Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. In the game, players control and customize an advanced human soldier called a Tenno who battles hostile aliens on Earth and throughout the Solar System.

Warframe is a third-person shooter video game. The warframe best zaw 2020 guide will help you learn more about the Zaws and how to use them in the game.

A Zaw is a unique melee weapon that is exclusively accessible in Cetus and is classified as a modular melee weapon (one that needs three separate pieces with varying attributes depending on which parts are utilized).

These weapons may be bought or constructed in Cetus, and they provide you the option of selecting the stats you desire for your weapon.

Zaws seem to be a more basic weapon based on their appearance, however they should not be overlooked as they may turn out to be among of Warframe’s most powerful weaponry.

One of the characteristics of Zaws is that you may guild it after you’ve ranked it up to level 30 for the first time, which counts as a forma and adds to your master rank while also allowing you to name the Zaw.

Many players like Zaws because they are more customized, not just in terms of giving it a name or modifying it, but also in terms of the components that provide the stats.

What Is The Best Way To Make A Zaw?

locating Hok


Before you can start dealing with Zaws, you must first identify Hok in Cetus; he is the current blacksmith archetype in Cetus with whom you will be dealing when it comes to Zaws.


When you get at Cetus, look for the hammer and anvil symbol on your mini map; this is Hok, and he may be found there.


You may also go to your main menu and choose quick travel to teleport to his position immediately and save time.

If you’ve previously faced him in Cetus, this technique will be accessible to you, and it will always be available after that.


Select Hok from the quick travel option to be transported to him and begin conversing with him right away.


Once you’ve found Hok and started chatting to him, you’ll have four choices to choose from, all of which will be detailed in this tutorial.

You may either Forge a Zaw, Browse Hok’s inventory, view the unique item, which is a Zaw of the Day that Hok has prebuilt and may sell, or take advantage of additional services related to Zaws or Hok’s services.

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Choosing Zaw Components


To check what Zaw parts are available, go to “Browse Wares,” which will take you to a menu where you can see what Zaw component plans Hok has for sale.


You’ll notice his gifts, which cost Ostron standing, which can be earned by completing different tasks in Cetus or trading and receiving supplies.

More components will be accessible to you depending on your Rank, and if you have enough standing, you may buy the ones you desire.

You’ll see that the offers are divided into four categories in this list:



Strikes are the weapon’s heads, and they define the weapon’s damage type as well as other characteristics.

The strike is also the portion that gives mastery level, and regardless of the connection or grip, it counts as the same weapon.

Damage, damage type, attack speed, critical chance, critical multiplier, and status probability are all determined by a Zaw’s strike.



Grips are the Zaw’s handles, and they decide the weapon the Zaw will use, enabling you to select from a variety of options.

Your Zaw will be a one-handed or two-handed weapon, as well as a one-handed or two-handed stance, depending on the grip you choose.

You may transform your Zaw into a dagger, machete, polearm, staff, rapier, heavy blade, scythe, sword, hammer, or nikana by choosing a grip, which also determines the Zaw’s posture.

Furthermore, depending on whatever grip is chosen, grips may have an effect on whether or not the Zaw’s basic damage or base speed is increased.



Links are mostly utilized as decorations and counterweights to enhance the weapon’s balance, and they also serve as the third component of our Zaw.

In Warframe, there are many additional connections that enable us to better modify our Zaw’s overall stats.

Basically, links change the weapon’s stats by boosting or decreasing the weapon’s speed, critical chance, status probability, or damage.



Arcanes are unique upgrades that, when worn on your Zaw, may provide boosts or special effects.

These may have a variety of impacts, and each one can favor a particular kind of playstyle.

Most Arcanes have a unique effect that may be combined with various Zaws.

Purchasing Zaw Components


When you see a Zaw component that you want to learn more about, just pick it and you’ll be sent to a screen with additional information.


If you decide this is the component you want, just choose blueprint and you’ll be sent to the payment confirmation page.


You may either put in how many blueprints you want to buy or just click on purchase to buy one.


Whenever you’ve made your purchase, the item will be added to your inventory, where it may be created once you return to your orbiter.

Making Zaw Components


To make a Zaw component, just take your orbiter to the foundry and look for the Zaw part you want to make.

Typing Zaw into the search box will bring up all of the Zaw-related components, making it simpler to locate the part you’re looking for.

Craft the component as you would any other foundry item, then wait for the timer to run out.


You may pick up the component or pieces you need for constructing your Zaw from the foundry after you’ve finished crafting them, and they’ll be placed to your inventory for subsequent use in building the Zaw.

Creating a Zaw


Once you’ve created all of the components for your Zaw, return to Hok and choose “Forge A Zaw” to access the Zaw construction menu.


