Warframe is a third-person action game that has been released since 2013. The game is set in the future, where humanity has colonized the solar system and begun to explore other planets. Players can choose one of three factions, each with their own unique playstyle, weapons, and abilities.

The warframe valkyr build 2020 is a guide that includes the best builds for the Warframe Valkyr.

Valkyr is the outcome of the Zanuka project’s research, in which they accidentally produced a highly lethal Warframe that they did not expect to be used against them.

She is a tough Warframe that can take a lot of damage while maintaining her health with life steal and surviving a lot of opponents thanks to her abilities and starting high armor.

Valkyr is mostly a Warframe that specializes on close combat while still having the ability to utilize her quick melee attacks and endurance.

What is the best way to get Valkyr?



In the Themisto assassination mission, Valkyr’s components may be acquired by beating Alad V, who is situated on Jupiter.

Her blueprint may be bought with 35,000 credits on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Valkyr may also be purchased pre-built for 300 Platinum on the orbiter’s in-game market.

Primeval Valkyr


Valkyr Prime is the most powerful version of Valkyr, with a greater basic armor and energy pool.

Valkyr Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso S3, Meso S6, Neo K1, Axi V7, Vaulted: Lith A2, Lith N3, Lith T2, Meso S3, Meso S6, Neo K1, Axi V7, Vaulted: Lith A2, Lith N3, Lith T2, Meso S3, Mes None are available.
  • Vaulted: Lith S6, Lith T1, Meso C2, Meso D2, Meso V4, Neo N7 Neuroptics None are available.
  • Vaulted chassis: Neo V7, Axi V5, Axi V6 None are available.
  • Systems: Lith V3, Lith V5, Meso V3 Vaulted None are available.

Also see Wukong’s Construction.



(Abilities of Valkyr)

Valkyr can draw opponents towards her or pull herself over long distances, produce a strong scream that boosts her and her allies’ stats, immobilize enemies with a single yell, release her wrath, and overwhelm her foes.

Nimble is her passive ability, which allows her to recover 50% quicker from knockdowns and avoid any penalties from falling from great distances.

Rip Line No. 1


Valkyr throws a hook with a line attached that does damage to opponents as it comes into contact with them and then pulls them back.

This may be used to target opponents who are far away from Valkyr, draw them closer for a kill, or separate adversaries from a group.

You may use this to hurl opponents into places where they will be damaged or even throw them off the battlefield, killing them immediately.

Rip Line may also be utilized to travel long distances by connecting to surfaces and pulling Valkyr to the desired place.


(Valkyr uses his Rip Line ability against an opponent)

When you press the ability while targeting an opponent, it will cast a line to them, which will inflict the first damage.

This ability features a temporal window that enables Valkyr to recast it in a short period of time, doing greater damage and consuming less energy.


(The enemy was dragged by a rip line.)

Enemies dragged by Rip Line will be ragdolled and flung in the opposite direction of Valkyr, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of this by killing the enemy or fleeing.


(Valkyr pulls herself towards her goal using Rip Line)

Valkyr will drag herself towards the specified area and travel a short distance if no opponent is targeted and Rip Line is thrown within range of a particular surface.

This enables you to bridge gaps or drag yourself to difficult-to-reach areas, where you may then navigate by recasting Rip Line or performing basic movement.


After a single cast of Rip Line, Augment Mod: Swing Line allows Rip Line to be recast four times without spending energy while flying.

Also see Volt’s Capabilities.

2) Warcry


Valkyr lets out a loud scream that increases her and her allies’ armor and attack speed while slowing the mobility and attack speed of opponents within a set radius.

This is useful not just for boosting your and your friends’ skills, but also for crowd control, since it slows down opponents and reduces their effectiveness, allowing you and your allies to take advantage of their sluggishness.


(Valkyr uses the ability Warcry)

Allies and foes will be visibly displayed to be impacted by the buff by having themselves highlighted depending on Valkyr’s energy color as Warcry emanates as an expanding ring.


For each opponent slain, the Augment Mod: Eternal War extends the duration of Warcry.

Also see Wisp’s Abilities.

