Warframe Mutagen Sample Farming Guide for 2019.

The warframe mutagen mass farm 2021 is an in-depth guide to farming the Mutagen Sample in Warframe.

“The samples have the potential to improve our understanding of biological research.”

Sample of Mutagen

These may be very helpful in study since they are a sample of biological life that is most likely from the infected or other organic life form.

Mutagen Sample is used in the development of a variety of biological and organic weapons.

The majority of the weapons that may be developed are weapons with characteristics derived from various kinds of infected creatures.

Where can I find Mutagen Sample to farm? 

Deimos missions are the greatest location to farm Mutagen Sample. It is simple to eliminate the opponents here since it is the second resource on the list.

Apart from Orokin Cells, Deimos is mostly comprised of infested-based resources, making it an ideal location for farming such resources.

Although Mutagen Sample farm solo sessions will take longer due to the decreased opponent spawns, it is still a smart idea to continue with a Mutagen Sample farm session on Deimos missions.

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Terrorists (Deimos)



When you’re trying to find out how to harvest Mutagen Sample, Terrorem is the place to go since the drop rate is high, particularly if you have a Nekros in your team.

The opponents are infected and simple to kill with slash weapons or the weather, which they are vulnerable to.

A single run, particularly with Nekros, will get you a respectable sum. However, you’ll probably want to bring a squad and maybe a Hydroid with you to make the most of it.

Although the infected aren’t very powerful in this task, you should be wary of the area damage they do and attempt to avoid being impacted by status ailments, since they may catch you off guard.

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fyf (Deimos)


Those who prefer a defensive assignment may go to Hyf on Deimos, which has a large region where you can cast your abilities and easily fight the infected.

Because the opponents will all gather into a circular area that is open and simple to defend, you may completely control the area with your skills as well as causing havoc with your melee weapons.

You’ll go up against waves of opponents, allowing you to choose the pace of your Mutagen Sample farming activity.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.


  • Mutagen Sample may be difficult to come by, but some players have success with it, particularly when utilizing Nekros or Hydroid.
  • Using a Resource Booster and/or a Resource Drop Chance Booster may help you farm Mutagens much faster.
  • Because they stack, bringing a Smeeta Kavat may enable you to acquire twice as much Mutagen Sample in a session, or even more if you have a Resource Booster.
  • Farming for Mutagen Sample in a group is recommended since you will have a higher chance if there are more opponents.


Mutagen samples are necessary for dojo research, and a large quantity is required for the Hema, a main weapon.

When it comes to weapons that resemble the infected, the majority of the study that necessitates a Mutagen Sample is biological or organic in origin.

Mutagen Sample is not typically required in the early stages of the game, but knowing where to harvest it will be useful later on when they want to manufacture other items.

Mutagen Mass can be produced, however it will need Mutagen Samples to complete its blueprint.

Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game. The warframe hema 5000 mutagen sample is an item that can be found in the game and used to create Mutagen Samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm mutagen samples in Warframe?

There are a number of locations in Warframe that you can farm mutagen samples. You can check out our guide on how to farm mutagen samples in Warframe for more information.

How do you get mutagen mass fast?

You can purchase mutagen from the in-game store, or you can earn a free mutagen mass by completing a mission.

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