You’ll see that there are three distinct spaces to fill, and you’ll need to have the component already built in order to put it in one of them.


Begin by choosing your Zaw’s strike, which is the head. This will decide the primary weapon type as well as the damage.


After you’ve chosen your attack, you’ll need to pick a grip to complete the weapon type and further alter the stats.


After you’ve chosen a strike and a grip, you’ll need to pick a link to finish the construction and add further stats.


After you’ve chosen all of the components that go into making your Zaw, you’ll be able to view the various stats that your Zaw will have and decide if you want to continue with the construction.

When you’re satisfied with your Zaw’s stats and look, choose build and you’ll be asked to confirm your Zaw’s crafting.


Select “yes” to begin constructing the Zaw, but keep in mind that the construction process is immediate and irreversible, so make sure you’re happy with the results.


Your Zaw will be created and placed to your inventory or arsenal after confirmation, and you may now use it.


Congratulations! You may now use your new strong Zaw against your hapless foes.

Adding Glitter to a Zaw


You may have noticed that, apart from adding modifications, the Zaw does not enable you to change its color or upgrade it.

This is due to the fact that you must Gild your Zaw, and gilding a Zaw is not difficult.

It’s more like breaking in the weapon, allowing you to polarize it for the first time and unleash its full power.


Begin by leveling up your Zaw like any other weapon until it reaches its maximum rank.


You may take your Zaw to Hok to get it gilded after you’ve leveled it up to its maximum level.

When speaking with Hok, choose “Other Services” from the menu to gild your Zaw.


To guild your weapon, go to the other services menu and choose “Gild.”

Keep in mind that to get your weapon golden, you’ll need 2 Cetus Wisps and 5,000 standing.


Gilding a weapon is comparable to using a Forma on it, in that it lowers the weapon’s rank while enabling you to add a polarity slot.

To continue with the gilding of your Zaw, choose the slot and polarity you want to use, then pick apply.


You’ll be prompted to give your weapon a name, which is a unique feature.

Fill in a name for your Zaw after it’s gilded, then click OK to complete the procedure.


Before the gilding is finished, there will be one more confirmation, and then your weapon will be gilded.


All of the additional capabilities of a regular weapon will be accessible after you’ve gilded your weapon, and you’ll be able to use the Zaw to its full capacity.

Additionally, the stats will be enhanced, and the Zaw will grow stronger than when it was originally created.

Zaws Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

There are many Zaws that can be made; most of them are very dependent on the grip and links used, but the primary kind of weapon they are is generally determined by the strike and grip used.

With Zaw strikes and grips, you may create the following weapon kinds.


A sword or polearm type Zaw may be crafted with the Mewan strike.


Mewan Sword Zaw (Mewan Sword Zaw)


(Mewan Polearm Zaw, Mewan Polearm Zaw, Mewan Polearm Zaw, Mewan

Keewar’s Plague

A scythe or staff type Zaw may be crafted with the Keewar’s Plague attack.


(Keewar Scythe Zaw, Plague)


(Keewar Plague Staff Zaw)


The Balla strike may be used to make a Zaw that is either a dagger or a staff.


Balla Dagger Zaw (Balla Dagger Zaw)


(Zaw of the Balla Staff)


A machete or polearm style Zaw may be made with the Cyath strike.


(Zaw of the Machete)


(Type Zaw Polearm)


A rapier or polearm type Zaw may be made with the Dehtat strike.


Dehtat Rapier Zaw (Dehtat Rapier Zaw)


(Zaw Dehtat Dehtat Dehtat Dehtat Dehtat Deht


A scythe or heavy blade type Zaw may be made with the Dokrahm strike.


Dokrahm Scythe Zaw (Dokrahm Scythe Zaw)


(Zaw of the Dokrahm Heavy Blade)


A machete or polearm style Zaw may be made using the Kronsh strike.


(Kronsh Machete Zaw) (Kronsh Machete Zaw) (Kronsh Machete Za


(Zaw Kronsh Polearm Kronsh Polearm Kronsh Polearm Krons


The Ooltha strike may be used to make a Zaw sword or staff.


(Zaw of the Ooltha Sword)


(Zaw of the Ooltha Staff)

Kripath is plagued.

A rapier or polearm type Zaw may be crafted with the Kripath is plagued. strike.


Plague Kripath Rapier Zaw (Plague Kripath Rapier Zaw)


Plague Kripath Polearm Zaw (Plague Kripath Polearm Zaw) (Plague Kripath Polearm Zaw


A machete or hammer like Zaw may be made with the Rabvee strike.


