The Warframe Trinity Build is a build for the Warframe Trinity, which features three different weapons. This build is designed to be used in PVE and PVP combat. It has high damage, good accuracy, and fast reload speed.

The warframe trinity prime build is a guide for the warframe trinity prime build. This build uses a combination of Trinity Prime, Volt, and Zephyr Prime to create an effective ranged DPS.

Trinity is a support Warframe that is responsible for keeping the squad alive, safe, and well-prepared for battles.

She is well-known as one of the best Warframe supporters, and she has a knack for turning the tide in tough missions and boss battles.

What is the best way to get Trinity?



By completing the Hades mission on Pluto, you may acquire Trinity components from Ambulas.

Her blueprint may be purchased with 25,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

She may also be bought fully constructed for 225 Platinum.

Trinity Prime is a fictional character.


Trinity Prime is the most powerful version of Trinity, with more shield and sprint speed.

Trinity Prime-containing relics include:

  • Blueprint: Lith K1, Meso S4, Neo N6 Vaulted None are available.
  • Neo D1, Neo N7, Neo S6, Axi C1, Axi V3 Neuroptics: Vaulted None are available.
  • Vaulted Lith S4, Neo S1, Axi H1, Axi H2 chassis None are available.
  • Systems: Neo B1, Axi A1, Axi C2, Axi V2, Axi V3, Axi V4, Vaulted: Neo B1, Axi A1, Axi C2, Axi V2, Axi V3, Axi V4 None are available.



(Abilities of Trinity)

Trinity has the ability to make opponents provide life and energy to her friends, nullify harm and pass it on to foes, and elegantly defend and heal her comrades.

Triage is her passive ability, which enables her to revive friends 25 percent quicker and at a 50 percent greater distance.

1) Life Is Good


Trinity suspends an opponent in mid-air, unable to fight back as life is taken from it and given to Trinity and her friends nearby.

When Trinity and her friends inflict harm on them, a portion of the damage they cause is returned to them.

This ability is useful for both disabling enemies and healing friends, giving Trinity and her squad greater survivability.


(Trinity applies Well of Life to an adversary)


When a marked opponent dies, they will drop four health orbs, with the possibility of an extra energy orb.

Also see Wukong’s Abilities.

2) Vampire of Energy


Trinity marks an opponent in a similar way to her previous ability, but instead of being hung in the air, they get stunned and give energy to her and her teammates in a certain region.

This is one of Trinity’s most well-known spells, since she can provide unlimited energy to the whole squad to utilize in missions as long as there is an opponent.

Over time, the adversary will send out energy pulses to friends, each of which will give them a specific amount of energy.

If the adversary is slain, they will send out a single pulse that contains all of the energy that was supposed to be given out each pulse.

This ability not only aids the team by providing energy to everyone in close proximity to the selected opponent, but it also enables Trinity to render an enemy vulnerable and unable to fight.


(Trinity employs Energy Vampire against an adversary.)


Energy Vampire’s shields are replenished by 150 percent, along with the energy it restores, thanks to Augment Mod: Vampire Leech.

Also see Wisp’s Abilities.

3) Link


When Trinity activates her ability, she forms a connection with her opponents, causing a portion of damage dealt to her to be decreased and reflected to the enemy with whom she has formed a relationship.

This ability is useful for making Trinity more durable as well as dealing harm to opponents, giving her greater durability and allowing her to send forth more damage to adversaries.

Trinity may benefit from using link since it works well with her Blessing ability and provides her with greater damage resistance, enabling her to survive longer during missions or boss battles.


(Trinity takes less damage with Link activated)


Abating Link’s augment mod lowers the armor of opponents impacted by the ability by a set amount.

4) Affirmation


Trinity and her allies will be graced with her abilities after performing the ability, immediately healing them for a percentage of their health and shields and increasing their damage resistance for a period of time.

