The Void Traces update is scheduled to go live on February 4th, 2021. This guide will give you all the information you need to know about what’s coming in Warframe.

Warframe Void Traces is a farming location in the game. The farm can be found in the Orokin Derelict area of the solar system.

Void Traces are a resource acquired through completing fissures that may be used to refine relics or create dragon keys.

They’re acquired through completing Void Fissures, which are missions with corrupted opponents that enable you to unlock Void Relics.

During a Void Fissure, there are two methods to acquire Void Traces: gathering 10 Reactant and having members of your squad replicate what was in your relic instead of retaining theirs or choosing from another individual.

What Are the Purposes of Void Traces?

Void Traces are mostly used to refine relics, increasing the odds of receiving rarer prime goods after finishing a fissure.

They may also be used to make dragon keys, which are subsequently needed to unlock Orokin Vaults in Orokin Derelict missions.

Refining Relics is the first step.


The Void Relics console, which is towards the rear and can be recognized by the relic picture hovering above it, is where relics may be polished in the orbiter.

If you’re not sure how to refine relics, follow these easy steps to refine or improve them.

Begin by interacting with the Void Relics, which will bring you to a menu that lists all of your relics.



By scrolling and clicking through the many choices or searching for a particular relic in the search area, you may find the relic you want to enhance.

When you type a reward into the search box, the relics that include that item and their set of prizes will appear.

After you’ve found the relic you want to refine, click it to bring it up on the right side of your screen. This will display you the potential prizes as well as their rarity or probability of being obtained.


There are four options under rewards to choose from when it comes to refining, with intact being the default and unpolished and radiant being the highest and giving you a greater chance at the rarest prizes.


Once you’ve decided whatever refinement you want to perform, the cost will appear in the bottom right corner, along with the quality you’ll be refining to and the price in Void Traces.


After pressing the refine button, you’ll be given one last prompt before the relic is polished; just hit yes to proceed.

The quantity specified will be subtracted from the number of empty traces you currently have.


Creating Dragon Keys is No. 2 on the list.


In Orokin Derelict missions, Void Traces may also be utilized to make Dragon Keys, which are needed to unlock Orokin Vaults.

These are mostly used to look for corrupted modifications that provide various attributes that players need for their own builds.

To create Dragon Keys, you’ll need the blueprints, which can be found in the clan dojo’s Orokin Lab.

Once you’ve entered the Orokin Lab, make your way to the rear until you reach the console area.



The blueprints are available for purchase at the Research Solar Rail console.


When you open the console, you’ll be sent to a menu where you may study or buy designs that you can utilize on your orbiter later.

You may buy the various Dragon Key blueprints to use later while you’re getting ready to unlock Orokin Vaults on Orokin Derelict missions.


You may now manufacture Dragon Key blueprints at your orbiter after purchasing them.

All of them need Ferrite and Void Traces, which means that before you can buy or manufacture Dragon Keys, you must first complete fissures in order to get the blueprints.

What Is The Best Way To Get Void Traces?


Void Traces may be obtained by completing Void Fissures, which can be found on the Star Chart.

You will carry out the task like you would any other, but there will be corrupted opponents that have a chance to drop Reactant.

Enemies in the quest will seem to be normal at times, but become corrupted later.

Reactant is used to open the relics, and if you have 10 reactant, you will be able to open your relic as long as you have one equipped before the task.



When you gather 10 reactant, you will get Void Traces as well as a sound indication when your reactant is finished.

You may now go to the extraction and complete the task after finishing the reactant.


Before extracting, you will be asked to choose a reward based on what you and your team have. If everyone chooses the same reward, you will be awarded with more Void Traces.

The more individuals that choose your prize at the conclusion of a Void Fissure mission or round, the more Void Traces you’ll get.

The extra Void Traces will be provided to the individual who possesses an item chosen by other members, however everyone will get a quantity once the reactant is properly gathered.

How to Farm Void Traces

1) Boosters of Resources


The resource booster will quadruple the amount of resources you get from missions, whether looted or as a reward.

Although certain resources may be unaffected, Void Traces have been tested and confirmed to be affected, and the quantity you get at the conclusion of a mission will be doubled.

2) Smeeta Kavat (Smeeta Kavat)


When it comes to farming resources, the Smeeta is an excellent companion, and the Smeeta Kavat also provides you with additional resources when it comes to Void Traces.

When the Smeeta Kavat’s 120-second buff is activated, you will get a boost that doubles all of your resources.

The Void Traces method is still functional, but not the Nekros Void Traces method.

There are no traces of the relic void.


“Can I obtain void traces without a relic?” some people wonder. The answer is a resounding yes! If you enter the Void Fissure task and acquire 10 reactant, you will receive a number of void traces.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have a relic, you won’t get any prizes or the option to replicate an award from a member of your squad.

How to Get Void Traces the Easiest/Best Way to Get Void Traces


Many claim that there are methods to efficiently harvest void traces, and have spread stories like Nekros being able to enhance the quantity of void traces available and other similar claims.

Many of these stories have yet to be verified, thus learning how to harvest void traces effectively is preferable than depending on techniques that will not only waste your time but may also be useless.

Exterminate or capture fissure missions are the greatest ways to harvest void traces since they can be finished in 2 to 4 minutes and guarantee you void traces after acquiring 10 reactant.

As long as the Smeeta Kavat’s twofold resource boost is active when you acquire the 10th reactant, you may double the number of void traces you have.

A resource booster will double your resources, which means you’ll receive twice as many empty traces regardless of when you obtain reactant.

Using Warframes like Ember or Saryn for AOE damage or Warframes like Volt and Wisp to move rapidly throughout the game may help you complete the objective faster.

You may farm void traces alone or with a squad, but the key to farming them is to finish the task as quickly as possible after acquiring them. Repeating the mission as many times as possible while the Void Fissure is active will ensure a large number of Void Traces in around 30 minutes.




Most players may not encounter a lot of Void Traces at first since they typically start off with little and farming them looks like a waste of time.

However, you’ll want to save a good chunk of your money since not all relics are easy to come by, and you’ll want to spend some Void Traces refining them to improve your odds of obtaining rarer goods.

This is particularly essential during a Radshare, a cooperative operation in which you and your team collectively choose the same polished relic to improve your chances of receiving an item.

The best void trace farm is a guide that will help players find the best place to farm for Void Traces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get void Traces 2021?

There are two ways to obtain void Traces 2021. The first is by purchasing a Void Key from the Beat Saber store, which will unlock this song for you. The second way to obtain it is by using a cheat code that will give you this song for free.

What is the fastest way to get void Traces in Warframe?

The fastest way to get void Traces is to do Void Fissure missions.

Are void Traces random?

Yes, the void Traces are random.

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