(Zaw Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rab


(Zaw Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabvee Rabve


A nikana or staff type Zaw may be made with the Sepfahn strike.


Sepfahn Nikana Zaw (Sepfahn Nikana Zaw)


(Zaw Sepfahn Sepfahn Sepfahn Sepfahn Sepfahn Sepf

These aren’t the greatest builds for the weapons; they’re just examples of the various kinds of Zaws that may be made with a different grip or link.

Arcanes & Zaw Parts

When constructing a Zaw, there are many distinct Zaw components that may be utilized; each one can alter the result of a Zaw once constructed and can be used to make the weapon that the user desires.

The following Zaw Parts are available:


The following are the strikes and their statistics:


Damage Chances are slim. Chances of gaining status



68 18% 18% +0.083
Dokrahm 68 18% 18%



86 18% 18% -0.067
Ooltha 72 18% 18%


Plague Keewar

79 18% 22% -0.033
Plague Kripath 70 22% 18%



86 18% 18% -0.067
Sepfahn 72 20% 20%



68 18% 18% +0.083
Cyath 72 18% 18%



86 18% 18%



The grips and their statistics are as follows:


Damage Speed

Type of Weapon


+28 0.783 1 Handed
Peye -4 1.000

1 Handed

Akwin is plagued.

-2 0.950 1 Handed
Laka +0 0.917

1 Handed


+14 0.850 1 Handed
Bokwin’s Plague +7 0.883

2 Handed


-4 1.000 2 Handed
Shtung +28 0.783

2 Handed


+0 0.917 2 Handed
Kroostra +14 0.850

2 Handed


The grips and their statistics are as follows:


Damage Chances are slim. Chances of gaining status



-4 n/a n/a 0.083
Jai II -8 n/a n/a



+14 n/a n/a 0.067
Ruhang II +28 n/a n/a


Ekwana Jai, Ekwana Jai, Ekwana Ja

-4 -4 7 0.083
Ruhang Ekwana +14 -4 7


Vargeet Jai, Vargeet Jai, Vargeet Ja

-4 7 -4 0.083
Ruhang Vargeet Vargeet Vargeet Vargeet Var +14 7 -4


Jai Ekwana II

-4 -8 14 0.083
Ruhang Ekwana II +14 -8 14


Jai Vargeet II

-4 14 -8 0.083
Ruhang Vargeet II +14 14 -8


Ekwana Jai II is a sequel to Ekwana Jai.

-8 -4 7 0.167
Ekwana Ruhang II is a sequel to Ekwana Ruhang. +28 -4 7


Vargeet Jai II is the second installment of Vargeet Jai.

-8 7 -4 0.167
Vargeet Ruhang II is the second installment of the Vargeet Ruhang series. +28 7 -4



The following are the arcanes:



Brave Increased energy regen for 1/2/3/4 seconds on Channel Kill: 1.25/2.50/3.75/5.0.
Force On Status Effect: 5/20/35/50(percent) produces a 50/100/150/200 percent damage burst in a radius of 3/4/5/6m.
Hunt When you use a Slam Attack, you have a 20/30/40/50 percent chance of attracting surrounding opponents in 6/8/10/12 seconds (m radius)
Might On Finisher, there is a 12.5/25/37.5/50 percent chance of an extra 7.5/15/22.5/30 percent life steal for 2/4/6/8 seconds.
Triumph 5/10/15/20% chance of 50/100/150/200% enhanced channeling damage for 3/6/9/12 seconds on status effect.
Valor On Critical Hit: 5/10/15/20% chance of enhanced channeling damage for 3/6/9/12 seconds; 50/100/150/200% chance of increased channeling damage for 3/6/9/12 seconds.
Contagion After 30m on Air Attack, projectile damage is 100/200/300/400%.
Epidemic On Slam Attack: Projects a wave that suspends opponents in the air for 1/2/3/4 seconds and delivers viral damage to enemies within a 33m radius.



When it comes to chopping down opponents, Zaws may not be the simplest weapons to get when you first start playing Warframe, but they certainly do a good job.

There are a lot of components accessible, which means there are a lot of different things you can make with them.

Depending on the player’s preferences, he may select the stats the weapons have and subsequently modify his modifications to enhance the build even more.

Many players like Zaws not just because of their appearance and arcanes, but also because of the unique ability to customize the weapon to your liking.

The warframe zaw build 2021 is a guide that will show you how to create a warframe with the latest Zaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZAWS still good Warframe?

Yes, they are still a very good Warframe.

What is the best Zaw in Warframe 2021?

The best Zaw in Warframe 2021 is the Zaw.

How do you get plague in Kripath 2021?

You can get plague by coming into contact with the highly infectious disease.

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