from her skills with the Ability Strength build.

As a result, her Balefire Chargers inflict enormous amounts of damage and may immediately kill opponents.

Hildryn will be able to take huge quantities of shields from opponents, allowing her to refill her shields while also accumulating overshields.

Haven and Aegis Storm will use more shields, however this may be mitigated by using Pillage when low on shields to restore a significant part of them immediately.


(During Aegis Storm, Hildryn uses Balefire Chargers.)

Build a Range


Hildryn will benefit from the Range build since it provides her a wider radius with her builds, allowing her to be more effective from a distance.

Her Pillage ability will be able to take shields from many opponents in a large area, while her Haven ability will be able to reach friends and adversaries farther away from her position.

When employing Aegis Storm, the area of impact will be greater, making it simpler to perform crowd control.

This build works well on both big and small maps, allowing Hildryn to go closer to opponents and get faster access to their shields, as well as providing greater coverage while delivering area damage.


(Hildryn uses Aegis Storm and Haven to destroy opponents from afar.)



Due to her particular powers, Hildryn is an excellent Warframe for delivering both immediate and ongoing damage.

Her Balefire Chargers alone may cause a lot of damage, and when combined with her ability to steal shield and boost teammates, she can offer both assistance and significant damage each second.

Aegis Storm is useful not just for crowd control and damage, but also for giving her the mobility she need when she wants to move or get out of enemy range.

Her unique shield system, which requires her to utilize shields to power her skills, provides her with a huge pool of shields to use while casting her abilities, which she can readily refill with the Pillage ability.

Hildryn is a highly strong all-around Warframe with a high level of survivability and damage dealing skills.

Warframe Hildryn Build 2021 is a build that uses the Nuke ability. It does not require any mods and has high power in comparison to other builds. Reference: warframe hildryn nuke build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hildryn good 2021?

I am not good at predicting the future, but I can tell you that Hildryn was created in 2021.

Is Hildryn a good Warframe?

Hildryn is a Warframe that specializes in close-range combat, and her abilities are focused on dealing damage to enemies. Her melee attacks have high range and low cooldowns, but she lacks the ability to deal ranged damage.

How do you farm Hildryn parts in Warframe?

Hildryn parts can be found in the Orokin Derelict, a location that is only accessible through hacking.

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