The Orokin cell is a resource that can be found in the game Warframe. This guide will show you how to farm them, and what they are used for.

The warframe orokin cell farm 2020 is a guide that gives players information on how to start farming Orokin Cells.

“From the Orokin period, an ancient energy cell”

Cellular Orokin

This unique cell packed with bright energy that has persisted since the Orokin’s time is utilized in a variety of recipes and is regarded as a valuable resource.

Orokin Cell is a need for several designs, including Prime weaponry and Warframes, and is one of the more uncommon materials you’ll need later.

Many players struggle to figure out how to farm Orokin Cell since it has a poor drop rate most of the time, and others are uncertain where to farm Orokin Cell.

What is the best place to farm Orokin Cell?

Orokin Cells may be discovered in containers and dropped by opponents on Saturn, making it one of the finest planets for farming them, particularly while battling General Sargus Ruk on his assassination mission node.

On the planet Ceres, there are additional Orokin Cell farming sites where missions like the famous Orokin Cell survival task Gabii may be found.

While there are other methods to acquire Orokin Cells, the greatest location to farm them is on Saturn or Ceres, where players may earn large quantities in only a few missions.

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Tethys is a Greek goddess (Saturn)


Tethys is a boss task that pits you against General Sargas Ruk and is very simple to defeat for those who understand the basics.

Orokin Cells may be obtained as you progress towards General Sargus Ruk, and there is even a possibility that Orokin Cells can drop from weaker opponents.

Sargas Ruk has a high possibility of providing Orokin Cells if he is defeated. Find them all around the map in the assignment when you’re up against him.

Many players believe Tethys to be the greatest method to acquire Orokin Cells due to the numerous opportunities to obtain this resource in this quest.

2) The Titan (Saturn)


Farming on Titan will put you against Grineer troops, and you’ll sometimes come across Cell Arrays while exploring the planet.

It’s probably not a good idea to remain too long since the Grineer will eventually get more armor, but you should be able to grab a few Orokin Cell drops before extracting.

Early on in the game, the Grineer should be simple to kill, and you should be able to kill a lot of them before they group up on you.

It’s a good idea to wander the landscape for a while since you may stumble across Cell Arrays that drop Orokin Cells.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.

Gabii 3) (Ceres)


Gabii is a fantastic assignment for farming not just Orokin Cells but also other resources, and the opponents are simple to defeat due to the fact that they are infected and low level.

Gabii is a Dark Sector assignment, which means resource drops are more likely, making it the ideal location to harvest Orokin Cells for many players.

The sooner you can kill the infected, the sooner others will spawn, giving you a greater chance of getting not just Orokin Cells, but other resources as well.

Farming Orokin Cells will be more effective if you camp with a group, and staying near numerous spawn sites will improve your chances of obtaining these resources even more.

4) Seimeni (Seimeni is a Japanese word that means (Ceres)


Seimeni is a Ceres defense mission that acts as a follow-up to Gabii, allowing players to obtain the same resource via various waves of attackers.

This mission is often used to farm Credits, but players often use it to harvest relics and Orokin Cells since it is like striking two birds with one stone.

Although the level has some treasure containers and lockers, the majority of the resources, including Orokin Cells, will be obtained through opponent drops.


  • Orokin Cells can be readily farmed in tiny quantities on both Saturn and Ceres, and players may pick between the various objectives depending on which is simpler for them.
  • Many designs need Orokin Cells, therefore it’s a good idea to farm them sometimes, particularly if you have boosters.
  • Orokin Cells can be purchased for 10 Platinum on the market, however this is not recommended since they can easily be farmed and thus would be considered a waste.
  • It’s a good idea to farm with a squad on objectives like Gabii and Seimeni to boost the amount of opponents that spawn.


Orokin Cells are essential in Warframe since they are required for the creation of Orokin Catalyst and Reactors, which are required for the advancement of your weaponry and Warframes.

Having a large supply of Orokin Cells on hand will save you time when you need to manufacture Forma, Catalysts, Reactors, and other items.

The best orokin cell farm is a guide that will teach players how to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm Orokin cell in 2021?

Orokin cell is a resource that can be found in the game. You can farm it by completing missions, or you can buy it from the market using credits.

What is the fastest way to get Orokin cells in Warframe?

The fastest way to get Orokin cells in Warframe is by completing the mission The Second Dream which requires you to complete a series of missions and defeat enemies.

What is the best place to farm Orokin cells in Warframe?

The best place to farm Orokin cells is in the Grineer Asteroid tileset. You can find a lot of them there.

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