In Warframe, Loki is a melee-focused Operator that can be unlocked through the quest “The Road to Hades”. This build is aimed at players who are new to Loki and want to learn how to play her.

The warframe loki prime build 2021 is a guide that will show you how to use the most powerful and effective weapons in the game.

Loki is a cunning trickster who uses his special powers to conceal himself and confuse his foes.

When it comes to infiltration and tactical operations, he is a fantastic Warframe who can do a lot of damage while staying undetected by opponents.

What is the best way to track down Loki?



The Hyena Pack may be defeated in the Psamathe quest on Neptune to get Loki’s Warframe components.

His blueprint costs 35,000 credits and may be purchased from the orbiter’s in-game market.

For 175 Platinum, he may be bought from the in-game market.

Prime Minister Loki


Loki Prime is the prime version of Loki, with a greater basic energy than the original Loki.

Loki Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso F3, Axi S2 Vaulted Neo V8 is now available.
  • Neuroptics: Neo E1 has been vaulted. Meso O3 is a product that is now available.
  • Chassis: Lith G2 has been vaulted. Meso O3 is a product that is now available.
  • Axi L1 is vaulted; Axi L4 is available.



Loki’s trickster powers enable him to use decoys to confuse opponents, hide in plain sight, switch places with friends to rescue them or enemies to distort them, and disarm enemies to force them into close battle.

He has a passive ability called Wall Grapple that enables him to cling to walls for 60 seconds longer than other Warframes.



Loki produces a decoy that causes opponents in the vicinity to get distracted and approach the decoy, compelling them to shoot at it.

This skill is helpful for distracting opponents while they are attempting to complete other missions objectives, as well as allowing you and your squad to progress or flee.

(In the picture below, Loki is employing a decoy to confuse his opponents.)



Augment Mod: Savior Decoy increases the decoy’s casting speed, and when Loki is near death, he swaps places with the decoy.



Loki can become invisible, enabling him to sneak up on opponents and kill individuals or groups of enemies while remaining undetected.

Whether things become subtle or messy, becoming invisible will allow Loki to pass by opponents easily or kill them with ease, since they will panic and not know where to fire, and the odds of adversaries shooting Loki during the invisibility period are minimal.

(You can see Loki passing an opponent when Invisibility is active in the picture below.)



Augment Mod: Reduces the damage of Loki’s weaponry, enabling him to take down opponents without alerting them to his presence or letting them know what’s going on.

Teleport Switch


Loki can quickly switch places with either an opponent or a friend; if he switches places with an enemy, they will become confused and susceptible to assault.

This ability is useful for traveling long distances, rescuing friends, and confounding difficult-to-kill opponents, but it may also be used to teleport specific NPCs in the game to help them get to their goal quicker.

(You can see Loki changing places with an opponent in the picture below.)



Modification: Safeguard If friends are switched places with, Switch will render them invulnerable for a period of time.

The Dead’s Shadows


Raial Disarm forces opponents in the region to rely on melee assaults rather than ranged ones.

When you’re in a tight position, this ability may help you compel opponents to approach you rather than attack you from afar.

This may be used to draw opponents closer to you, causing them to congregate in one location, making them simpler to kill.

(You can see Loki utilizing Radial Disarm to force opponents to utilize melee weapons in the picture below.)



Irradiating Disarm is an augment mod that causes opponents to be irradiated and confused, causing them to assault their friends.

Also see Banshee’s Build.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build Invisibility


The most of the time Loki will be on missions, this build will focus on being unseen.

The energy cost has been lowered, making it simpler to cast, and the duration has been extended, enabling him to recover energy and remain invisible for longer periods of time.

The length of decoy has been extended as well, allowing Loki to collect opponents while waiting for the perfect moment to strike while under the affects of Invisibility.

Loki has the ability to stay invisible for extended periods of time, allowing him to swiftly kill opponents who are unaware of his existence.

(In the picture below, Loki is assaulting opponents who are distracted by a decoy while remaining invisible.)


Also see Hydroid’s Build.

Build Irradiating Disarm


Irradiating Disarm will force opponents to fight against other instead of assaulting Loki, allowing him to stay undetected while annihilating any remaining survivors.

This construct is excellent at forcing huge groups of opponents to kill one another, allowing Loki and his crew to prepare ahead.

Enemies will not only be compelled to fight each other, but they will also be disarmed and forced to utilize melee attacks, causing them to congregate and making easy kills possible.

(Loki may be seen watching the radioactive foes murder each other in the picture below.)




Loki, a genuine trickster, alters the situation of combat by using his cunning tactics to give him and his squad the upper hand.

Loki is an excellent Warframe for espionage and other operations since he can do duties without alerting opponents, providing his squad a tactical edge.

Loki is useful not just for missions, but also for mining Simaris points and other stealth-related achievements.

The warframe loki beginner build is a guide that will teach you how to get started with the game. It includes all of the necessary information for new players, including tips on how to survive in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loki good Warframe 2021?

Loki is not good for Warframe 2021.

How do you get Loki prime in 2021?

If youre looking for Loki Prime in 2021, the answer is that it will not be available until then.

How good is Loki prime?

Loki prime is an average rifle.

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