Warframe Kuva farm is a farming location in the game which players can visit to collect Kuva. The Kuva Farm is located on Earth, and it has its own specific time of day that players need to visit it during. It’s also important to note that there are two different types of Kuva Farms, one for Tenno and another for Grineer.

Grineer Queens desire a strange red fluid.



After completing a large number of missions, you will eventually come across the quest “The War Within.”

This mission will also take you through Warframe’s incredible narrative and allow you to unleash the full power of your Operator.

After completing your mission, you will have gained the ability to get Kuva and will be able to do so in a variety of ways.

This tutorial will give you a head start and help you catch up on learning how to farm Kuva, where you can farm Kuva, and how to farm Kuva in various methods.

What is Kuva’s purpose in our lives?


Some of the equipment you may wish to employ, such as the Zarr, Twin Rogga, Kesheg, Orvius, and Tatsu, can be made using Kuva. A specific quantity of Kuva is required for these weapons.

Octavia, Nidus, Harrow, and Garuda are among the Warframes that need Kuva to construct.

It’s likely that additional things may need Kuva in the future, thus having a large supply or knowing how to acquire Kuva will be very beneficial.

Kuva’s main application


Kuva’s primary goal is to cycle data on Rivens depending on players.

Rivens are very strong modifications that can only be applied on a single weapon yet have many stats.

To cycle stats on Rivens, you’ll need Kuva, and the more you cycle and roll the Riven’s stats, the more Kuva you’ll need.

Many people would have to farm tens of thousands of Kuva just to get the appropriate stats for a Riven since the numbers are random and you’ll need a lot of luck and Kuva to acquire the right stats for your weapon.

Where can I find Kuva to farm?


The majority of new players who are unfamiliar with Kuva and its many applications are unsure of where to get Kuva and how to obtain Kuva efficiently.

For starters, it depends on how much work you are ready to put in to get Kuva, and determining which of the various ways will assist you in determining the best approach to obtain Kuva.

Kuva may be farmed anywhere the Kuva Fortress is since the tasks on planets around it will be converted to Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood objectives.

Kuva Missions is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people


When you examine planets near the Kuva Fortress, you’ll see several that have Kuva symbols on them, indicating that they’re missions that may earn you Kuva.

Kuva will have missions on many planets. As a result, be sure to examine all of the planets in the Kuva Fortress’s vicinity.

The Kuva Fortress is a mobile fortress that will travel around, altering which planets will offer Kuva missions.

1) Siphon de Kuva (Mission)


Kuva Siphon is a modified task; if you use the original map, you will encounter opponents who are cultivating Kuva, which you must halt.

Enemies will be about level 25 to 35 and will attempt to stop you from completing the task, as well as the regular ones.

 This kind of assignment is a fast and simple method to get Kuva in the range of 700.


Finishing a Kuva Siphon should give you between 600 and 700 Kuva.

Due to a resource booster, the quantity shown in the above picture has been doubled.

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2) Flood in Kuva (Mission)


Kuva Flood missions are identical to Kuva Siphons, except the enemies are 80 to 100 levels higher.

On Kuva Flood missions, you receive twice the quantity of Kuva instead of the usual amount.


A successful Kuva Flood will give you twice as much Kuva as a Kuva Siphon, culminating in approximately 1200 to 1400 Kuva.

Due to a resource booster, the Kuva awarded in the picture above is twice.

Also see Orokin Cell Farming.

How do you complete Kuva Missions?


Aside from the prize and enemy level, Kuva Siphons and Kuva Floods are almost identical.

You begin by starting the task and subsequently encountering the Kuva Siphon.

The Kuva Siphon is indestructible, however it will be guarded by opponents who will spawn in and try to kill you while the Kuva Siphon is still active.

How can you get rid of Kuva Siphon?


When attempting to eliminate Kuva Siphons, you must follow a fast process that requires you to use your operator.

This sequence takes a little time to complete, but it doesn’t need much effort. All you need is the ability to utilize your operator, and if you’ve completed “The War Within,” you should have a good understanding of how it works.

When a Kuva Siphon raises its braids (tubes that resemble arms), you must track it and ready your operator in the direction it is facing.

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The Braids are being harmed.


A foggy crimson and black cloud will be pulled in by the braiding, which you must intercept with your operator.

