Warframe is a free-to-play, cooperative third person shooter game developed by Digital Extremes. The game takes place in the future where humanity has been forced to live on Earth’s surface after an invasion of hostile aliens known as the Grineer. Players explore and fight their way through procedurally generated levels while completing missions that involve collecting resources, defending settlements, and fighting against enemies.

The warframe isolation vault secret rooms is a guide that will show you how to find all the hidden secrets in the Warframe Isolation Vault.

Isolation Vault is a kind of reward that enables you to discover what lies under the Isolation Vaults, which are ancient ruins beneath the surface of the Cambion Drift that contain mysteries that have been concealed for a long time. This bounty is mostly completed when you first arrive on Deimos and enables you to get a variety of materials as well as gather components for your Necramech.


Once you reach the Cambian Rift, talk with Mother to begin the Isolation Vault bounty. It’s also possible to engage with Mother by going to the places she keeps an eye on. There are a total of three Vaults that you may perform each cycle.

The Isolation Vaults grow more difficult as you advance, but they also offer greater rewards when you complete the task and the treasure you receive afterwards. A completed Vault cannot be duplicated until you reach the Cambrian Rift.

Simply stated, it is preferable to mill one Isolation Vault, leave, and repeat, or to grind all three Isolation Vaults and extract. Finding Mother in various places will enable you to speak with her and begin the next Isolation Vault bounty.

Each of the Isolation Bounties follows the same procedure, thus choosing a Warframe that can handle it is simple since you won’t have to make any adjustments each run.

Stage 1

You must first gather residue that is dropped when cycles occur (Vome and Fass battle, dropping residue), which allows you to collect residue in certain areas that will be shown on your map. You’ll need to take the residue to the bait station to have it processed after you’ve collected enough.

Depending on the cycle, vomit or Fass residue will be available, and both will be useful in the mixing process. You must guard the bait station until the procedure is complete (infected will attack you during this time), following which you may go to the vault through the tunnel.

You’ll need to take the Concoction made by the bait mixer with you since you’ll need to hurl it at the sealed area to get access to the vault.

Stage 2

You will meet a lot more infected as you go further into the infested tunnel leading to the vault, and you will need to regulate the toxicity levels in the region. This is accomplished by eliminating certain infected that spawn and are designated as goals. To successfully open another blocked tunnel, you must prevent the toxicity from reaching 100%.

As the countdown approaches its end, enemies will grow more powerful, and you will be able to go on to the next region.

Stage 3

As you reach the region near the inner vault, a Necramech will emerge, which you must kill in order to fulfill the Isolation Bounty and continue to the vault itself, which has an abundance of materials that serves as a significant reward in addition to the mission completion.

Keep in mind that the more Isolation Vaults you complete, the more Necramechs you’ll encounter. Players can farm Necramech components and other important materials this way.

Added value (Opening Vault)


You may either leave the area after fighting the Necramech/s, or go further within to find the Reactive Crystal, which unlocks the inner vault. This is typically found at the location where you fought the Necramech, beyond a lengthy entryway and as the lone chamber in the area.

Loid will arrive after you’ve found the vault, and you’ll have to defend him while he charges it up. You must first guard Loids for a brief period of time before following him back to the inner vault.

When Loid comes, a memory challenge will begin, in which you must remember the marks on the door and use void damage to activate them.

Locations of VaultsHODIVG-4

Unless you are in close proximity to an Isolation Vault, not all of them are visible. These are the places where you may discover Mother instances. When you interact with her, you’ll be able to choose objectives and the corresponding Isolation Vault to accomplish.

If you want to complete all of the Isolation Vault bounties, you must interact with the proper manifestations of Mother that you locate in the Cambian Drift. As a result of the Isolation Vault, enemies will grow more powerful.

The following are the current Mother sites for Isolation Vault missions:

  • Left of “Catabolic Gutter” and above “Albrecht’s Prospect”
  • To the right of “Undulatum” is “Undulatum”
  • “The Abscess” is located below.

Rewards from the Vault

There will be various prizes depending on the Isolation Vault bounty you accomplish (excluding the inner vault goodies), and finishing each tier will give you the opportunity to acquire unique treasure. Tiers of Isolation Vaults will be available, and they may be completed in any sequence.

1st level (First Vault)

  • Orientation Matrix x 3 Orokin (50 percent )
  • Relic Meso E4 (12.5 percent )
  • Relic Meso N10 Meso N10 Meso N10 Meso N10 Mes (12.5 percent )
  • Relic Meson N9 (12.5 percent )
  • Embolos Cabochon (6.25 percent )
  • Xenorhast Trapezium (6.25 percent )

2nd tier (Second Vault)

  • Matrix of Orokin Ballistics x 3 (50 percent
  • Relic Neo I2 (12.5 percent )
  • Relic Neo T2 (12.5 percent )
  • Relic Neo T3 (12.5 percent )
  • Relic Neo Z5 (12.5 percent )

Tier three (Third Vault)

  • Animus Matrix x 3 Orokin (51.25 percent )
  • Relic Axi B3 (11.25 percent )
  • Relic Axi C5 (11.25 percent )
  • Relic Axi T4 (11.25)
  • Necramech Weapon Barrel Damage (5 percent )
  • Weapon Receiver for Necramech that has been damaged (5 percent )
  • Stock of Necramech Weapons that has been damaged (5 percent )

Vault Storage Provides Benefits

  • Amber Star Ayatan
  • Cyan Star Ayatan
  • Crystallized Argon
  • Filter for Biotic Organisms
  • Dagonic
  • Blastoma Dendrite
  • Teroglobe Lucent
  • Necrathene
  • Cellular Orokin
  • Pustulent Cognitive Nodule is a term that refers to a nodule that is
  • Muscle Mass Saturated
  • Section on the Spinal Core
  • Sac Sporulate
  • Tiametrite
  • Traces of the Void
  • Deposit of Waxen Sebum

Last Thoughts

Isolation Vaults are excellent for obtaining some of the resources you’ll need early on while you’re learning about Deimos and the blueprint building needs. To save time farming, several of the rarer goods, such as Scintillant and Spinal Core Section, may be readily acquired.

Those who want to construct a Necramech should become accustomed to making Isolation Vault runs since they’ll require components from the Necramechs or prizes. These bounties also enable you to get Mother tokens, making it a situation where you can kill several birds with one stone.

You can accomplish it alone if you have a Warframe that can handle the bounty, but those who don’t have one should definitely play with a team. Isolation Vaults typically take about 45 minutes to complete, depending on skill, Warframe, and team members.

Octavia is presently one of the finest Warframes to carry since she can remain undetectable while using her skills to harm all opponents, even the Necramech, which she can destroy in seconds with Mallet and Resonator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you solo isolation vaults in Warframe?

You can solo them by either using a Warframe with the ability to do so, or you can use a combination of Warframes and weapons that have the ability to do so.

How do you beat the isolation vault in Warframe?

In Warframe, the isolation vault is a mission where you have to escape from a prison while fighting waves of enemies. To beat it, you will need to grab one of the three keys that are in the level and then use it on the door before time runs out.

What are isolation vaults Warframe?

Isolation vaults are special rooms that Warframe players can enter. They are designed to be difficult, but not impossible for a player to complete.

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