Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter game. This build will help you get started with the Protea build, which is one of the most popular builds in the game.

The warframe protea steel path build is a guide for the Protea Warframes. It includes the weapon, gear, and mods that are best suited for each Warframe.

Protea appears as a technology-based Warframe with the capacity to deploy offensive turrets, support devices, and the power to reverse her acts using her technology.

Because the Warframe has not yet been launched, the powers and other information may change at any time, and changes will be provided as soon as possible.



It has not yet been stated how to acquire Protea, but we may anticipate either a quest or a special mission to do so.

It’s still unclear how to get your hands on this Warframe right now.


Protea’s fourth talent was shown at Devstream 137, while one of them was discussed, and the others were referenced in the 136 Overview.

Due to the fact that the Warframe has not yet been launched and is still in development, these powers may be altered.

Capacity to be passive

When casting abilities, every fourth ability cast will increase the ability strength by 100% for that single cast. 

The First Skill

Protea launches three grenades in a spread pattern with shrapnel clouds that proc as well as the ability to induce crown control.

When you have the ability, it becomes more defensive and creates a “energetic trench” that protects you when you come into touch with it.

Second Skill


Protrea appears in front of her and drops a “Big Fracking Gun” that blasts opponents in its path for a certain period of time before vanishing.

The damage delivered has a radius of effect and grows by a specific amount/percentage for each opponent struck.

The third ability is (Dispatcher)

Protea, who produces health spheres for healing, ammunition for refilling supplies, and energy globes for restoring energy, places the “Dispatcher” down.

The fourth ability is (Temporal Anchor)


Protea leaves a Temporal Anchor when she activates, which acts as a holding point for her energy, health, and ammunition pool.

Protea is free to fire at opponents, perform abilities, and even take damage while leaving a trail of her movement throughout the duration of the ability.

Protea will return to her previous position and have everything restored back as if she had never spent energy, ammunition, or lost health at the conclusion of the ability or when it is deactivated.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Because Protea hasn’t been published yet, there’s no way to test the builds for her powers right now, but they may be feasible in the future.

Strength of Ability

Increase First Skill and her Turret Skill damage, as well as Dispatcher’s health, energy, and ammo replenishment.

When utilizing Temporal Anchor, the proportion of health, energy, and ammo recovered may also increase.

Duration of Ability

Increase the length of her skills, such as the proc and crowd control effects from her first, the turret and dispatcher durations from her second and third abilities, and the amount of time she may utilize during Temporal Anchor.

Capacity and Efficiency

Because Protea is primarily a technology and gadget-based Warframe, an efficiency build will enable her to utilize her powers more often.


Protea seems to have both a supporting function as well as the potential to do some damage herself, and her fourth ability, which increases resilience, will most likely allow her to live longer.

Her first ability seems to be excellent for crowd management and defense, while her third provides a lot of assistance, making them look strong when used together.

The majority of her talents seem to be technology-based, making her energy-dependent, and her effectiveness will be determined by how often they are utilized and the circumstances in which they are employed.

The warframe protea guide is a build guide for the Warframe Protea. It helps players to find out what weapons and mods are best suited for their play style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you build on Protea?

You can build on Protea, which is a block-based world.

Is Protea good for steel path?

Protea is a grass that is often used in gardens. It can be used for many things, but not steel path.

How good is Protea Warframe?

Protea Warframe is a good game.

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