Warframe is a co-op third person shooter game that has been around for over 10 years. It’s an online multiplayer action game with a free to play business model. The goal of the game is to collect resources, build weapons and armor, and defeat enemies in order to progress through the story mode.

The best wukong build warframe 2020 is a guide that will help you in getting the best possible Warframe Wukong Build.

Wukong is a primordial trickster that resembles the mythical Monkey King. He utilizes his wits and gruff but graceful strikes to do enormous damage to opponents using melee attacks and trickster skills.

He is a skilled fighter capable of surviving large groups of opponents while delivering massive damage to them with his strong melee strikes.

What is the best way to get Wukong?



Before his blueprints can be reproduced for fabrication, Wukong must be studied in the Tenno Research Lab at the dojo.

HE may also be bought for 275 Platinum on the in-game market within the orbiter.

Prime Minister Wukong

Wukong Prime

Wukong Prime is Wukong’s most powerful version, with enhanced shields, armor, energy, and sprint speed.

Wukong Prime-containing relics include:

  • Vaulted: None, Vaulted: None, Vaulted: None, Vaulted: None Lith W1 is a product that is currently available.
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: None Available: G2 Axi
  • Vaulted: None, Chassis: None, Vaulted: None, Vaulted: None, Va Neo S12 is now available.
  • Systems: None Vaulted Meso K2 is a product that is now available.


Wukongs Abilities

(Abilities of Wukongs)

Wukong can call a clone to inflict damage to his opponents, Shapeshift into a misty cloud to flee or stun his foes, defy death itself by releasing harm done to him on his foes, and summon his powerful staff to destroy any enemies who dare to battle him.

When Wukong receives fatal damage, he possesses a unique passive ability that compels him to utilize one of his survival methods. Each may only be used three times each mission and has a chance to use:

  • For 60 seconds, Primal Forces does triple elemental damage.
  • Wukong gains invisibility for 30 seconds using Heavenly Cloak.
  • Wukong gains invulnerability for 30 seconds with Cosmic Armor.
  • For 60 seconds, Monkey Luck increases treasure drops.
  • Sly Alchemy – For 60 seconds, orbs scooped up become 4x more effective.

1) Celestial Double

Wukong Celestial Twin

Wukong produces a clone with increased damage and health that fights alongside him, fighting opponents and learning some of Wukong’s skills.

Some of Wukong’s abilities will have an effect on the celestial twin, allowing you several chances to utilize them and get extra advantages that may help you turn the tide of battle.

Wukong’s splitting into two, creating his celestial twin

(Wukong splits in half, becoming his heavenly double.)

When Wukong summons his twin, he splits himself into two entities with a short cast motion.

This enables you to do greater damage with attacks from both you and the heavenly twin, as well as increase your survivability by enabling the celestial twin to be targeted by opponents as well, allowing you to be less targeted by adversaries.


(Wukong’s Celestial twin dashes at an adversary.)

Holding down the ability while targeting an opponent will allow the celestial twin to attack and inflict extra damage to the target.

This will enable you to take down particular targets or create a diversion, enabling you to take advantage when the clone rushes in, or take an opponent who can harm you from distance, allowing you to concentrate on other groups.

The heavenly twin will be unsummoned if the ability is held down without a target.


Celestial Stomp is an augment mod that allows the celestial twin to execute a slam strike that suspends opponents in mid-air at a cost of energy.

Check Banshee’s Abilities

2) Walker of the Clouds

Wukong Cloud Walker

Cloud Walker enables Wukong to transform into a misty cloud and travel about freely in any direction, reaching various heights.

The distance traveled during his time in this shape adds up to a quantity that heals him, thus the farther he goes, the more health he regenerates.

This comes in handy for fleeing hazardous situations or starting conflicts, enabling Wukong to either escape out of or create trouble.


Enemies who come into contact with Wukong when he is in this state will be disoriented and unable to act for a period of time.

When fighting adversaries, this provides a favorable opportunity, allowing Wukong to strike first and surprise his opponents.


(Wukong in Cloud Walker form, laser undiscovered)

Wukong may easily glide through lasers when in Cloud Walker, and his cloud shape will not set off any alarms.

When you need to avoid setting off alarms in missions or get past defenses that typically have consequences when lasers or scans are activated, this is helpful.


While Wukong is in cloud form, his celestial twin becomes invulnerable, enabling the celestial twin to inflict damage while you prepare your next move.

Both Wukong and his celestial counterpart will replenish health when they leave cloud form, making this an excellent way to recuperate and set up battle scenarios.


Allies (including his celestial twin) who come into touch with Wukong when he is in his cloud form become invisible to foes for a short period of time.

Examine Ember’s Capabilities

3) Defy

Wukong Defy

Wukong resists death by channeling his energy and forcing assaults to have no effect on him for a while while he absorbs the damage and prepares to unleash it against his foes.

This comes in handy when you need to take a lot of damage and wipe out a bunch of opponents.

After the ability ends, Defy will give Wukong additional armor depending on the amount of damage he has taken.


