Warframe is a free-to-play co-operative third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. The game has been praised for its unique gameplay, graphics and cooperative experience.

The kuva weapon fusion calculator is a guide that will show you how to change the bonus of your Kuva Weapon.

If you’ve previously fought a Kuva Lich, you’ve probably noticed that their weapon has changed somewhat.

This bonus typically adds an additional damage type to the weapon, which may be adjusted later if you have the same weapon.

A Valence Transfer allows you to keep all of the first weapon’s improvements, such as Forma used and Orokin Catalyst, while replacing its benefit with the bonus of the second weapon.

Valence Transfers can only be done with the same kind of weapon, and the procedure is irrevocable, so think things over carefully before transferring your second weapon’s benefit to the first.

Others believe Valence Transfer to be Kuva weapon combining, despite the fact that you only get to retain one benefit.

Kuva’s Bonus Weapon


When you examine your Kuva Lich, you may see the Kuva weapon bonus, which will later offer you a clue as to what benefit your weapon will have.

It’s a good idea to check this every now and again to see whether the benefit for one Kuva weapon is greater than the bonus for another, which might be a good excuse to perform a Valence Transfer later.

How Do You Transfer A Valence?


The first step is to choose which weapon you wish to perform a Valence Transfer to, which means you will use that weapon as your base weapon while consuming the second weapon.


Upgrade will take you to the weapon’s modifications section, where you may choose actions to expand the weapon’s capabilities.


Valence Transfer is an option in the actions menu that will be accessible as long as you have a weapon that is comparable to your Kuva Weapon.


Select Valence Transfer to be sent to a screen where you may choose a weapon to be consumed and have its benefit transferred to the first weapon you chose.

You can check what bonus stat a weapon has by hovering your mouse over it.


Once you’ve chosen a weapon, a confirmation window will appear, confirming the Valence Transfer and informing you of the original weapon’s stats as well as the stats that will be substituted.

To continue, enter TRANSFER and click OK to complete the Valence Transfer.


Once you’ve confirmed the Valence Transfer, it’ll be finished, and you’ll have replaced the bonus on your first weapon with the bonus on the second, which has now been consumed.



A Valence Transfer enables you to retain an earlier or later Kuva weapon that you have previously spent time improving while changing the benefit it possesses.

A Valence Transfer is an excellent method to obtain a particular element or stat increase for your Kuva weapon later on when you’re aiming for a certain build.

A Valence Transfer has no cost other than the consumption of the weapon whose bonus will be transferred.

Viewing the Kuva Lich early on to see whether you wish to utilize a weapons bonus may help you decide whether to vanquish to retain the weapon or convert the Kuva Lich.

The Kuva Weapon Bonus Changing is a new addition to the Warframe game. The Kuva weapon bonus has been changed from a percentage increase in damage dealt, to an increase in shield capacity. Reference: warframe kuva lich.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my KUVA weapon bonus?

To increase your KUVA weapon bonus, you must first upgrade to the highest level of the game which is level 10.

What does combining KUVA weapons do?

Combining KUVA weapons will give you a chance to increase your score multiplier.

How do you Valence fuse KUVA weapons?

Valence fusing is a process that combines two weapons into one. To do this, you must find the weapons fusion core and use it to combine the two weapons.

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