Warframe’s Railjack mission is a challenging, but rewarding mission for players who have mastered the basics of the game. This guide will help you complete the mission and earn some credits along the way.

The warframe railjack missions list is a guide that includes all the basics for the Railjack Mission.

Railjack missions have been offered since the Empyrean update for anyone willing to take on the task of flying their own Railjack and fighting various opponents in various Proxima.

Once one gets a Railjack, they may form a team or go on Railjack missions to earn even more prizes and advance farther in the game.

For those who are just getting started, consider this a beginner’s guide on performing Railjack missions so that you may jump right in.

Getting Things Done

Starting a Mission


First and foremost, after you’ve prepped a Railjack and are ready to go on a mission, either board your Railjack from your orbiter or go to the dojo to begin your own missions.

Selecting a mission from the star chart without entering your Railjack will lead you to join someone else’s session instead of hosting your own.


Later on, you may select other missions, but you must begin on the Earth Proxima, where you will ultimately complete other nodes and unlock the other Proxima.

Fighters that Destroy


You will always be charged with eliminating a certain amount of combatants, which may vary depending on the mission you select.

The farther you go from the start of the initial missions, the more fighters you’ll encounter, and you’ll have to destroy them all, as well as any additional objectives, in order to complete the mission.


Players may utilize their Railjack to attack opponents, but they can also leave the Railjack at any time to inflict damage in a different manner or to complete other goals.

Due to its durability and crowd control, Amesha seems to be the most competent of all the Archwings accessible at the present.

Crew Ships are being destroyed.


In addition to defeating hostile fighters, crew ships will be present in missions that you must destroy.

These are difficult to destroy since only very powerful assaults, such as weapons that utilize dome charges, can destroy them.

The most common method to destroy a crew ship is to leave the Railjack and infiltrate the crew ship from the inside.


To infiltrate crew ships, fly behind them and interact, which will allow you to enter the ship, which will also include opponents, so be prepared for a battle or attempt to get past them without being killed.


You have the option of killing all of the ship’s opponents or going straight for the reactor, which you may destroy with your weaponry.


On more difficult missions, you’ll need to hack a console attached to the reactor to disable a shield, and then you’ll be able to destroy the reactor.


There will be a timer that counts down how long the ship has until it explodes after a reactor is destroyed.

You’ll be forced back into Archwing mode when the countdown expires, and you’ll be back in the open space area.

You may exit the crew ship immediately after destroying the reactor and will not have to wait for it to explode, allowing you to use the Omni tool to teleport back, fly out and return to the Railjack, or battle in Archwing mode.

Crew Ships are being kidnapped.


Apart from destroying crew ships straight immediately, players may also hijack them, allowing them to control the ship and utilize it as they see fit.

This enables players to fight alongside the Railjack, either assaulting opponents or just tanking other ships’ assaults.

To hijack a crew spacecraft, just approach the pilot and either engage with them to perform a finisher or simply assault them to empty the pilot seat.

Make sure you wipe out the other opponents so you don’t get killed while flying, and keep in mind that there are also gunner seats on the crew ships if you want to bring someone along.


Once you’ve taken control of a crew ship, you may utilize it as you like and put it to good use by destroying fighters and other opponents.

You may always destroy the reactor and leave the crew ship when you no longer need it whenever you choose.

Specialized Goals


Different missions may have a special goal in addition to the need to destroy fighters and crew ships.

There are a variety of goals, but they all require you or a member of your squad to depart the railjack, enter a facility or ship, and destroy, assassinate, or sabotage a target.

Because there must be both an inside and an outside squad, one to inflict damage from the outside and the other to do damage from the inside, players usually break up to accomplish each job swiftly.


The goals will be indicated by a waypoint that you must follow. Keep in mind that you may complete the objective first or last, although completing it last is recommended to ensure the Railjack’s safety.

When you arrive at the goal site, the waypoint will indicate where the entry is located, and approaching it will urge you to enter.


Once you’ve arrived at your goal, you’ll need to complete a succession of minor tasks, most of which will need you to hack on the inside and destroy on the outside.


On the inside, there will be consoles that must be hacked, exposing a target on the outside that must also be destroyed.


After destroying the targets on the outside, the goal will progress to the next stage, which usually needs you to repeat the procedure.

When it comes to sabotaging facilities, the hacking and destruction of targets is typically done twice.


After you’ve hacked and destroyed the smaller targets for the mission, there’ll typically be a major target inside that has to be destroyed or hacked.

Assassination missions require you to infiltrate and go to the target, where you will murder them like you would in any other assassination operation.



During missions, crew ships or facilities may fire ramsleds at your Railjack, piercing it and allowing forces within the ramsled to break inside your ship.