(Wukong uses Defy to absorb enemy damage while remaining invulnerable)

Wukong will enter a floating animation when triggered, however you will be able to walk about freely, enabling you to position yourself while taking damage.

This not only enables Wukong to close in for his strike, but it also lets you to reposition yourself if you are taking a lot of damage.


(Wukong releases the harm he has received)

Wukong will unleash all of the damage he has taken once the invulnerable time has ended and will deal it back to foes with a greater multiplier.

This is a huge advantage that may be utilized to wipe out a large number of opponents in a short period of time.


(Enemies’ harm is absorbed by Wukong and his heavenly twin)

When Wukong’s celestial twin is called, it will use the Defy ability in sync with Wukong while also absorbing damage.


(Wukong and his heavenly twin release harm that has been absorbed)

Wukong’s and his celestial twin’s damage will be discharged within a radius after absorbing, inflicting considerably more damage than without the celestial twin.

Check Valkyr’s Abilities

4) Primal Fury is a powerful weapon.

Wukong Primal Fury

Wukong’s exalted weapon, the Iron Staff, is summoned, and he utilizes it to inflict devastating damage to opponents with his tremendous combinations.

This enables Wukong to release his inner power and do massive quantities of damage to opponents, while the staff’s vast range allows him to easily destroy enemies in a given region.


(In mid-air, Primal Fury is triggered)

Wukong’s weapon will transform to his Iron Staff without delay when triggered, enabling him to wield it against his opponents right away.

The fast switch to his Iron Staff allows him to quickly transition from any weapon to his exalted weapon, allowing him to engage Primal Fury in close quarters battle.


(During his combination, Wukong does a slam strike)

Wukong will have numerous combinations at his disposal, including a devastating slam strike that finishes with opponents being thrown into the air.

This may be utilized for crowd control, as well as delivering damage to an area and enabling Wukong to constantly deal damage to opponents that happen to be in his vicinity.


(With Primal Fury active, Wukong attacks opponents.)

Due to the tremendous power of his staff, which is influenced by his ability strength, Wukong will inflict exceptionally high levels of damage to opponents during Primal Fury.

As a result, Wukong is a lethal melee Warframe that can swiftly destroy opponents owing to the damage he can inflict.


(Wukong performs a spin move, striking opponents from afar)

Wukong’s staff, in addition to being a strong exalted weapon, has a good range with its attack, and with modifications that enhance the exalted weapon’s range, Wukong can easily strike all opponents in a wide area.


(Primal Fury is activated by Wukong and his celestial twin.)

The Iron Staff will be outfitted with Wukong’s heavenly twin, enabling both of you to wield it for deadly strikes.

This increases the amount of damage you and your heavenly twin can inflict, making it simpler to take down opponents.


(With Primal Fury active, Wukong and his twin slaughter opponents.)

With Primal Fury, Wukong and his twin can inflict enormous damage to many targets, making it one of his most important abilities. Having this ability active the majority of the time may ensure massive damage to several opponents.


Wukong has an increased critical chance while killing opponents with Augment Mod: Primal Rage, which decreases over time if no enemies are killed.

Read Rhino’s Abilities

Builds that Have Been Suggested

Build that is well-balanced


This build guarantees Wukong’s durability while also allowing him to deliver significant damage with his abilities.

During missions, he will be able to perform the bulk of his abilities and have his Primal Fury ability active for a long time.

This mostly focuses on increasing the power and duration of Wukong’s abilities while retaining efficiency.


(With Primal Fury active, Wukong channels Defy as he prepares to strike.)



Due to the concentrated quantity of ability strength in this build, Wukong has the potential to do massive amounts of damage.

Cloud After leaving cloud form, Walker will restore a greater amount of HP than Wukong, allowing him to quickly leap back into a battle.

Defy will inflict more damage as its multiplier increases, and the armor acquired will also be significantly enhanced as a result of its multiplier.

Primal Fury significantly enhances the damage of the Iron Staff, which grows in proportion to the strength of the ability, enabling Wukong to inflict massive quantities of damage to opponents.


(During Defy, Wukong releases damage after absorbing it.)

Build for Primal Fury


Wukong’s Primal Fury ability can be sustained while also doing a lot of damage with this build.

This also extends the duration of his Defy, enabling him to take more damage and unleash more damage to opponents when the ability expires.

Cloud Walker’s ability will last longer, enabling him to go farther, heal more, and cover more ground throughout its duration.


(With Primal Fury active, Wukong kills opponents)



Wukong is a multi-talented warrior capable of surviving lengthy conflicts and fighting his foes up close and personal.

Depending on his builds, he may become very strong from early to late games, and he can utilize his abilities to withstand most circumstances as well as counter opponents when employed correctly.

Wukong may be built in a variety of ways, enabling you to utilize his powers based on your play style and how you want to use him.

Due to his skills to deliver large levels of damage with his Iron Staff as well as his Defy ability, Wukong is one of the best Warframes when it comes to close quarters battle.

The immortal wukong build is a Warframe Wukong Build that has been used by many players. It is an effective build for beginners and veterans alike.

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