In Warframe, there are a variety of weapons and armor to choose from. In this guide, we will be focusing on the Revenant build, which is a powerful melee weapon that can also fire energy blasts.

The warframe best revenant build 2020 is a guide to the Warframe Revenant Build. It includes information on what mods to use, how to set up your gear, and more.

Revenant is an Eidolon-based Warframe with the same energy as the Teralyst and its larger variant.

He is a one-of-a-kind Warframe capable of inflicting massive amounts of harm on opponents while manipulating them to control or fill his requirements.




After completing the “Mask of the Revenant” quest, you will get the Revenant’s blueprint as a one-time prize.

Bounties from Cetus or The Plains Of Eidolon may be used to acquire blueprints for Revenant’s components.

For 325 platinum, you may buy a previously built version of Revenant from the orbiter.

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(Abilities of the Revenant)

Revenant can make opponents fight for him, defend himself with sentient energy, rush past adversaries, taking their strength, and unleash havoc with his death dance.

When wearing Mesmer Skin, his passive ability makes him resistant to some Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst attacks, as well as magnetic damage from the waterways in the Plains Of Eidolon at night.

When Revenant’s defenses are depleted, he releases a blast that knocks opponents down.

1) Captivate


Revenant enslaves an opponent, forcing them to fight for him against their friends.

While battling its allies, the captivated opponent will spread the enthralment to additional foes, resulting in a maximum of 7 thralls fighting for you.

These thralls are vulnerable to Revenant and his team’s attacks, and when they die, they leave behind a pillar of energy that does damage to surrounding opponents.

This ability is extremely helpful and smart to employ since it allows you to use the opponent to fight amongst themselves, leaving you to deal with just the survivors.

Not only does this provide friends for the Revenant, but he may also utilize the energy pillars they leave behind as a method of inflicting harm.

When Enthrall is used on an opponent who has been stunned by the Mesmer Skin ability, there will be no energy cost.

Enthralls acquire 5x greater health and shields when Reave is used on them.

When Danse Macabre is used to kill thrall, an overshields pickup is dropped, and any energy pillars struck by Danse Macabre may explode, inflicting damage to the surrounding area.


(An adversary is enslaved by a Revenant.)


(The ability is propagated by enthralled opponents battling their friends.)

2) Skin of the Mesmer


To defend himself, Revenant utilizes sentient energy, which blocks hostile strikes and stuns any opponent that tries to deal the attack.

The ability is a shield that fully blocks an attack and stuns the opponent; charges indicate how many times it blocks.

Using Reave on a captivated enemy while the ability is active will grant it another charge.

This ability is helpful for dealing with numerous opponents or avoiding potentially fatal damage.


(The enemy is shocked by the Mesmer Skin.)

3) Reave



Revenant rushes through his foes, taking their shields and health and combining it with his own.

When captivated opponents are struck, the quantity leeched is doubled, allowing Revenant to take even more.

If a captivated enemy is struck by Reave, it adds a charge to Mesmer Skin, giving him another charge until the ability is utilized.

Reave can be cast while Danse Macabre is active, causing the dash to happen while Danse Macabre is still active, with the added benefit of only consuming half the energy cost.

This ability is useful for recharging Revenant’s health and shields, as well as doing damage to opponents and traveling from one location to another.

Due to the fact that using Danse Macabre causes Revenant to move somewhat slower, this ability may both aid movement and increase damage.


(During the Reave ability, Revenant)


(After the Reave ability, Revenant)


Blinding Reave is an augment mod that allows you to blind opponents that are afflicted by Reave.

4) Macabre Dance


Revenant starts to spin, his speed hindered, as he fired lethal energy beams around him, hurting opponents in a radius.

This is a highly strong ability since these sentient energy beams adapt to opponents and use their weaknesses against them.

This is important because of the high quantity of damage and the ability to locate opponents’ weak spots, as well as the capacity to wipe out huge groups of foes in a matter of seconds.

When a captivated opponent is slain by the beams, it drops an overshield pickup, and if an energy pillar is struck, it bursts and does damage to the surrounding area.

If Mesmer Skin is active, all damage that was prevented is added to Danse Macabre’s damage.

Reave may be used at a 50% lower energy cost during this ability to enable fast mobility, or a combination of the two abilities may be used.


(The Revenant uses his Danse Macabre talent to destroy opponents.)

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


This build enables Revenant to utilize all of his abilities effectively when needed at a reasonable cost of energy, while also having excellent duration and range stats and using a large amount of ability strength.

This build is one of the finest recommended builds for people new to the Warframe since it works well with all of Revenant’s abilities and can be utilized in a variety of scenarios.

Having a high level of ability strength ensures that all of your skills do a lot of damage.

Enthrall will be less expensive and last a little longer than normal, but pillar damage will be increased and have a little wider radius.

Mesmer Skin’s charge quantity will be raised as a result of the ability’s enhanced strength, and its stun duration will be a little longer.

His Reave ability will have a wider range of effects and a longer duration, as well as greater damage and a lower energy cost.

Danse Macabre will need less energy to cast and channel, and will deliver great damage in a reasonable radius.


(Multiple powers used by the Revenant)

Build a Range


The goal of this build is to increase the range and duration of Revenant’s abilities while also lowering their energy requirements.

The increased range and duration enhance the majority of his skills with this setup.

Enthrall may be thrown farther away from opponents, enabling Revenant to control adversaries from a safe distance.

Mesmer Skin’s stun duration has been extended because to the inclusion of duration to the construct.

Reave’s breadth and duration will be enhanced, allowing for more opponents to be struck and a longer duration.

Danse Macabre will be able to be cast and channeled for a long time, and its radius will be big enough to strike many opponents and cover a wide area.

This works well in protected locations and may quickly clear waves of attackers during defense and survival missions.


(The ability Danse Macabre is used by the Revenant.)

Build a Range


This build boosts the damage of all of Revenant’s abilities, enabling him to wreak havoc on his foes.

All of his abilities will inflict somewhat more damage and last slightly longer in terms of time.

Mesmer Skin will have many charges because to his high ability strength, making him extremely tanky and capable of delivering damage while maintaining crowd control.

This is a strong construction, but it may have to depend on energy conservation.



Revenant is a strong and unique Warframe that may be used for damage, crowd control, and a variety of other roles according to his powers.

Due to his Danse Macabre ability, he can inflict a significant amount of damage to the bulk of opponents and use his Mesmer Skin to become almost unbeatable.

Several of his builds enable him to deliver massive amounts of damage while disregarding and avoiding various kinds of harm.

His powers are highly synergistic, making him both simple to use for novices and very strong for more experienced players who know how to utilize him effectively.

The is revenant good warframe 2021 is a question that has been asked by many people. This article will explain what the Revenant build is and how to use it effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Revenant good 2021?

Revenant is a good game, but it is not released until 2021.

How do you get revenant in 2021 Warframe?

If you want to get revenant in Warframe, then you will have to wait until 2021.

Is Revenant worth it Warframe?

Revenant is a Warframe for beginners. It is a good starter frame, but not the best in its class.

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