3) Immobility


Valkyr uses her shields to stun and harm opponents in a radius around her when she uses this ability.

Valkyr’s damage is calculated by multiplying the number of shields he sacrifices by a percentage.


(Valkyr uses paralysis to paralyze his foes)

Most of the time, enemies will be momentarily stunned, which you and your friends may take advantage of.

If you recast Paralysis, it will not impact opponents who are already stunned from the initial cast, but they will be shocked again if you cast it again.


If Valkyr’s ability strength is strong, the ability will knockback and, in certain instances, throw opponents a long distance, enabling finishers and making it easier to kill enemies.

This is a fantastic deal for crowd management and providing Valkyr and her squad an advantage over their opponents.


Prolonged paralysis pulls opponents towards Valkyr and stuns them for a longer length of time.

Also see Vauban’s Abilities.

4) The Dead’s Shadows


Valkyr goes wild, arming herself with her exalted weapons, the Valkyr Talons/Valkyr Prime Talons, and remaining impervious to harm while depleting her energy.

The damage dealt by these weapons is determined by Valkyr’s ability strength as well as the modifications that may be put within the Valkyr Talons.

Valkyr Talons may be customized with various modifications depending on the user’s preferences in order to enhance the weapon’s damage while in use.

Valkyr’s strikes will take life from opponents during Hysteria, while delivering damage to enemies will restore her health.

Valkyr will be invulnerable and immune to enemy knockback during Hysteria.

While engaged, this ability drains Valkyr’s energy, and when the energy runs out, the ability is deactivated.

Valkyr will produce an Aura that accumulates damage she has ignored; if an opponent is still alive, has line of sight with Valkyr, or is in the Aura, she will take 25% of the damage she has ignored.


(Valkyr uses the ability Hysteria)

Valkyr will become fully invulnerable to harm when she uses Hysteria, enabling her to tank opponents or travel through places where she might be hurt.

This implies that traps such as trip lasers will not knock her back, but they will still set off alarms.


(Valkyr takes no damage from opponents while Hysteria is active.)

During Hysteria, enemies will still assault Valkyr, but they will do no damage to her, enabling her to attract enemy fire and enable her friends to take advantage of the situation.


(Valkyr attacks with a slam)

During Hysteria, Valkyr will use an unique posture known as “Hysteria,” which consists of quick and lethal strikes.

Her assaults and movements will be more fierce and agile.


(With Hysteria active, Valkyr does damage to an opponent.)

Attacks during Hysteria will inflict extra damage depending on the power of the ability and the modifications that the exalted weapon possesses.


When Valkyr is targeting at a specific opponent and assaulting them, the Augment Mod allows him to leap to attack them from a great distance.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build a Bruiser


This build provides Valkyr enough strength to resist a variety of opponents while also allowing her to utilize her skills to a degree that enables her to survive.

This build focuses on Rip Line’s secondary skills rather than her primary ability.

The inclusion of Eternal War to the build enables Valkyr to stay under the affects of Warcry for the duration of the quest, allowing him to benefit from the boost.

With paralysis, you’ll get more knockback strength as well as a significant boost in damage.

Hysteria may be more expensive at first, but it does a lot of harm.

The primary goal of this setup is to utilize Eternal War to maintain the Warcry boost alive throughout the missions.


(Valkyr is engaged in combat with Warcry activated.)

Also see Saryn’s Construction.

Build for maximum strength


This build increases Valkyr’s ability strength, which has a significant impact on her skills.

Most abilities will cost more energy and have a shorter range, making this a build more suited to boosting oneself and close allies while sustaining Hysteria than than crowd control.

Warcry significantly increases the attack speed and armor of individuals who are impacted by the boost, allowing for increased survivability as well as very rapid attack speeds while attacking opponents.

Due to the quantity of ability strength, paralysis will have a limited range but will inflict more damage and stun or even knockback select opponents.

The Valkyr Talons will inflict a significant amount of damage regardless of whether or not modifications are worn, and Hysteria will cost more energy to trigger but will be sustainable with the reduced drain over time.


