Warframe is a free-to-play co-op third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game was released on March 2, 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics upon release.

The warframe xp farm 2021 is a guide that will help players level up their weapons, Archwing, and Amps.

You will come across many Weapons, Warframes, and Companions in Warframe, all of which are critical to your mission success.

All of them need leveling up in order for them to achieve their full potential and make the most of the equipment you have.

It may be difficult for new and experienced players to keep track of how to level up quickly and where the ideal places to level up are.

This guide will guarantee that you are on the correct road and will level up quickly, allowing you to continue playing without having to worry about the quickest method to level up.

Affinity and Rank

In Warframe, levels are referred to as Rank, and in order to rank up weapons, we must first acquire affinity, which is the game’s word for experience points.

When you kill opponents with your weapon, you will get affinity for both the weapon and the Warframe you are using.

If you kill opponents with abilities, the affinity is transferred to your Warframe.

If a member of your team kills an opponent, you will receive share affinity, which will be divided between your Warframe and weapons.

Removing a weapon you don’t use will enable more affinity to be divided among the other weapons.

Leveling in Warframe


To level up Warframes quickly, you must first understand how they gain affinity.

When it comes to affinity, killing the equipped Warframe’s powers, killing opponents with a weapon, or being near other players when enemies are killed are the greatest ways to level up Warframes.

Killing opponents with your Warframe skills will give your Warframe all of the affinity.

When you kill an enemy with a weapon, the affinity between that weapon and the Warframe is divided equally.

Enemies slain by friends will give you Warframe 25% of the affinity, with the remaining 75% divided amongst whichever weapons you have equipped. Bringing less weapons will allow you to level up your weapons quicker.

If you can kill opponents using your Warframe powers, then do so; otherwise, use a powerful weapon to kill as many as you can.

When utilizing weapons to kill opponents, employing Naramon for its Affinity spike may be advantageous owing to the additional affinity shared between the Warframe and the weapon.

Killing opponents with Warframes’ abilities (100 percent affinity earned) is the greatest method to level them up.

The quickest method to level up in Warframes is to carry a decent melee weapon and choose Naramon as your school using Affinity Spike, then run about killing opponents with your melee weapon.

Weapon Upgrading


Many individuals believe that killing creatures in any manner will give a huge amount of affinity to all of their Warframe gear.

This is incorrect; the reality is that you get affinity for the weapon you’re using, with half of that affinity divided between the weapon and the Warframe you’re using.

Affinity will go to the Warframe rather than the weapons you have when killing using your Warframe skills.

The affinity earned by your squad’s kills will be divided between your weapons (75%) and your Warframe (25%); the less weapons you bring, the quicker they will level up.

Allowing friends to kill opponents while you have just that weapon equipped is the greatest method to level up weapons in Warframe, giving it 75 percent affinity.

This is also the quickest method to level up weapons in Warframe, if you have a killing team with you.

Leveling the Amps


When it comes to leveling up Amps, the same principles apply as with weapons, and affinity may be earned by killing opponents or being near a member who kills foes.

Squad members who kill opponents will get affinity, which will be divided 25% for the operator (despite the lack of a rank) and 75% for the operator’s weapons.

A disadvantage is that there is an empty melee slot next the Amp that would divide affinity with the Amp you have worn, giving you just 37.5 percent of the affinity.

Because the affinity will be divided in half, similar to how it is shared between the Warframe and weapons, killing opponents with your Amp is the greatest method to level up Amps.

Staying in operator mode and killing as many opponents with your Amp as you can while other foes are slain by friends is the quickest method to level up Amps.

Leveling by Archwing


Archwings have the same dynamics as Warframes and weaponry in that killing with a weapon splits affinity between Archwings and the weapon employed.

Using Archwing skills to kill will increase the Archwing’s affinity.

The best method to level an Archwing is to utilize its abilities, although utilizing weapons can also give affinity, albeit this is divided mainly between the weapon and the Archwing.

Using Archwings’ skills to kill opponents is the greatest method to level them up.

Because more opponents will spawn, being in a squad is the quickest method to level up Archwings.

Archwings may also be leveled up in missions that require you to enter the sea and put you in Archwing form. Killing opponents while underwater will provide you affinity, while killing foes with friends will grant you shared affinity.

Archwing Weapons Leveling


The Archwing weaponry, like weapons, may be leveled up using the same principles.

Killing opponents with Archwing weapons will give half affinity to the Archwing and the weapon used, while shared affinity from ally kills will be divided in the same way as weapons and Warframes share affinity.

Killing opponents with Archwing weaponry is the greatest method to level them up and get a divided amount of affinity with the Archwing itself.

If you have a team with you that can clear opponents soon after they appear, allowing friends to kill to earn shared affinity may be the quickest method.

Archwing weapons, like Archwings, acquire affinity when used underwater, allowing you to kill opponents from the sea or have friends kill enemies while you’re submerged.

Where Should You Level Up?

Hydrogen (Hydro) is (Sedna)


Hydron is renowned for its high affinity gain and is regarded as one of the finest missions for farming experience and affinity.

This defensive assignment challenges you against Grineer opponents ranging in level from 30 to 40, each of which will reward you with a significant quantity of affinity each wave.

Depending on how many things you want to level up, it should take anywhere from one to five missions to bring your equip to max rank.

It is preferable to battle until the 10th wave, then withdraw and repeat the task for difficulty and prizes; this also offers you an excellent opportunity to harvest relics for valuable prime components.

Because the more of you there are, the greater affinity you will develop, it is essential to play in a squad, and if you don’t have anybody available, you should play in a public match.


Hydron is a tiny map, and attackers will assault the defensive target in waves.

You and your team should concentrate on killing as many opponents as possible while avoiding death so that you may advance and level up more rapidly.

