Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. This guide will show you how to build Ivara, the Warframe that uses bow and arrow attacks.

The warframe ivara prime artemis build is a guide for the Warframe Ivara Prime, which has been released recently.

Ivara is a stealthy Warframe that utilizes her powers to penetrate facilities, eliminate opponents without alerting their friends, and provide cover for her allies.

Due to her powers, which encompass a broad range of tasks that may assist in a variety of circumstances, she is one of the most difficult but rewarding Warframes to get.




Ivara’s components and blueprint may be obtained through completing espionage missions, and her parts may appear as a random prize for successfully hacking spy terminals, depending on the difficulty of the task and whatever mission it is.

Ivara is also available for 325 Platinum on the orbiter market.

Prime Ivara


Ivara Prime is the most powerful version of Mag, with more health and energy.

Ivara Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Meso N9 Meso N9 Meso N9 Meso N9 Meso N9 Mes
  • Meso C4 Neuroptics
  • Neo I1 chassis
  • Axi A9 is a system from Axi.



Ivara can use a variety of useful arrows, direct projectiles where she wants them to go, stay undetected by the opponent and take from them, and summon a mighty bow to kill her foes.

Her Sentry passive ability grants her a 20-meter radar range that combines with other radar modifications, enabling her to keep track of opponents over a wide region.

Take a look at How to Get Ivara.

1) Quiver


Ivara has a variety of functional arrows at her disposal, which she may employ to her advantage.

By pressing the ability and keeping it down, you can cycle between various arrows, and by holding it down, you may fire the chosen arrow at where you’re targeting.

Arrow of Sleep

Enables opponents in the area of impact to slumber, rendering them vulnerable to finishers and preventing them from being notified when enemies are slain.

This is an excellent crowd control ability since it allows you to obtain covert kills or make opponents simpler to kill.

(You can see Ivara using Sleep Arrow on opponents in the picture below.)


Arrow of Cloak

Fires an arrow that allows people in the vicinity to gain invisibility, enabling them to shoot at foes while remaining unnoticed.

When this ability is used on an ally, they will become invisible for the duration of the ability.

This is helpful for camping in a location or temporarily concealing oneself and friends from opponents. Because it can be cast on allies, it may also be used to make someone invisible so they can deal with foes while remaining safe from assault.

(You can see Ivara in the cloaking field produced by Cloak Arrow in the picture below.)


Arrow of the Dashwire

When this is fired, it will form a line that the players may use to traverse huge distances or maintain themselves at a particular height to avoid opponents or gain a significant ground advantage.

This is helpful for avoiding attackers with a limited range and for rapidly passing through regions rather than taking the entire route.


Arrow of Noise

Upon hit, opponents will be drawn to the location where the arrow was shot, where they may be dealt with or left alone.

This arrow is excellent for enticing opponents to a single location where they may be slain all at once, or for luring them to sleep using Sleep Arrow for numerous stealth kills.

When on a stealth operation, the noise arrow is excellent for distracting opponents and enabling you to go without being disturbed.



Augment Mod: Empowered Quiver gives you and your friends who are on the wire from the Dashwire arrow an extra 100% critical chance, while the cloaked area from the Cloak Arrow keeps them safe from status effects from opponent assaults in the area.

2) Navigational aid


Navigator allows you to control projectiles launched by Ivara’s weaponry, such as arrows from a bow.

You may use a projectile to pierce several opponents and kill them from a safe distance after it is launched, since you will be invisible for the time.

This ability is helpful for killing opponents from distance, since it allows you to destroy a large number of enemies with a single shot.

(In the picture below, the Navigator ability is used to control an arrow shot from a bow.)



For each enemy hit, Augment Mod: Piercing Navigator adds an extra critical chance to the basic stats of the projectile that was launched.

3) Prowl


Ivara will turn invisible when on Prowl, allowing her to slip past opponents and take their stuff.

You may still use melee and ranged weapons while invisible, but if you try to run or bullet leap, your invisibility will be broken.

When you stand close to an opponent while invisible, a trail going back to Ivara will appear, and a random item from the adversary’s drop table will be forced to drop after a few seconds.

This skill is helpful for obtaining extra treasure and sneaking past opponents, and it may come in handy while attempting stealth kills or tasks that demand a lot of stealth.

(In the picture below, Ivara is looting an opponent while using Prowl.)



At the expense of a tiny percentage of movement speed, Augment Mod: Infiltrate protects Ivara against traps.

4) Bow of Artemis


Ivara summons her unique bow, which has a seven-shot multishot count and a high base damage (can be modded in equipment section).

(You can see Ivara using Artemis Bow in the picture below.)



The Augment Mod: Concentrated Arrow turned the arrow into an explosive arrow with a 50% critical probability that explodes on contact.

Also see Nekros’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

a well-balanced physique


Ivara’s Strength Balanced Build focuses on allowing her to utilize many abilities without running out of energy for the majority of them.

This build is beneficial to both novice and experienced players since it allows them to utilize all of Ivara’s skills while also increasing their strength to boost Artemis Bow.

(You can see Ivara on a wire within a cloaking field using Artemis Bow in the picture below.)


Also see Inaros’s Build.

Build timeframe


This build is mostly for extending her powers such that their duration much surpasses their usual limitations.

The build is helpful for keeping Ivara hidden for a long period, allowing her to complete missions without worrying about running out of energy.

Her Quiver arrows will have longer durations, meaning Sleep Arrow will disable opponents for longer, Cloak Arrow will have a longer lasting cloaking field, and Keep Teammates Fired will keep allies cloaked for longer.

This build is excellent at sneaking past opponents and farming affinity via stealth kills.

(You can see Ivara using Prowl in the picture below.)




Due to her many abilities and Quiver arrows, Ivara is a highly enjoyable Warframe to play.

She can not only stay invisible, but she can also render her teammates invisible, which is helpful for various tactics the squad may use.

When the Artemis Bow is properly modified, Ivara can do a lot of damage with it.

Aside from her fighting skills, Ivara may be considered a farming Warframe because to the Prowl, which allows her to make opponents drop random treasure.

The ivara prime steel path build is a guide for the Warframe Ivara Prime. It includes information on how to use the Ivara Prime and what mods to equip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ivara good Warframe 2021?

Ivarac is a Warframe that specializes in close-range combat and melee.

Does ivara need a bow?

No, Ivara does not need a bow.

Does power strength affect Artemis bow?

Yes, the power strength of Artemis bow affects its range and accuracy.

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