You must use either your void dash or void blast ability to strike the mist and intercept it.

Once the mist has vanished and the braid has exploded, the remainder of the braids will remain, and the procedure will be repeated until all of the braids have been destroyed.

Taveuni Taveuni Taveuni Taveun (Mission)


Taveuni is a survival assignment in Kuva Fortress that enables players to harvest Kuva in the same way that excavators do.

The mission starts as a standard survival mission, with you starting off as you usually would, but you may later alter the life support capsules to become Kuva Harvesters.

When it comes to Kuva farming, this is one of the most efficient locations to visit.

We recommend this because many people believe it is the greatest location to grow Kuva effectively.


Taveuni will oppose you with high-level troops that will get stronger the longer you remain.

It’s better to come prepared and go with a team to assist each other out, preferably with a nice mix of Warframes.


An Eximus opponent will appear after a Life Support Capsule is given to you in the task, and when you defeat this enemy, they will drop a Kuva Catalyst.

You can only carry one Kuva Catalyst at a time, forcing you to utilize your backup weapon (you can still use melee).

If you attempt to switch to your primary weapon while carrying a Kuva Catalyst, the Catalyst will be dropped.


When you bring the Kuva Catalyst to the Life Support Capsule, it will change into a Kuva Harvester, which may be destroyed by opponents and will need your and/or your squad’s protection.

In some ways, this game is similar to excavation tasks in that a timer will begin to countdown, and if the Harvester survives the period, you will get Kuva.

You will earn 200 Kuva for each successful countdown by a Harvester.


In around 5 minutes, you can earn 400 to 1600 Kuva by farming Kuva.

Either resource booster or Kavat have an effect on the picture above.

Warframes that have been suggested


We may employ whatever Warframe we choose since there is no such thing as a “best Warframe,” but we must remember that there are situational ones. A winning team is one that is capable of defending and supporting one another.

1) Defensive measures


If you want to remain on Taveuni for a long time, you’ll need at least one defensive Warframe, since the enemy will go for the Kuva Harvesters.

Defensive Warframes are ones that have the ability to protect you, your teammates, and your goal from harm.

Warframes like Limbo, Frost, and Gara are excellent choices for defense.

2) There are buffers.


When it comes to lengthy missions and cooperation, buffers come in handy.

For teams who want to win, keeping the squad in excellent condition and providing them a little more prowess is ideal.

Warframes like as Rhino, Chroma, and Valkyr are excellent buffers.

3) Ability Damage Dealers with AOE


Warframes that do a lot of damage are useful for clearing away a lot of opponents. So that you may collect treasure while still keeping the Harvester safe.

AOE ADDs may help the team a lot by taking care of the majority of the opponents and allowing you and your squad some breathing room.

Warframes like Saryn, Octavia, and Equinox are excellent choices for AOE ADDS.

4) Nekros


Nekros is a very useful addition to survival and farming missions, and is a must-have while cultivating Kuva.

Not only will his Desecrate ability compel dead opponents to drop treasure, but they will also have a chance to drop life support, allowing your squad to survive longer.




Resource boosters will quadruple your Kuva gain and may be very useful while cultivating Kuva.

This booster may be used in conjunction with other boosters or buffs.

Smeeta Kavat (Smeeta Kavat)


At certain periods, the Smeeta Kavat may provide players a buff that allows them to gather 2x the amount of resources, resulting in twice the Kuva if the buff is current at the moment the Kuva is obtained.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.

This stacks with resource boosters, increasing the amount you receive even more.


There are other methods to get Kuva, but they are not the same as farming.

You want to optimize your Kuva gain in order to acquire as much Kuva as possible in a short period of time.

Following this method will ensure that you have a big quantity of Kuva in no time, and it is wise to maintain a healthy supply of Kuva for later.

To view the various methods to farm as well as a guidance on what may be utilized to farm effectively, go here for a more comprehensive explanation on how to farm resources.

The warframe kuva farm reddit is a guide for the Kuva Fortress in Warframe. It provides tips on how to farm Kuva, which is used to upgrade Warframes and weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm KUVA 2021?

KUVA 2021 can be found in the games main menu.

How do you get the KUVA Lich 2021?

You can purchase it on the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

Where can I farm gallium in 2021?

In 2021, you can farm gallium in the future.

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