(Valkyr is battling opponents while using Warcry and Hysteria.)

Build that is well-balanced


The bulk of Valkyr’s abilities are balanced in this build, enabling you to utilize them freely without worrying about wasting too much energy.

She will be able to utilize all of her skills effectively while maintaining sufficient strength to keep her powers strong if she has a consistent quantity for each of her ability stats.


(With Hysteria and Warcry active, Valkyr uses Rip Line.)

Valkyr Talons/Valkyr Prime Talons are Exalted Weapons.


Valkyr Talons, Valkyr’s exalted weapon, is her primary weapon when she uses her Hysteria ability, which replaces whatever weapon Valkyr possesses with her deadly claw melee weapon.

It has its own claw stance, which is comparable to other claw stances and consists of quick and strong claw strikes.

Suggested Builds for Valkyr Talons/Valkyr Prime Talons

Build a Physically Critical Structure


With this build, the Valkyr Talons’ physical damage stats will be boosted, adding a lot of damage to Valkyr’s strikes while Hysteria is active.

The critical modifications, as well as the critical damage multiplier, significantly enhance the probability of critical damage.

When Hysteria is employed, this guarantees a high damage output, enabling you to inflict a lot of physical damage to your opponents.

Build an Elemental Critical


The elemental build, like the Physical Critical Build, increases damage while concentrating more on exploiting opponent vulnerabilities to whichever elemental combination has been modified.

This enables opponents to take more damage as a result of absorbing elemental damage, which may inflict more damage depending on the enemy’s resistance to it, with the potential of status consequences.

Build Physical Base Damage


The Physical Base Damage Build has a greater base damage for melee attacks and performs well with slams and spin strikes since it relies less on critical damage or combinations.

When hitting opponents with these kinds of attacks, the majority of the damage production comes during such special attacks, resulting in a high damage output.

Build an Elemental Damage Base


This build serves the same goal as the Physical Base Damage Builds, but it concentrates on greater base damage from elemental modifications, allowing for more elemental damage to be done.

This works well with delivering extra damage to opponents based on their weakness, as well as a slight risk of status effects.

Build status


The Status Build focuses on delivering elemental damage with a higher probability of opponents being affected by status effects.

This increases the probability of doing exceptional damage as well as a reasonable chance of causing specific status ailments depending on the build’s elemental combinations.

For each status effect that the opponents are afflicted with, Condition Overload will cause assaults to deliver more damage.



Valkyr is a fast Warframe that can withstand a lot of damage. Her basic armor makes her extremely resilient, and when combined with her Warcry boost, she becomes almost unbeatable.

Due to the basic damage from any weapons she has equipped, she can inflict a lot of melee damage to opponents, and her Warcry boost helps her attack even quicker, raising her overall all damage per second done to enemies.

Her Hysteria comes in useful at critical times and may assist her heal herself as well as resist any kind of damage, with the exception of being deactivated by a nullifier, which is nothing to be concerned about since they are quickly dispelled.

Warcry alone may help Valkyr deliver some of the greatest levels of damage in the game, whether utilizing Hysteria or a properly modified weapon, since it significantly bolsters her as well as her team.

Rip Line can assist Valkyr in escaping even the most dangerous circumstances, positioning herself in readiness for battle, and crossing gaps that other Warframes are unable to do so easily.

Her paralysis ability aids her in initiating battles and may assist her shift the tides in combat owing to the potential for crowd control.

Valkyr is one of the most powerful melee Warframes in the game, having the ability to both resist and deliver large levels of damage. Her buffs and crowd control skills may also assist the squad.

The warframe valkyr beginner build is a guide that will teach you how to use the new Warframe Valkyr. It includes a list of weapons, mods, and abilities that are useful for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is valkyr good Warframe 2021?

Valkyr is a good Warframe in the future.

Does valkyr Warcry work herself?

Yes, she is able to use her own powers.

How do you use valkyr Warframe?

Valkyr Warframe is a power-based melee weapon. Its primarily used for its ability to quickly kill enemies with powerful swings, but it can also be used as an extremely fast and effective ranged weapon.

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