Warframe is a free-to-play third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game features cooperative gameplay, in which players work together to complete missions and defeat enemies.

The warframe parazon button ps4 is a guide that can help you get started with Warframe. The guide contains the basics of the game, as well as helpful tips for new players.

The Parazon is a tool and weapon that was introduced in The Old Blood update and has since become a common component of Warframe equipment.

You may now use the Parazon to hack terminals and deliver finishers to opponents who are about to die. Finishers are unique attacks that you can unleash on enemies who are close to death.

Making Use Of The Parazon


The parazon is primarily a weapon for fighting Kuva Liches, although it may also be used for other reasons.

Kuva Liches are being assassinated.


If you have decided to defeat a Kuva Lich, you will need to utilize your Parazon, which has been equipped with the appropriate Requiem modifications, to deliver the last blow.

Requiem Murmurs in Farming


To find out which Mods for Requiem you’ll need to beat the Kuva Liches you’ll encounter, you’ll need to gather Requiem Murmurs from the Kuva Lich’s thralls, which will require you to use your Parazon to kill them.

Kill with Mercy


Mercy kills may be performed when a regular enemy’s health is low, as shown by a marking over their head similar to the thralls.

Killing a regular opponent with the Parazon may result in different responses depending on the modifications it has.



Hacking is now done using the Parazon, although this is just a cosmetic update; hacking remains the same as it was before the Parazon was added to the game.

During the hacking procedure, you’ll observe your Warframe putting the Parazon into terminals and moving it about.

Modifications by Parazon


The Parazon may be equipped with two kinds of modifications, each having three spaces for them to be placed in.

There are three places for Requiem modifications, which are utilized when killing a Kuva Lich and must be arranged in a certain sequence.

Standard Parazon modifications are found in the Requiem mods category, and they offer a bonus when a hack is successful or when the Parazon is used to perform a mercy kill.

Modifications that are standard in Parazon

Automatic Breach


Auto Breach has a 30% probability of doing the hacking procedure for you automatically, similar to how a cipher works.

Tier 3 espionage missions may reward you with this item.

Ammunition in exchange for blood


When you use the Parazon to kill an opponent, Blood For Ammo will replenish both your main and secondary ammo by 100%.

After completing a Phorid Manifestation invasion mission, this item may be obtained.

For Energy, Blood


When you use the Parazon to kill an opponent, you have a 50% chance of getting an energy orb as a reward.

After fighting Ambulas in the Hades mission on Pluto, this item may be obtained.

For the Sake of Life


When you use the Parazon to kill an opponent, you have a 100 percent chance of getting an energy orb.

After eliminating Vay Hek and his Terra Frame, it may be obtained through the Oro mission on Earth.



If you fail the hacking procedure the first time you tried it, Failsafe offers you a 50 percent opportunity to attempt again, preventing the alarm being activated.

It’s conceivable that you’ll get this as a reward after completing Lua espionage missions.

The Hit-and-Run


When you use the Parazon to kill an opponent, you have a 60% chance of increasing your parkour speed.

On Neptune, it may be obtained by defeating the Hyena Pack in the Psamathe quest.



Intruder increases the amount of time you have to hack the Corpus console or reduces the pace at which the cursor travels on Grineer consoles for better timing.

When you first start off, this is typically already in your inventory.

Corrupted Bombard, Corrupted Heavy Gunner, and Corrupted Nullifier are some of the corrupted foes that drop this item.

Live Wire


While you’re hacking, opponents within 20 meters will be shocked by Live Wire.

Tier 2 espionage missions may reward you with this item.

Master Key is the most powerful key available.


When you complete hacking, Master Key unlocks 5 lockers within 20 meters of where you are hacking.

Tier 1 espionage missions may reward you with this item.

Outside the Lines


After killing an opponent with the Parazon, adjacent foes within an 18-meter radius get blinded.

It may be obtained by beating Lieutenant Lech Kril in the Mars War mission.



After you’ve completed hacking, Runtime will give you a 50% boost in movement speed for 10 seconds.

It’s conceivable that Kuva spy missions in the Kuva Fortress will result in this prize.



After you complete hacking, Untraceable makes you invisible for 15 seconds.

It’s conceivable that Kuva spy missions in the Kuva Fortress will result in this prize.

Requiem Mods



“We are seen from the depths of brooding gulfs; “By that which has no name,” says the narrator.

Recipient: Requiem I Relic



“Its heralds are the stars it falls; the sky and the Earth are aflame.”

Requiem I Relic’s Reward



“Corporeal rules are unwritten; like suns and love fade away.”

Requiem II Relic’s Reward



“To cosmic lunacy laws surrender; albeit sturdy brains entreat” is the description.

Requiem II Relic’s Reward



“Rolling, groaning, this real of ours; in madness lost will die” is the description.

Requiem III Relic as a reward



“In bright space, dark stars stare, accuse, and deny” is the description.

Requiem III Relic as a reward



“To cosmic forms from tangent planes; we finish as we began” is the description.

Requiem IV Relic as a reward



“Carrion hordes chirp their blasphemy; accord with eldritch plans” is the description.

Requiem IV Relic as a reward



When viewing the Parazon in the arsenal menu, choose the appearance option to modify its look.

You may alter the colors of many of its components using color palettes you possess.

The warframe how to use parazon on jackal is a guide that will teach you how to use the Warframe Parazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use your Parazon?

I use my Parazon to slice the blocks in Beat Saber.

How does Parazon work Warframe?

Parazon is a Warframe ability that creates an energy field around the player, which absorbs incoming enemy projectiles.

Can you buy Parazon mods in Warframe?

Unfortunately, Digital Extremes does not allow users to buy in-game items on their version of Warframe, Warframe PS4. This is due to copyright restrictions that Sony fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

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