The Railjack Payload is the newest Warframe weapon, and it’s easy to use. Here’s a guide on how to get started with the payload.

The warframe railjack when to refine is a guide that will teach you how to get the best out of your Railjack.

The Payload is the Railjack’s supply of specific materials that are depleted while the Railjack is in operation and is critical to the mission’s success.

This part of the Drydock may be used to refill each of the materials that cost other resources that can be obtained via Railjack missions.

All of these materials can be created if you have the necessary resources, which you will be able to get over time.

When the ship is out on missions, this area may be accessible from the Drydock as well as the forge at the rear of the ship.



Revolite is a material required to use the Omni tool, which is required to repair damage to your Railjack.

You won’t be able to repair damage to the Railjack without Revolite, which will result in the task failing.

Each time you fix damage on the Railjack, a specific quantity of Revolite is used, depending on what you’re restoring.

For 5 Cubic Diodes and 5 Pustrels, you can make 50 Revolite.

Energy in Flux


Flux Energy is needed to power combat and tactical avionics, and it is spent as they are utilized, with the quantity consumed varying depending on the avionics employed.

If you have combat or tactical avionics and you’re running low on Flux Energy, you’ll be unable to use them until more is created.

You may freely manufacture Flux Energy in the Drydock, but you must have at least level 2 in your Engineering Intrinsics to make it during missions.

You’ll need 15 Copernics and 15 Cubic Diodes to make 100 Flux energy.



Munitions are utilized as ammunition when utilizing your Railjack’s Ordnance, which plays an important part in missions owing to the huge amount of damage it can do.

To utilize the Ordnance, you’ll need to have munitions prepared ahead of time, or you may make them during missions if you’ve gathered enough resources.

Otherwise, your Ordnance will be worthless unless your Railjack contains ammunition.

To manufacture weapons during missions, Engineering Intrinsics must be at least level 3.

For 10 Carbides and 10 Copernics, you can make 5 ammunition sets.

Charge the Dome


Dome Charges are used as ammunition for the Railjack’s front artillery, which is capable of inflicting massive quantities of damage, severe devastation, and even the annihilation of crew ships.

Because the stock of Dome Charges isn’t as plentiful as other resources, it’s best to make every shot count and utilize them when the opportunity arises.

To make dome charges, you must have at least a level 5 in engineering.

Dome Chargers may be made in 5 pieces at a cost of 20 Carbides and 20 Pustrels each making.



The Payload menu is a little different in missions, and you won’t be able to build as much as you want without a cooldown.

In the rear of the Railjack, there are four forges where you can keep track of resources and manufacture the Payload your Railjack requires.

A cooldown will occur each time you use a forge, so you may use up to four of them before waiting for them all to complete their cooldowns.

Before the Payload menu opens, a brief animation shows your Warframe pulling down the forge.

In the Forge, crafting


Simply open the forge and choose the material you want to create; however, bear in mind that there will be a cooldown and that you will need resources.

If you don’t have any resources, you won’t be able to construct the Railjack’s requirements, which means you’ll have to either harvest local resources or return to the Drydock.

It is usually a good idea to replenish all of your resources by creating what you need before going out and returning to the Drydock.

Going to the Drydock to create the resources you need may save you a lot of time and won’t jeopardize your Railjack’s survivability during missions, unlike going to the forge, which has a limited quantity of resources and a cooldown that you must wait for.

Resources should be refined


The resources you gather will automatically go to your forge so you can create during missions, but you may take them out later to retain and will no longer be able to put them back.

You may always gather additional materials so that your forge has enough to construct the Railjack’s requirements.

Depending on your Engineering Intrinsics level, refining resources will return two times or even more resources.

Players often refine resources before going to the Drydock or when they are full to ensure that everyone has a sufficient supply of resources.

This is typically done at the conclusion of a mission, whether returning to the Drydock or continuing on to the next mission.

The warframe ordnance is a new update to the game. It’s a payload guide that will help players find and use the railjack in order to get around the map quickly.

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