This can be shot down as it approaches you, but once it gets close enough to your Railjack, it explodes, spawning foes inside your spacecraft.


Enemies will arrive where the breach was created, and you’ll see a ramsled within your ship that has been opened.

Take care of the danger, since these adversaries may cause a lot of problems, such as inflicting damage to your ship or assaulting you and your crew.

Maintenance of Railjacks

Resources Restocking


Your ship will need resources to utilize the majority of its functioning equipment, and it is critical that you maintain it on a regular basis, which you may accomplish in the forge.

Flux Energy is required to utilize the powers offered by extra avionics, and Revolite must be supplied to heal damage done to your Railjack.

The forge also resupplies ammunition for the Railjack’s guns, which will help you significantly since they offer a lot of firepower.


There are four forges situated in the rear of the ship, each of which may be utilized as long as you are on a mission and they are not on cooldown.


After being utilized, the forges have a 2-minute cooldown, so you’ll have to either use them when the timing is perfect or spend in reducing their cooldowns.

Before returning to the Drydock after completing a mission, you may refine all of the resources in it to earn twice the quantity of resources.

Omni Tool


The Omni tool is essential for ship maintenance and may be found in your kit after you’ve started a mission.

These tools are used to repair damage to the ship and may subsequently be learnt through Intrinsics to be used as a teleport mechanism.

Railjack Repairing


After your Railjack is left in a vulnerable condition, such as in the midst of a battle or when ramsleds have struck it, unleashing opponents inside your ship, it may take damage at any moment.

The Omni tool is used to repair ship damage and may be accessed through the gear menu or a hotkey if one is set up.


To repair damage to your Railjack, go to the damage symbols on the ship, which indicate various types of damage such as fire, electrical, and hull breaches that weaken your Railjack.

To begin mending the damage, just point your Omni tool at the damaged region while holding down the fire key.

Some damaged sections feature a mini-game where you must stop the loading bar within a tiny bracket to repair the damage immediately; otherwise, you will have to wait for the whole bar to fill.

Electrical damage is indicated by blue symbols, while minor hull damage or fire is represented by orange icons and must be fixed to avoid bad stats on your Railjack.


If your Railjack sustains too much damage, a hull breach will appear, which will be shown by a red symbol, and must be repaired before the countdown runs out, otherwise the task will fail.

It will take about 60 minutes for you to return to the damaged section of your Railjack and fix it.

The quest will finish and you will lose everything if the countdown runs out and you have not rectified the catastrophic failure damage.

completing the mission


You may either return to your Drydock or go on to the next assignment after you’ve completed the task.

Before heading out on another mission, most squads will refine whatever resources are in the cargo and return to the Drydock.



  • If you’re new to the game, try to play with a team since you may waste a lot of time on a task or even fail it if you’re not prepared.
  • Amesha is an excellent Archwing to employ because of its ability to live outside of the Railjack for an extended period of time and its ability to refill its own mana.
  • By staying in operator mode, you’ll be able to skip some portions of the operation, such as the opponents aboard crew ships and inside facilities.
  • Those who choose to combat opposing fighters in their Archwings will find that status weapons and builds are very effective at ripping them apart.
  • To prevent leaving your spacecraft unprotected and susceptible to being destroyed while you are gone, complete the special goals last.
  • It’s ideal to have at least one ally with you so that you can accomplish special goals fast while one person infiltrates and the other destroys reactors outside.
  • Missions will get more difficult as you go away from the beginning, making opponents more difficult to destroy and demanding that your Warframes, Archwings, and Railjack be well-built and updated on a regular basis.
  • Farming lesser missions before going on to the more difficult ones is a smart method to acquire resources, avionics, and components before moving on to the more difficult ones.
  • On lesser missions, using the Grineer crew ships against them may help complete things quicker because the Railjacks may not be fully equipped yet.
  • Refine before returning to the Drydock to ensure that you and your crew get an extra amount of resources after the mission is completed.


The warframe railjack solo 2021 is a guide to the Railjack Mission in Warframe. This mission is designed for players who are new to Warframe and want to experience the game’s story without having to worry about complications like team mates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Railjack missions for?

Railjack missions are a new type of mission in the game that is set to appear in the future. They will allow you to play as a railgun operator and fire your weapon at various targets while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

How do you beat the Railjack mission?

The Railjack mission is a difficult one and requires you to be very quick and accurate with your movements. You need to make sure that you are not hit by the trains, which will stop the game. Its best to stay in front of them and use your saber to deflect their oncoming tracks back at them.

Can you solo Railjack Warframe?

Railjack is a Warframe that can be obtained through a variety of different methods. It can also be found in the market for a price.

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