Warframe is an online 3D sci-fi action game developed by Digital Extremes. It features free-to-play gameplay with microtransactions. The player controls a Tenno, a cybernetic organism who uses advanced technology to fight in the war between humans and the invading Grineer Empire.

The warframe volt guide 2020 is a build that is used by players to increase their survivability and damage output.

Volt is a Warframe that possesses mastery of electricity, enabling him to use it to his advantage while striking opponents or to alter the speed of himself and his teammates.

He is a quick Warframe with supporting abilities that help him and his team. One of the greatest things about this Warframe is that he can increase the speed of the whole squad.

What is the best way to get Volt?



Volt, unlike other Warframes, must be studied in an energy lab before his blueprints can be copied and used to construct him.

Volt is also available for 75 Platinum on the market.

Prime Volt


Volt Prime has considerably more armor and energy than its predecessor, Volt.

Volt Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Neo O1, Neo V1, Axi N3 have been vaulted. Lithium O2 is a substance that is readily available.
  • Neuroptics: Axi V8, Axi V1, Vaulted Neo V8 is now available.
  • Vaulted chassis: Axi V8, Meso V2, Meso V3 Meso O3 is a product that is now available.
  • Systems: Neo H1, Neo H2, and Axi H3 have been vaulted. Axi H4 is a product that is currently available.



Volt can call electrical current at whim to inflict damage to particular targets, boost himself and his friends, construct protective barriers, and unleash electrifying mayhem by manipulating the electrical forces inside him.

Volt’s passive, Static Discharge, enables him to gather energy just by traveling, allowing him to do more damage with his next ability or attack.



Volt sends a shock of electricity at an opponent, causing it to link to other foes in the area.

The original victim gets stunned, and there’s a possibility that additional opponents will be as well.

This is helpful for removing small groups of opponents or specific adversaries that are difficult to eliminate.

(Volt may be seen casting Shock against opponents in the picture below.)



Shock Trooper is an augment mod that enables you to cast Shock on your teammates, which adds electrical damage to all of their attacks.



Volt uses his electrical abilities to enhance his opponents’ attack, mobility, and reload speed.

This is one of Volt’s most well-known talents, since it aids in completing tasks fast, fleeing or catching up to opponents, and enhancing combat prowess.

(You can see Volt has a speed increase owing to the effects of Speed in the picture below.)



When running, the Augment Mod: Shocking Speed causes Volt and his teammates to shock surrounding foes for electrical damage.

Shield of Electricity


Volt creates a shield the size of a wall that protects him and his friends and that he may take up and put down at any moment.

Shots fired through the barrier will inflict a 50 percent boost in electrical damage and a 200 percent increase in critical damage.

Stacking shields increases electrical damage but not the critical multiplier.

This shield is useful for both shielding yourself and your friends and assisting your squad in doing damage by firing through it or several shields.

(Volt may be seen utilizing his Electric Shield and shooting at opponents in the picture below.)




Your enemies will be able to pick up your shield, and the damage that the shield absorbs will be added when you use the Discharge ability. Augment Mod: Transistor Shield allows your enemies to pick up your shield, and the damage that the shield absorbs will be added when you use the Discharge ability.



Volt charges up and releases an expanding ring that stuns and paralyzes opponents while forcing them to take electrical damage every second.

(You can see Volt casting discharge in the picture below.)



Capacitance is an augment mod that allows the damage from Discharge to boost Volt’s and his allies’ shields, which is divided equally among them.

Also see Vauban’s Construction.

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build up your speed


This build primarily focuses on boosting Volt’s and others around him’s mobility and attack speed bonuses.

Volt and his team can perform extremely fast speed runs on missions with this build, as well as get an attack speed increase in battle.

(In the picture below, Volt has been boosted with Speed and is rapidly sprinting while destroying opponents.)


Also see Saryn’s Construction.

Build a Discharge


With this build, Discharge has increased damage and range, and it may be utilized to clear a wide area of opponents or perform severe crowd control.

This build is ideal for missions where you need to protect a location or defend a target, since it will kill the majority of opponents in the area while paralyzing the remainder for a period of time.

(You can see enemies dying in a huge radius after casting Discharge in the picture below.)




Volt may play a variety of roles, including support, defense, and one of the most popular, damage dealer.

Volt may be utilized in a variety of ways and changed for each task due to his distinct skills and the numerous potential builds that rely on the users and their tastes.

Volt is the ideal frame to employ while racing around areas or looking for unique containers since he can move quickly and all you have to do is equip him or his buddy with treasure detecting mods.

Volt can be a highly strong damage dealer when it comes to defeating bosses and bigger foes like Teralysts and more, thanks to his shields and passive ability.

Controlling this speed demon may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be completing tasks quicker than you ever imagined possible, and you may be surprised by his damage-dealing skills.

The volt prime eidolon build 2021 is a guide that will help players in the Warframe game. It will cover different builds and how to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Volt good in Warframe 2021?


Is Volt still good Warframe?

Volt is not good Warframe anymore. It was nerfed in Update 22.0, and it has been replaced with Zephyr Prime Warframe.

What mods to put on Volt?

Mods that increase the difficulty or make the game more challenging are best for Volt. Some mods that you could try out are adding a timer, increasing the speed of the player, and disabling auto-aim.

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