Warframe is a popular free-to-play third person shooter with a heavy focus on cooperative gameplay between players. The game has been around since 2013 and is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Warframe is an online-only third-person shooter game that was released on March 30th, 2013. The warframe kavat price guide 2021 will help you find the current prices of all Kavats in the game.

When it comes to in-game friends, we have a large selection to pick from, each of which is distinctive in its own way.

Kavats are no exception, as these feline companions can be both an assistance and a nuisance to those who attempt to come in our way during operations.

These adorable and deadly friends may be very helpful in some tasks, and with the latest update that gives them the ability to collect treasure that has fallen, they are even more so.

Despite the fact that many players have Kavats, some players, both old and new, are unaware of how to get them or even that they exist in the game.

This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about Kavats and why they may be the best companion for you on missions.



Kavats are feline animals that may be found in the missions, where they wander freely and feed on the infected.

During Derelict missions, Kavats may be seen wandering while cloaked, unable to spot without a scanner or until they are uncloaked for a specific cause.

In the Derelict missions, they may be seen roaming or battling infected and other foes.

These wild Kavats attack when provoked by the player or other opponents, and they typically appear in groups of three or more in certain parts of the missions.

Feral Kavats are a kind of Kavat found in the Derelict missions. They are distinct from other Kavats seen in other missions since they are pure, unaltered breeds that retain the secret to their reproduction.

What Is The Best Way To Get Kavats?

Genetic Code of Kavat

Kavat Genetic Code

The genetic code or DNA utilized to produce Kavats is said to be included in the Kavat Genetic Code resource in-game.

To breed Kavats, you’ll need a copy of the Kavat Genetic Code, which will be utilized in the breeding process.

To breed Kavats, you’ll need 10 Kavat Genetic Code, thus acquiring them will be the first step toward getting your little kitty friend.

What Is The Genetic Code For Kavat?


Unlike other materials that drop from opponents or may be discovered in loot containers, Kavat Genetic Code can only be acquired in a unique manner.

To get the Kavat Genetic Code, you’ll need to scan them using a scanner, which may be either the Codex Scanner or the Synthesis Scanner.

Scanning a Feral Kavat will offer you a chance to get its Kavat Genetic Code, but there is only a chance you’ll get it once each scan.

Because the probability of getting a Kavat Genetic Code isn’t always assured, grueling missions in the Derelict are required to farm for the codes.

Where Can I Purchase Kavat Genetic Code?


Feral Kavats can only be found in Deimos missions, and any other Kavats are ineligible to provide Kavat Genetic Code.

The Kavats in the “Sands of Inaros” quest are an exception, but since most players are ignorant of the requirement to scan them most of the time, this becomes less of an issue after the quest is completed.

Farming for Kavat Genetic Code may be done in the Derelict missions, and you can do it as many times as you like until you have enough for breeding.

The simplest method to get Kavats is to pick a task with few distractions, since you will need to locate the Kavats, who will not only be roaming but also hooded most of the time.

Exterminate or capture missions will be the greatest method to acquire the Kavat Genetic Codes without inadvertently killing them by fighting so many opponents or being under continuous enemy pressure throughout missions.

When it comes to a popular Kavat location, Deimos is presently the finest option.

Locating and Examining Kavats



To begin, make sure you have a scanner in your equipment that you can use to locate and scan the Kavats for their Kavat Genetic Code.

Using a synthesis scanner with widgets may help make the scanning process simpler and more efficient by allowing for faster scanning, limitless scans, and duplicate scanning.

Check out this page for additional information about the synthesis scanner and associated widgets.

If you don’t have a scanner, you won’t be able to get the Kavat Genetic Code by scanning the Kavats in the mission you’re going to embark on.

Choosing a Mission


Begin by choosing a task to complete in order to face the Kavats that have taken up residence inside them.

It is obviously your option to choose a mission that you are comfortable with, but missions that enable you to safely wander before, after, or during the objectives may make acquiring Kavat Genetic code much simpler.

It is recommended that you choose a capture or extermination assignment since you will be able to traverse the task freely with little interruption, enabling you to securely hunt for the Kavats with little confrontation.

Kavats may presently be found on Deimos, which is the finest Kavat Genetic Code site.

Taking a look at Kavats


Begin by choosing a quest in which you will meet the Feral Kavats.

Exterminate or capture are recommended missions for short runs owing to the ease with which they may be completed as well as the flexibility to wander without encountering many obstacles.

Carry on with the task, but be careful since you may accidentally stumble across the Feral Kavats.


Equip your Codex Scanner or Synthesis Scanner every now and again to check for Feral Kavats, since they may seem invisible at times and are difficult to detect.

If there is a Feral Kavat present, it will be highlighted when seen with your scanner.

Unless you assault them or try to scan them, Kavats will usually ignore you and continue roaming or battling opponents.

You may scan Feral Kavats after you’ve found them, but be aware that if you scan one, the scanned Feral Kavat, as well as others around, will turn hostile and attack you.


