Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter game developed by Digital Extremes. The game revolves around the player fighting in an intergalactic war with the Tenno, the last of their race, who wields powerful weapons and armor to destroy hordes of enemies.

The warframe railjack crew stats is a guide that can help players find out which roles are best for them.

Even veterans will agree that the Railjack missions that have arrived with Empyrean can be very challenging.

Sure, some people have excellent builds and fully equipped ships, and they can even solo some of the most difficult missions, but when it comes to efficiency, having a strong squad may make a big difference.

A well-functioning team that understands what to do may improve the chances of a mission’s success and, more crucially, speed it up.

Of course, any group of random individuals may complete the tasks quickly, but a well-organized squad will be able to do it much quicker, making farming much easier later on.

Important Functions


There are obviously responsibilities that need to be filled, but understanding what to keep in mind when doing so may make things a lot simpler for you and your team.

During Railjack missions, the following responsibilities are critical:

1) Pilot


During Railjack, the pilot is one of the most important positions, and the one who can maneuver the ship effectively and deal damage with the nose turrets and ordnances may have a significant impact on the mission’s success.

A pilot must be able to maneuver effectively and comfortably fire the nose turrets in order to eliminate opponents quickly and keep the ship out of hazardous circumstances.

Taking the Intrinsics Piloting training allows the pilot to do a variety of maneuvers and gain greater control over the Railjack.

2) Gunner


Gunners are in charge of dealing extra damage by utilizing the wing turrets or jumping into the forward-artillery to inflict enormous damage.

Players may sometimes leave their wing turrets to accomplish other tasks, such as destroying crew ships or completing outside crew goals.

Intrinsics will have the ability to utilize varied firepower in the Railjack as well as extra boosts while in Archwing mode if they take up the Gunnery class.

3) Architect


Engineers are the ship’s beating heart, ensuring that everything runs well, from ensuring that guns have ammo to ensuring that the ship is in good working order and does not break apart.

They are charged for resupplying ammo and repairing damage to the ship using the Omni gear, as well as keeping attackers out of the ship.

Those who concentrate on the Engineering class get the ability to refill various ammo for the Railjack throughout missions, as well as repair the ship with ease, and refining resources produce a bonus yield.

Other Positions


Apart from the primary roles, there are additional methods to participate in Railjack missions, and some of them do not need the use of a particular class.

When Intrinsics have been rated up for several classes, the other roles may be utilized by anybody and profit from a combination of classes later on.

During Railjack missions, you may also play the following roles:

Support for Archwings


There is no need for all players to be inside the Railjack; those who want to assist in a different manner may take a riskier role by being out in the open with their Archwing.

Archwings may use their powers to inflict damage, disable opponents, defend the Railjack, and much more.

Amesha is a popular option because of its abilities to delay opponents, restore its own energy, and become immune to hostile assaults.

Takedown of a Crew Ship


When a crew ship is close or causing damage to the Railjack, it is a good idea for those who are available to go out and take it down.

It is possible to deploy a member in Archwing mode to destroy the crew ship when the forward-artillery cannot be used for various reasons like as range, ammo, or the fact that the crew ship is moving too much.

Members may go near crew ships and take them out from the inside by either exiting the ship normally or launching from the slingshot.

These personnel can simply teleport back to the ship utilizing the Omni gear at level 4 with tactical.

The Insiders


When it comes to the special goals, the inside crew will have to leave the Railjack and infiltrate the facilities or ships to accomplish part of the objectives.

This ties in with the job of the outside crew, and when both the interior and outside crews work together, unique goals are readily accomplished.

The inside team is primarily responsible for entering a facility to hack, sabotage, or kill targets from inside.

Inside crews may be made up of any number of members of the squad, but at some point, at least one person must be on the Railjack to keep it secure.

Outside Personnel


The outside crew will tackle specific outside goals while the inside crew hacks or destroys targets so that the whole team can move on with the mission.

Typically, they are simply charged with damaging radiators so that the inside team may go on to their next mission from inside.

When the inside crew is inside the facility or ship, the outside crew must be prepared to destroy the radiator to prevent wasting time and causing the inside crew’s deaths.

While the two gunners go inside the facilities or ships, the pilot or engineer may act as the outside crew.



  • It is always essential to do your bit and assist whenever you can, regardless of how strong your team is.
  • If you’re the pilot, don’t leave the ship out in the open in the midst of a bunch of opponents, since this can cause problems for the whole squad and waste resources.
  • Always let the engineer know if you need ammo so they can prepare it ahead of time; they are also responsible for the ship, so don’t expect them to know everything.
  • Everyone except the pilot should dismount and get rid of the crew as soon as a ramsled strikes the Railjack. (Pilot should remain since they require the Railjack to be mobile.)
  • An Archwing assisting the ship may be quite useful, but they can also go off and do damage in the area.
  • Avoid leaving the ship to complete the special goals on your own; your teammates may need your assistance.
  • Communicate with your team and don’t behave as if they should know everything; communication is an important aspect of cooperation.
  • If you’re leaping out of the pilot controls, let the crew know so they can take over if the time comes.

The warframe railjack build is a guide that helps players decide which role to take in the game.

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