Warframe is a free-to-play online cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes and published by 2K Games. It features four different classes of characters, each with their own unique abilities and weapons.

The warframe best wisp build 2021 is a guide that will help you to find the best build for your Warframe.

Wisp is a ghost-like Warframe that can use the power of another realm to help herself and her friends or to kill her foes.

She is a one-of-a-kind Warframe with very advantageous boosts that may indefinitely strengthen the team she is with, as well as strong powers to cripple and even kill her opponents in a matter of seconds.

What is the best way to get Wisp?



By defeating The Ropalolyst on its assassination mission on Jupiter, you may get the blueprint and components for Wisp.

Another option is to purchase a fully built Wisp Warframe for 325 Platinum on the in-game market.



Wisp has the capacity to utilize her abilities to generate various benefits in an area, move to other locations rapidly, disable and force opponents to inflict harm to each other, and shoot a deadly beam.

Her passive ability, Phased, allows her to become invisible while she is not touching the ground, which she may do via leaping, gliding, and other methods.

The invisibility of her passive ability may be disrupted by shooting ranged main and secondary weapons, but melee damage will not.

When she hits the ground, phased does not wear off; instead, she returns to normal after a brief period of time, allowing her to stay invisible as long as she continually flies aloft.

1) Lakes and reservoirs


Wisp summons a Reservoir filled with Motes, which buffs both the team and herself.

Players will get a boost when they enter the region, depending on which Reservoir they choose.

The buff will remain indefinitely and will not expire until the player exits the Reservoir’s buff radius.

The player will get a Mote after they leave the Reservoir’s range, which will carry out the buff’s benefits for a certain period of time.

All boosts may be used at the same time, and there is a limit of 6 Reservoirs active on a task; calling an additional Reservoir after the maximum number has been called will replace the first one summoned.

When you leave a Reservoir and its range, you may get one of each Mote.

(You can see Wisp holding all three kinds of Motes in the picture below.)


Due of the numerous advantages that the Reservoirs provide, this ability is highly helpful for a variety of missions and greatly improves the chances of success for any team.

Apart from the benefits, the ability to maintain the buff indefinitely when near the Reservoir makes it vital for any team you assist as well as yourself.

The following are the three distinct Reservoirs:

(You can see Vitality Reservoir summoned in the picture below.)


Vitality: Increases the Warframe’s maximum health and offers health regeneration each second.

When you leave the Reservoir, you’ll get a Mote that will keep your Warframe’s boost for a brief while.

(You can see Haste Reservoir summoned in the picture below.)


Haste: Increases movement and attack speed by a percentage, as well as the rate of fire of the weapons currently in use.

When a Haste Mote is obtained for a specific amount of time after leaving the Reservoir’s area of influence, the buff will stay.

(You can see Shock Reservoir summoned in the picture below.)


Shock: Deals a tiny amount of electrical damage and has a 100% chance of procing, stuns the target for a brief period of time.

When exiting the Reservoir, a Mote is acquired, which causes a radius surrounding the Warframe to perform the Shock Reservoir’s effects.

Will-O-Wisp is a character from the Will-O-Wisp story.


Will-O-Wisp sends a forward illusion that continues to move in the direction it was directed, confusing opponents and pulling them away from Wisp and her friends.

Wisp may teleport to the location of the illusion and take its place, giving her temporary invulnerability.

This skill may be used in one of two ways:

Holding the ability down will cause the illusion to dissipate, and releasing it will allow Wisp to teleport in and take its place.

Casting the ability moves the illusion ahead, and recasting it causes Wisp to teleport into its spot.

This ability is helpful for deflecting enemy fire away from you and your squad, laying up a trap for opponents, and moving to a location to gain an advantage, as well as being immune to damage for a limited period.

(Wisp is seen casting the Will-O-Wisp ability in the picture below.)


3) Surge in Breach


Wisp summons a surge from another realm, blinding opponents and making them wander about aimlessly for a short time.

When you strike these opponents, you may force surrounding foes to take some damage as well.

This ability will not only offer crowd control for you and your squad, but it will also give additional source of damage against opponents.

When aiming at a Reservoir, the reticle changes, allowing you to cast Breach Surge on the Reservoir, immediately teleporting you there and casting Breach Surge with twice the radius.

