In Warframe, salvaging items from the battlefield is a key part of playing as a Tenno. This guide will show you how to farm for Salvage in Warframe and what to do with it.

The best place to farm salvage warframe 2020 is a guide that will teach you how to farm salvage in Warframe.

“High-value materials recovered from wartime relics”


Metals and other materials that have been broken down in one place. Salvage, regardless of how or what it is utilized for, is a fundamental resource for manufacturing most of the requirements in Warframe.


Salvage is required for many plans as well as Dojo research.

Stocking up on it will be helpful when you get additional blueprints that you will need to create in the near future.

What is the best place to farm Salvage?

It won’t be an issue if you know how to cultivate Salvage, which is why knowing where to look is crucial.


On Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna, salvage, as well as a variety of other resources, may be farmed.

The greatest location I’ve found for Salvage seems to be Jupiter, which not only provides Salvage but also a slew of other goodies, like Neural Sensors, which we’ll need sooner or later.

I typically farm on two missions since they seem to provide not only the resources I need, but also a sufficient quantity of them as well as a few additional benefits.


1) Elara


Elara is a very low-level quest, and the corpus opponents aren’t that dangerous. There are also many storage bins and lockers strewn around.

In this mission, the Corpus opponents provide little to no danger, and you may finish the task far quicker than it was intended to be done.


At low levels, the Corpus move slowly and don’t have much protection. With a good weapon and a basic build, you should be able to knock them down in one or two hits.

When alone, wandering around destroying treasure containers and unlocking storage lockers while killing opponents is a fantastic method to farm.

There are other places where you may camp, although it’s best to do it in a group for more enemies.


For a five-minute period, going through with Elara will earn you an estimated amount of 1000-5000 salvage.

Also see: Farming Circuits

Polymer Bundle Farming is a related topic.

Cameria is a kind of plant.


Cameria is a fantastic mission for farming Salvage, and many people consider it to be the greatest location to do so.

I, for one, find it simple to farm Salvage here, and based on the quantity of Salvage I have, you would assume I’m quite good at it.

Dark Sectors, such as Cameria, offer a significant increase in drop rate; for this task, we receive 20%, which is a decent rate most of the time.


This mission is almost identical to Elara, with the exception that instead of the Corpus, the opponents are infected, and certain routes have been altered, as well as the facility being overtaken by an infestation.

Because you’re fighting infected, you have the option of camping them out and killing them from afar, or you may walk about murdering them.

You may want to search around for storage lockers and containers in addition to eliminating the infected. Because there are so many packed together, particularly the lockers, which come in fours in a row and are easily accessible.


You may anticipate to earn an average of 1000 to 7000 Salvage in approximately five minutes since you will be killing a lot of infected.

Here’s where you can find all you need to know about resources.


Once you know where to go, figuring out how to farm salvage will become second nature. The trick is to choose a task that provides you with a constant stream of opponents to kill.

It just takes half an hour to get a significant quantity of Salvage, and spending the time to do so will be beneficial in the future.

To view the various methods to farm as well as a guidance on what may be utilized to farm effectively, go here for a more comprehensive explanation on how to farm resources.

The how to farm salvage warframe is a guide that will show you how to farm salvage in Warframe. In order to farm salvage, you will need a few things such as the right weapons and mods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I farm Salvage in Warframe 2021?

You can farm Salvage in the Grineer Asteroid Belt.

What is the easiest way to get salvage in Warframe?

The easiest way to get salvage in Warframe is by using a Grineer Spy Disguise.

Where can you get salvage in Warframe?

You can get salvage in Warframe by killing enemies, completing missions, and finding it on the battlefield.

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