This is a guide for the Warframe Inaros build 2021. It includes information about how to play, what weapons and abilities you should use, and more.

The warframe market is a marketplace where players can buy and sell items. There are many different ways to get your hands on rare, powerful weapons and armor that will help you in the game. The Warframe Inaros Build 2021 Guide will give you tips and tricks so you can become an unstoppable force in the battlefield.

Inaros is a newly awakened ancient Warframe possessing the abilities of the deserts and sands, as well as a thirst for life.

He is one of the most durable Warframes in the game, having the greatest basic health of any Warframe and enough armor, making him a good tanker and ideal for being on the front lines.

What is the best way to get Inaros?



The blueprints and components of Inaros are awarded during and after the Sands of Inaros optional mission, which may be bought for 100 Ducats and 25,000 credits from Baro Ki’Teer.

Instead of completing the mission to acquire Inaros, 225 Platinum may be spent on him at the orbiter’s market.

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Inaros may use cursed sand to blind opponents, attract enemies to him to eat, transform into a devastating tornado of sand and sacrifice his health to increase his durability, and release swarms of scarabs to devour his foes.

Undying is his passive ability, which enables him to turn into a sarcophagus after he takes fatal damage, allowing him to drag and devour opponents to resurrect himself.



Inaros throws cursed sand in front of him, blinding and stunning all opponents for a short time and exposing them to finishing strikes.

When you kill opponents that have been stunned by Desiccation, you will regain health.

This ability is excellent for quickly killing opponents by stunning a big group and then assaulting them, or stunning a hefty adversary and then killing it.

When there are a large number of opponents around, this ability may be utilized to crowd control them.

(You can see Inaros performing Desiccation on a bunch of foes in the picture below.)



Desiccation’s Curse allows blinded opponents to have a 75% chance of spawning a sand shadow to fight for Inaros if they are slain.



Eat is a channeling ability that causes Inaros to draw an opponent towards him in order to devour them.

Enemies dragged will be eaten by Inaros, providing him with health and vitality.

After being eaten, the opponent will transform into a sand shadow that will battle alongside Inaros.

This ability is useful for keeping opponents for other teammates to kill or replenishing Inaros’ health, with the additional benefit of having minions fight for you.

(In the picture below, Inaros is channeling Devour and devouring an opponent.)


(Inaros may be seen standing close to a sand shadow in the picture below.)




Inaros begins whirling and summons a tornado-like sandstorm, which scoops up opponents and tosses them about, causing them to suffer damage.

Enemies trapped in quicksand (created by casting Devour on them and leaving them there) will also be devoured and leave a sand shadow when they die.

This ability is excellent for wreaking havoc, and it may be used to harm groups or to manage crowds by picking them up and allowing teammates to fight them or just tossing them away.

(In the picture below, Inaros is shown during a Sandstorm, with opponents flying about.)



Elemental Sandstorm is an augment mod that enables Inaros’ weapons the ability to inflict status effects on opponents depending on the elemental modifications they have.

Swarm of Scarabs


Inaros transforms his health into armor, depleting it until he achieves a maximum of 100% armor, allowing him to withstand greater damage.

Towards the expense of 25% of the armor and some energy, he may send out a swarm at opponents, which would harm them over time and spread to their surrounding friends, doing the same.

This is one of Inaros’ most powerful abilities since it allows him to significantly decrease the amount of damage he receives from opponents while also allowing him to send forth swarms of scarabs to destroy groups of enemies.

(In the picture below, Inaros is turning health into armor.)


(Inaros may be seen casting Scarab Swarm on opponents in the picture below.)



Inaros’ extra armor will withstand status effects as a result of the Augment Mod: Negation Swarm, however his bonus armor will be reduced.

Also see Banshee’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Bruiser


This build is primarily designed to provide Inaros with a high amount of health so that he can resist more damage and utilize Scarab Swarm to raise his armor more readily.

The majority of the modifications will improve his damage resistance, as well as the benefit from set mods that will give him an advantage with melee weapons (Gladiator Mods) and a plentiful supply of energy (Hunter Mod).

When performing abilities like Desiccation to stun opponents, Inaros will benefit from having a good level of efficiency and range.

This build is ideal for individuals who like charging at the opponent and confronting them front on, as well as ensuring excellent survivability throughout missions; it is particularly suitable for melee fans.

(You can see Inaros hardly taking any damage from opponents in the picture below.)


Also see Nekros’s Build.

Build that is well-balanced


This build provides Inaros the ability to cast most of his abilities with respectable range and duration, while also increasing his strength and efficiency.

It allows Inaros to utilize the most of his powers during battle while maintaining the endurance he was designed to have.

This build is suitable for individuals who want to take use of Inaros’ abilities when on missions, as well as whatever weapons they like to have equipped with Inaros’.

(After casting Desiccation on a big group, Inaros uses Devour on an opponent in the picture below.)


Also see Hydroid’s Build.

Build a Crowd Control System


For the goal of creating crowd control in areas and on opponents, the Crowd Control construct sacrifices ability damage.

The duration and range of abilities have been significantly enhanced to enable them to linger longer or be channeled for a longer period of time, and the range guarantees that groups of opponents are impacted.

This build is ideal for users that want to utilize Desiccation to paralyze opponents repeatedly and kill them quickly, as well as employ the Sandstorm ability for a long time to keep enemies suspended.

Regardless of the build, Inaros will have a huge amount of health and will be able to use it to his advantage throughout missions.

(In the picture below, Inaros is casting Desiccation over a wide area, affecting many opponents.)




With his strong health and crowd control skills, Inaros is an excellent Warframe for tanking damage and capturing the front lines.

Inaros with well-modified weaponry may become unstoppable in missions and hardly take any scratches from opponents with a solid build like the ones described before.

He can use his crowd management skills to take advantage of a variety of circumstances and alter the result, particularly when the team is about to be overwhelmed.

Due to its capacity to withstand even the harshest of circumstances, this Warframe is ideal for solo or boss missions.

The warframe inaros quest is a guide that contains all the information you need to be successful on your first run of the warframe Inaros.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inaros good 2021?


What should I build on Inaros?

The best build on Inaros is the one that you enjoy playing.

Is Inaros good Warframe?

Inaros is a Warframe that can be used in PvP. It has high mobility, good survivability, and strong crowd control abilities.

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