Keep in mind that your opponents are powerful, so make sure you and your squad work together and have at least one excellent weapon or Warframe.

Never go into a task without first modifying it, and always make sure you have a method to assist out rather than simply leeching off the assignment, since the squad really needs it.

Use a Warframe that can assist the squad out with skills like buffers or Warframes that can influence opponents if you’re leveling up weaponry.

If you’re leveling up your Warframe, carry at least one weapon that can assist in killing so you don’t have to rely on your teammates.

This is one of the greatest tasks for leveling up, and if you don’t have it unlocked yet, you may ask someone to take you there, but make sure you activate nodes so you can go there yourself.

Power balancing


When it comes to power leveling in Warframe, you should stick to public games if you don’t have any friends, since more opponents will spawn in the missions you’ll be farming affinity on.

Getting as many kills as possible will assist you in distributing affinity to whichever item you are leveling up.

If you are unable to defeat opponents on specific missions, having a friend to assist you clear tasks or foes in missions may help you level up quickly.

When it comes to leveling up, there are a few things to keep in mind.


If you want to leech off a squad to level up your weapons, make sure you have at least one weapon or Warframe with team-helping skills.

Make sure to alter your weapons and Warframes so you don’t die too often, and if you can utilize a Warframe that can boost the team, that would be ideal.

Keep an eye on your teammates’ backs, don’t forget to participate in the battle, and avoid being AFK since you won’t gain affinity and things will take longer.

Use the weapons and Warframes you have equipped to give them affinity, since these are the items you’ll be leveling up, thus you’ll want to get the most out of them.

Be courteous; no one is obliged to carry you, boost you, or baby you in-game, and if someone does, try to express gratitude.

Other Ways to Quickly Level Up


Another excellent method to level up is to participate in the Sanctuary Onslaught, which immerses participants in a Simaris-created simulation in which they battle monsters in more challenging zones.

Enemies will respawn after being slain, thus the quicker you kill them, the more will spawn, and the more experience you’ll get.

Sanctuary Onslaughts will also reward you handsomely and are said to be a good method to harvest affinity and level up quickly.

The normal Sanctuary Onslaught is excellent for leveling up weapons and your Warframe; however, Elite requires a level 30 Warframe, thus it’s just good for leveling up weapons.


Every week, Sanctuary Onslaughts has a different map, so be ready for everything.

Bringing a team or coming to a public game so you have a squad to battle with is recommended.

As we talked with Hydron, make sure you have a weapon or Warframe that can assist you and work as a team.

Your prizes and affinities will be varied and dependent on those parameters depending on how many foes you kill and how far you go in the Sanctuary Onslaught.

Fissures that never seem to end


Endless Fissures are a fantastic method to gain experience, get prizes, and unlock relics.

The longer you survive an infinite assignment, the more benefits you will get.

One aspect of fissures is that after a certain amount of time has passed, you will begin to get free boosters, but just for that mission, beginning at 25%.

Free mission boosts will consist of Affinity, Credits, Resources, and Drop Rate boosts, in that order, and will grow the longer you remain and stack with any current boosters.


Endless fissures will provide you bonuses unique to that task that you may utilize to your advantage.

To get the most out of this, select missions for infinite fissures that are moderate or higher level so that the affinity you earn increases with them.

Mission in the Dark Sector


Dark Sector assignments provide you with extra experience for the level as well as a bonus for whichever weapon it is connected with.

This is visible while choosing a task; you’ll notice the resource drop chance increase, as well as bonus experience and the amount of bonus experience gained from using a particular weapon.

These missions are also excellent for farming, so pick which one you want to go to and see what you can acquire to maximize your farming experience.

Leveling by Oneself


Attempting to level up by soloing missions is not a good idea since there will be fewer opponents on the map, resulting in less affinity for you to acquire.

When you’re alone, there are still a few options for leveling up, but learning the methods may take some practice and effort.

Stealth is deadly.


Killing opponents while undiscovered in tasks like exterminate will give you a boost to the amount of affinity you earn.

Once you start killing opponents while staying concealed and without alerting others, you will get a bonus.

The boost will increase opponents by 100% each time, up to a maximum of 500%, resulting in a significant gain in affinity.

Breaking the chain and removing the bonus requires killing an opponent who has spotted you or has been frightened by the death of another enemy.

Certain Warframes, such as Loki, have the ability to remain invisible, which may be useful for stealth kills.

Warframes that may impair opponents’ ability to identify you, such as those impacted by Equinox’s slumber, will get a stealth boost.

If you can remain unnoticed, you can utilize this to rapidly level up weapons and certain Warframes.

Missions of Intelligence


Spy missions are particularly excellent for single leveling since you can not only do stealth kills, but you can also hack the primary objective’s terminals, which give extra affinity if you do so unnoticed.

On espionage missions, enemies may be murdered invisibly, granting you the stealth kill boost, which enables you to gain extra affinity. You can also hack terminals without alerting, resulting in a huge amount of affinity and certain random prizes.



Affinity boosters may be bought to increase the amount of affinity you get, speeding up the process significantly.

When performing Hydron, this is extremely effective, and you’ll only have to complete 1 to 3 missions until your equipment is max rated.



To unleash the full power of your equipment, you must first reach max rank, which you will have to accomplish many times with Forma.

Knowing the quickest method to level up can assist you in doing so, and you will ultimately figure out where the ideal spot to level up is.

When in squads, be sure to constantly do your part and strive to level up as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to level up Archwing in 2021?

You can level up by either playing the game or using a leveling system.

What is the fastest way to level up weapons in Warframe?

The fastest way to level up your weapons is by using a Forma, which can be found in the Market for a price.

Where should I level Archwing weapons?

You should level your Archwing weapons in the Warframe section of the Dojo.

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