When you cast Breach Surge during Will-O-Wisp, the illusion will also cast Breach Surge depending on its position.

(Enemies impacted by Breach Surge may be seen in the picture below.)


4) Gate of Sol


Wisp summons a lethal beam via a portal linked to the sun, inflicting enormous quantities of heat and radiation damage, using her dimensional abilities.

Sol Gate may be pointed in any direction and will continue to fire in that direction.

Wisp will travel somewhat slower and won’t be able to leap when channeling this ability.

This ability is excellent for delivering massive damage to opponents as well as imparting heat and radiation condition ailments.

During Sol Gate, Will-O-Wisp may be used to project an illusion ahead, and tapping the ability again will enable Wisp to teleport to that position, allowing for simple travel.

The damage of the beam is increased by having Reservoirs or Motes nearby, and haste seems to add corrosive damage and status effects to the ability.

(You can see Wisp channeling Sol Gate in the picture below.)


Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


This build enables Wisp to perform all of her abilities without worrying about running out of energy, while still maintaining a high level of damage, range, and duration.

If the user’s playstyle includes utilizing all of her skills, she will be able to cast them without difficulty, and they will all benefit her.

(You can see Wisp utilizing several abilities in the picture below.)


Build Your Strength


The power build focuses on boosting Wisp’s ability damage, particularly her Sol Gate ability, as well as the strength of the benefits she gets from Reservoirs.

This build is excellent for doing a lot of damage while also providing you and your squad with a lot of buffs.

(You can see Wisp with active Motes from Reservoir utilizing Sol Gate on opponents in the picture below.)


Build a Power Range


The Power Range build retains the ability strength of the previous build, but it costs more to cast abilities and has a slightly shorter duration in return for a wider range.

This construct is mostly intended to increase the range of infinite duration buffs, which is useful when players are defending a location or returning to it often.

Because of its radius, Breach Surge may become more useful for crowd control with this setup.

The distance between you and opponents grows dramatically when you use Sol Gate, making it easier to strike enemies that are far away from you.

(You can see Wisp casting Sol Gate from afar in the picture below.)


Enhance your power efficiency


Our Power Efficiency construct allows users to utilize their abilities at a reduced cost of energy while maintaining a high level of ability strength.

This will make it easier for them to cast all of their abilities, and to add to the excitement, both the initial casting of Sol Gate and the energy depleted while channeling will be less expensive.

Buffs still have a good range and have a strong impact on players, thus they’re excellent for support.

Essentially, this is the Power construct, but with less power and less energy use.

(You can see Wisp utilizing several instances of her powers in the picture below.)


Build of a Buff Bruiser


The buff bruiser build enables you to utilize buffs while still dealing with opponents in close proximity.

You will get a significant amount of extra health and regeneration, as well as the ability to utilize the speed increase, if you employ the buffs.

If your health drops too low, the Quick Thinking mod will save you from dying, allowing you a chance to recover, which is significantly enhanced by the Vitality Reservoir.

The Haste Reservoir boost improves the survivability and firing rate of primary and secondary weapons.

This build is ideal for players that like confronting their opponents head-on, particularly melee combatants.

(In the picture below, Wisp is battling opponents with a lot of health and melee prowess.)




Wisp is a one-of-a-kind Warframe that can adapt to a variety of circumstances because to her buffs, which help both her and her squad.

She can inflict massive amounts of damage while avoiding fatal damage and producing a lot of health everytime she takes a hit, even without her buffs.

Having powers like Will-O-Wisp that make her difficult to kill may guarantee safe gaming as well as an unstoppable feeling in battle.

People that move about a lot in the game and make a lot of bullet hops will be difficult to kill owing to her passive, which makes them less of a target and makes them almost tough to kill when coupled with her other skills.

Wisp may be one of the most game-changing Warframes with excellent skill and strategy, and can be utilized for solo or team missions.

The wisp build warframe is a guide that will help you to build a wisp build in Warframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wisp good Warframe 2021?

Wisp is a Warframe that can be used for stealth missions. It has the ability to cloak itself, and also has an invisibility aura which will make you completely invisible to enemies.

How do you get Wisp in 2021?

You need to purchase a new copy of the game.

Does wisp need duration?

Yes, wisp needs duration.

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