Trinity may use this ability regardless of whether or not the ability is active, which means she can heal her friends as long as she has enough energy.

Blessing, one of her greatest abilities, has become a major assistance with many objectives as well as boss battles, and many teams look for a good Trinity to utilize this to boost her squad.

The range of this ability is determined by the user’s affinity range, which makes it very unusual for an ability since the normal affinity gain range is quite wide and could potentially impact all of Trinity’s allies within a huge radius.

This ability also heals other units such as hacked troops or NPC characters during missions, which is useful for sorties or boss missions like Teralyst hunts.


(Blessing from the Trinity)

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build with Blessing


Trinity focuses more on helping her team with the Blessing ability, which seeks to heal them when required and boost them with damage resistance so they can survive with the Blessing construct.

This is especially helpful in boss battles and missions when opponents inflict a lot of damage and are difficult to defeat.

Her other skills will still work, but their range will be limited, and if she wants to use abilities like Energy Vampire, she’ll have to cast them on opponents that are close to her friends.

As the range of Well of Life is limited, she must target an opponent where her friends are, which is most likely a defensive position.

Link may still be advantageous to her since the damage reduction helps her survive any additional interactions with foes, and it stacks with bless to make her more durable during the quest.


(Trinity uses Blessing to heal and buffer the whole squad.)

Take a look at this: Rhino Build

Healing Vampires and Energy Vampires Build


This build concentrates on using the Energy Vampire ability, which will finish in less than a few seconds and release the entire amount of energy intended.

The increased range of the ability will expand the area in which teammates may receive energy from the pulse, and time will be less of an issue since the ability will nearly immediately generate an energy regeneration pulse.

Trinity’s efficiency has been improved to enable her to perform her abilities more often in order to utilize Blessing and Energy Vampire when needed to help her friends and herself.

With the increased ability power, her skills will restore more energy, health, and shield, with the drawback of Blessing not lasting long enough to provide a protective boost.

This construct is best utilized when Trinity has energy-dependent friends and the objective requires a significant amount of energy to complete.


(Trinity uses Energy Vampire to restore her ally’s energy)

Take a look at Nekros’s creation.

Build that is well-balanced


The Balanced build, unlike the others, allows her to cast all of her skills without any decreased ability characteristics.

This enables Trinity to properly cast her abilities to benefit her and her squad while still providing enough assistance to be useful in a variety of scenarios.

She will be able to utilize all of her skills and may use this build on every mission since it can support a variety of different Warframes with whom she may be partnered.


(Trinity demonstrates a few of her talents)

Take a look at Mirage Build.

Build for a Survival Bruiser


Trinity may utilize this build to not only assist her teammates but also to maintain her health, energy, and shields throughout missions, shifting from a support role to a more aggressive one.

For individuals who like to take the initiative in battles or prefer to be in the front lines, such as mid-range and melee fighters, this build enables Trinity to freely engage in combat while also providing her and her friends with the capacity to maintain themselves.

The build’s disadvantage is its lack of range, which means Trinity will have to rely on her weapons to compel Energy Vampire to restore its full amount of energy.

Her Blessing and Link abilities will significantly increase her survival, while Rage will provide her with a reliable supply of energy if she needs it.


(With Link and Blessing active, Trinity fights opponents.)



Due to her capacity to restore both shields and health of herself and teammates, Trinity is one of the finest support Warframes in the game.

Aside from providing regeneration for her friends, Blessing may have a significant impact on the outcome of missions and boss battles, giving her team a better chance of success.

Because her skills provide increased damage resistance, she may be able to use this to become more resilient and even attract enemy fire, giving her squad the benefit of remaining alive.

Trinity’s presence in a team with Warframes that are energy-dependent becomes highly situational, as some Warframes may be able to clear levels quickly if given unlimited energy.

The warframe trinity prime 2020 is a build that was released by Digital Extremes in 2020. This build has been used to reach the highest level of Warframe Trinity Prime.

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