All the Kavats in the vicinity will attack you after you’ve scanned a Kavat, which may make matters difficult since scanning takes time and you need to maintain your reticle on the Kavat for the scan to be effective.

The use of Warframes that can disable or stun Kavats without causing too much damage may significantly speed up and simplify the scanning procedure.

The following Warframes and their abilities for making Kavats simpler to scan are just a few examples:

You’ll know whether you’ve scanned a Feral Kavat by looking at the Kavat Genetic Code shown at the bottom of your screen or checking your mission summary.

After completing the task, you will get the Kavat Genetic Code, which will be kept in your inventory for later use when breeding Kavats.

Kavats may be bred in a variety of ways.


To start breeding a Kavat, go to your orbiter’s incubator and interact with it to bring up the menu.

Pick “Kavat Breeding” from the menu to get to the menu where you may breed Kavats. Because there is another breeding option for Kubrow, make sure you select “Kavat Breeding” if you want to breed a Kavat.

Once you’ve chosen “Kavat Breeding,” double-check that you have everything you need to breed the Kavat.


Select the “Begin Incubation” option at the bottom of the breeding guide after you have all of the criteria and are ready to breed a Kavat.

Before you can start breeding Kavats, you’ll need to improve your Kavat incubator section.

The Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment may be made in the dojo or acquired as a drop from Hyekka Masters.

If this is your first time breeding a Kavat, you may opt to perform a random incubation, which will give you a random Kavat.

If you want to make a particular Kavat, you may use Kavat imprints that you bought or borrowed from another player.

To proceed to the final confirmation, choose “Begin A Random Incubation.”

When asked during the confirmation of breeding a random incubation, choose “Yes” to start breeding the Kavat.

You’ll have to wait for the Kavat to breed, but you can speed things up with platinum.


After your Kavat has finished breeding, you may level it up and equip it with modifications just like any other companion.

After the incubation period has over, you will either get a Smeeta Kavat or an Adarza Kavat by chance.

Once the incubation period is over, players may give these companions Kavat names.

Kavats come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Smeeta and the Adarza Kavat are the two Kavats that may be produced in Warframe, and they both have distinct powers and purposes in the game.

Having one of each may be helpful depending on which missions you are participating in, since they concentrate on various skills and can assist you significantly depending on which operation you are participating in.

Every Kavat can utilize most mods, however depending on whatever kind you have, it will be able to use particular mods that are only available to that type and give them access to its primary powers.

Smeeta Kavat is the first person to mention Smeeta Kavat.


The Smeeta Kavat is somewhat of an all-around Kavat that may help you out throughout missions by giving you a variety of random benefits.

Depending on whatever boost is provided by the Smeeta Kavat, these buffs will persist for a certain amount of time.

The following are the talents of the Smeeta Kavat:

A) Charm


The Smeeta Kavat may use charm to buff the player every 27 seconds (at max level), giving them a random buff that helps them for a certain amount of time depending on the buff.

The Kavat may bestow the following benefits on the user:

  • Doubled Pickup and Affinity – causes most picked up resources, pickups, and affinity to be doubled, giving you more resources, more affinity, and more pickup gains. (This video lasts 120 seconds)
  • During a mission on the planet, you will be given one of the planet’s random resources. (This occurs at random throughout the quest.)
  • Reinforced Shields – when struck, the Kavat can protect you from harm while also providing you with overshields. (This happens when you take damage.)
  • Instant Reload – reloading the Kavat may force your equipped weapon to reload instantly. (When reloading, it triggers)
  • Energy Refund – Refunds the energy used while casting or channeling abilities. (duration: 10 seconds)
  • Critical Chance Bonus – Increases your weapon’s critical chance by tiers, allowing for more critical damage and influencing the damage of certain of your abilities. (This video lasts 30 seconds.)

This is one of the Kavat’s most well-known talents, since it not only helps the user but also increases mission efficiency.

The Double Resources buff is one of the most popular Smeeta Kavat buffs among players since it significantly aids farming (stacks with resource booster) and even doubles resources acquired such as Cryotic and Kuva.

The Smeeta Kavat’s buffs exclusively benefit the owner, not their friends.

Mischief (B)


Mischief enables the Smeeta Kavat to turn invisible for 7 seconds every 7 seconds (at highest level) as a decoy to attract opponents’ attention.

In addition, once produced by the Smeeta Kavat, the decoy has a chance to avoid damage (that is, not absorb damage from a source), allowing it to remain longer.

This is important during missions since it allows players to take advantage of times when opponents are distracted, and because the enemy’ attention is diverted, the users become safer for the time being.

It benefits not just the players, but also the Kavat, since the decoy will continuously divert fire away from both the player and the Kavat, increasing their survivability.

The Decoy possesses a 100% critical probability and a 2x critical multiplier, as well as half the health of the Smeeta Kavat.

For the time that the decoy is active, the Smeeta Kavat will stay cloaked and may strike opponents without breaking invisibility.

2) Kavat Adarza


The Adarza Kavat is a more aggressive Kavat, with extra damage for the team and the ability to inflict harm to opponents.

