The Rhino is a Warframe that can be built for a variety of purposes, but excels at dealing damage to enemies. This build focuses on the Rhino’s ability to deal high amounts of damage with its Charge Attack and also provides survivability through shields and health regeneration.

The rhino build warframe 2021 is a guide for the Warframe Rhino Build that includes tips and tricks on how to use this build.

Rhino is a tank, support, and damage-dealing Warframe who gets his name from his ability to withstand assaults and rush into combat to wreak havoc.

He is well-known and often utilized for his durability, as well as his ability to inflict damage while simultaneously increasing the damage of his teammates and providing crowd control.

What is the best way to get Rhino?



After defeating Jackal on Venus’ Fossa mission, you may get Rhino’s components as a prize.

His blueprint may be bought with 35,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Rhino may also be bought for 375 Platinum from the orbiter’s market.

Prime Rhino


Rhino prime, Rhino’s prime variant, has increased armor and sprint speed.

Rhino Prime-containing relics include:

Blueprint: Neo R1 and Axi R1 have been vaulted. None are available.

Vaulted Neuroptics: Lith B1, Lith B4 None are available.

Meso M1, Meso N6 Vaulted Chassis None are available.



Rhino can rush into combat with ferocity and easily knock opponents unconscious, enhance his own armor at whim, improve his allies’ damage output, and stomp with such power that it defies gravity.

His capacity to be passive When he falls from a large height or at a high speed, he will cause a shockwave to be released.

Charge of the Rhino


Rhino rushes forward at a high rate, doing damage and pushing opponents away.

Rhino Charge’s damage will be increased and its energy cost will be reduced if it is cast within a short window of time.

This skill may be used to charge into a battle or to flee a hazardous situation.

(An adversary is knocked back by Rhino Charge.)



Rhino Charge is augmented by Ironclad Charge, which increases Rhino’s armor by 50% for each opponent hit.

Iron Skin


Rhino creates armor that shields by absorbing damage for a certain number of points spent on it.

Rhino’s armor protects him from harm and reduces the amount of damage he absorbs.

This is an essential ability for Rhino since it enables him to take a lot of damage and makes him a strong tank.

(With Iron Skin active, a rhino suffers damage.)



Iron Shrapnel is an augment mod that allows Rhino to explode his ferrite armor, delivering 100% of its health in damage to opponents.



Rhino gives himself and his teammates a damage boost that impacts weapons and abilities.

This is a fantastic ability to have since it boosts everyone, and doing more damage may significantly improve the squad’s proficiency.

(Rhino slaughtering foes while boosted by Roar)



Augment Mod: Piercing Roar applies the Puncture status effect to opponents in a radius surrounding Rhino, decreasing their damage.

Stomping Rhinoceros


Rhino stomps with such power that it injures the opponent and leaves them hanging in mid-air for a short period of time.

When you cast Rhino Charge on suspended opponents, you will inflict twice as much damage to them.

This ability is excellent for crowd control since it can be used to cripple the bulk of opponents, giving you and your squad a window of opportunity to assault, escape, or finish the mission.

(Due to Rhino Stomp, enemies are hanging in the air.)



Reinforcing Stomp causes Iron Skin to be replenished by 80 each opponent damaged by Rhino Stomp.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build Your Strength


The power build focuses on boosting Rhinos’ skills, particularly his Roar ability, which significantly increases the amount of damage he and his team can inflict on his foes.

Due to the high ability strength, this build will cause Rhino Charge and Rhino Stop to inflict a lot of damage.

Rhino’s Iron Skin will provide him with a great deal of protection, allowing him to take a lot of punishment.

This build is excellent at boosting the team and tanking a lot of damage, but since it’s primary goal is Roar, it has a significantly higher energy cost.

(Rhino inflicts damage on opponents when he and his squad are afflicted by Roar.)


Build a Crowd Control System


The crowd control build focuses on being able to utilize Rhino Stomp to suspend a huge number of opponents in a wide radius while still enabling Rhino to benefit from his other abilities.

The emphasis of this build will be on Rhino Stop’s ability to disable opponents, although his Roar and other abilities will still be helpful throughout missions.

Rhino can disable a huge number of opponents with this build, which is useful in circumstances when he has to provide crowd control or when specific adversaries need to be deactivated before being teamed up on.

Essentially, the goal of this build is to utilize Rhino Stomp to let Rhino and his friends to strike or flee from opponents.

(Rhino suspends several opponents with Rhino Stomp)


Build that is well-balanced


Rhino’s balanced build focuses on enabling him to utilize all of his skills while maintaining a semi-balanced mod set that allows him to do so effectively.

Rhino should be able to utilize all of his skills at the same time or cast them all at the same time during the game, with minimal need to constantly hunting for energy.

When utilizing Roar, this build will still give a good boost, and when using Rhino stomp, it will be excellent for crowd control.

(Enemies are killed by the Shadows of the Dead)




Rhino is one of the most well-known Warframes in the game, having been used by players for a long time and seeming to be one of the game’s earliest tank-like Warframes.

His moniker is appropriate given his fighting skills and looks, since he is a huge buff Warframe capable of easily pushing opponents aside and stomping with such force that it defies gravity.

Because of his capacity to take a lot of damage and return a lot of it, this Warframe is excellent for a broad range of tasks.

Rhino can not only deal and take damage, but he can also boost his squad and assist them with abilities.

The warframe rhino guide is a guide that will help you build the Warframe Rhino. This build is for beginners and can be completed in around an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rhino a good Warframe 2021?

Rhino is a Warframe that has the ability to charge into enemies and deal heavy damage.

How do you get rhino in Warframe 2021?

You can purchase it with platinum on the market.

What mods to put on Rhino Warframe?

Rhino Warframe has a variety of mods that can be used for various purposes. It is important to note that these mods are not exclusive to Rhino and can also be used on other frames such as Volt, Loki, etc.

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