The Adarza Kavat, unlike the Smeeta Kavat, only has one boost from its modifications, but it benefits the whole team rather than just the user.

The following are the talents of the Adarza Kavat:

Cat’s Eye (A)


Every 20 seconds, Cat’s Eye enables the Adarza Kavat to give its owner and allies a 60 percent (at max rank) enhanced critical chance in a radius surrounding it.

The critical chance does not change the weapon’s existing critical chance, but instead adds a flat 60% to whatever critical chance it has, making it extremely helpful for critical builds.

Users with different weapon builds will profit from this as well, since the flat critical chance ensures that any weapon has a high probability of dealing critical hits.

This ability is only activated when an opponent is within range, making it more helpful than having it thrown randomly by the Adarza Kavat when no foes are present.

B) Think about it.


Reflect allows the Adarza Kavat to avoid damage while amplifying it and returning it to the opponent with 60 percent more damage (at highest rank), enabling it to inflict damage to assaulting foes.

When a large number of opponents assault, the Adarza Kavat may readily deliver damage back to them, which is helpful.

Mods for Kavat

There are a variety of modifications that companions may use, but some are only available to Kavats.

Both the Smeeta Kavat and the Adarza Kavat may equip these, as well as additional modifications for comparable companions.

You may utilize several modifications to create the Kavat build that best fits your playstyle and modify it at any moment.

The following are the particular modifications that both Kavats may use:



Swipe enables the Kavat to strike several opponents in a 2-meter range with a single attack (at highest rank), allowing it to rapidly damage or kill numerous enemies.

This is important since it enables the Kavat to assist its owner in swiftly dispatching foes and fighting alongside them.

When both modifications are applied, Swipe improves the Pounce ability, resulting in a fantastic synergy.


Pounce Kavat Mod

Pounce enables the Kavat to jump towards an opponent and attack them while also stuns them for a short period of time.

This ability stuns an opponent for 8 seconds and does 90% damage to them (at highest level), allowing finishers to be used to kill them.

If you have Swipe equipped, this will strike several opponents, stunning them all and inflicting damage, as well as opening them up to finishers.

While a Kavat is equipped with Pounce, it gives the Kavat an advantage when hitting opponents and may also be used to manage crowds by stuning enemies.

Danger Sense

Sense Danger Kavat Mod

Sense Danger enables the Kavat to detect and warn its owner of nearby opponents, displaying their position on the mini map and causing them to glow or be highlighted, making them easier to notice.

This shows the position of opponents in a 50-meter radius for 25 seconds (at highest level), enabling you to utilize your ability to identify enemy location as well as their direction.

When performing a task where you need to figure out where opponents are coming from or going so you can plan your movement or position, as well as locate foes who aren’t shown on your mini map, this may be helpful.

Claws that have been sharpened

Sharpened Claws Kavat Mod

The Kavat can use Sharpened Claws to unleash a devastating strike that does 300 percent more damage and lowers armor by 120 percent (at max rank)

When there are difficult-to-kill opponents, this will be helpful since the Kavat will not only hit them, but will also weaken them, enabling the user to do more damage to the target.

Territorial Conflict

Territorial Aggression Kavat Mod

When the Kavat uses Territorial Aggression, all surrounding wild animals are pacified for 15 seconds within 40 range (at max level), enabling the user to take advantage of the situation.

Although it is not one of the most essential modifications, it may be useful when scanning or dealing with wild animals during missions.

Enhance your Tek

Tek Enhance Kavat Mod

Tek Enhance extends the duration of Kavat abilities by 30% (at maximum level), which is useful for increasing its powers.

The Kavat’s set bonus enables him to mark a 3-meter area every 60 seconds, inflicting 50 damage on foes.

This is advantageous since it not only provides a fixed boost, but it also extends the lifetime of the Kavat’s powers, making it more effective throughout missions.

Assault Tek

Tek Assault Kavat Mod

The Kavat can use Tek Assault to remain alive even after receiving lethal damage, allowing it to recuperate and fight instead of bleeding out.

This has a 60% chance of happening, and it will make the Kavat impervious for 4 seconds (at maximum rank), enabling it and its user to take advantage of the borrowed time.

With this update, the Kavat may be more efficient and battle longer even if it is downed by an opponent, increasing its survivability.

Because this is a Tek mod, it also grants the set bonus, and if you have more than one Tek mod loaded, the set bonus increases each mod equipped.



Kavats are excellent mission companions, and each variety may be suggested for certain tasks.

The Smeeta Kavat is preferred for its many boosts, while the Adarza is valued for its critical buff.

Both Kavats can utilize the basic Kavat modifications, however each kind can only use unique mods that are exclusive to them.

They may now gather pickups similar to the Vacuum mod, which was preferred when employing sentinels, thanks to a recent patch that gave them the Fetch mod.

Kavats, like sentinels, may have various builds and work with different Warframes depending on whatever kind they are, what modifications they have, and what abilities they have.

The warframe kavat breeding is a guide to help players breed their Kavats. It includes a list of all the possible combinations and what they can produce.

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