This guide will help you understand the basics of Warframe and what you need to know in order to start playing. It is a great place to start for new players and veterans alike!

Warframe is an online-only third-person shooter game that has a lot of different weapons to choose from. The warframe zealoid prelate drops guide will help you find the best items for your build.

The Zealoid Prelate is an infected humanoid monster that may be encountered in an unique quest linked to The Emissary Nightwave events.

To battle the Zealoid Prelate, you must first complete a few tasks in order to get access to the mission where he may be confronted and destroyed.



The Zealoid Prelate may be discovered on random planets with outbreak missions as part of the Emissary Derelict Assassinate quest.

A Zealoid Prelate encounter occurs in an Emissary Derelict Assassinate mission, which is a kind of Infested Derelict mission.

These are assassination missions linked to planets with invasions that enable you to acquire Derelict Zealot Codes, which can subsequently be utilized to join the Derelict Assassinate Mission.

Zealot Derelict Code


A Zealot Derelict Code is a prerequisite for the Emissary Derelict Assassinate objective and serves as a key that enables you to access Infested Derelict missions.

To get them, you must accomplish three invasions (commonly referred to as Infested Outbreak missions), each of which will reward you with a Zealot Derelict Code after the third mission.


The majority of Infected Outbreaks will pit you against the infested, with objectives like Phorid Manifestations, Mobile Defenses against the Infested, and others.


Apart from the combat money from invasion, you will also get the Zealot Derelict Code at a 3:1 ratio, since all three invasions must be completed to obtain a code.


Zealot Derelict Codes are delivered through mail and are typically unlocked when you complete the third Infested Outbreak.

The Zealoid Prelate Must Be Fought


Before you start battling the Zealoid Prelate, make sure you have a Zealot Derelict Code, which will be spent after the task and is needed to begin it.


Make your way to the waypoint where you will first encounter the Zealoid Prelate throughout the quest.


After a brief scenario in which you come face to face with the Zealoid Prelate, fight him like you would any other enemy until you have dealt a certain amount of damage to it.


The Zealoid Prelate will channel its energies and unleash a blast that renders all infected foes invulnerable once you inflict a specific amount of damage.


Proceed to the next waypoint, ignoring any infected along the way since you won’t be able to deal with them until the following phase.


You’ll arrive in a circular area where you’ll mostly be battling the Zealoid Prelate. Its health meter will be visible, but it is invulnerable.


The next step is to follow the red waypoint that emerges after you enter the circular chamber that leads to the Zealoid Bastion.


When you approach a Zealoid Bastion, you must destroy it, which is rather simple, and then a lantern-like item known as Arlo’s Flame will be dropped, which you must pick up.


You’ll note that the lantern emits light; this serves as a means for you to harm any invulnerable opponents, including the Zealoid Prelate, who are inside the lantern’s light’s radius.

Killing infected foes increases the light’s radius and sustains it, allowing you to approach the Zealoid Prelate to battle it.

If you switch weapons or equip anything that needs both hands, be careful not to drop the light.


Return to the Zealoid Prelate and battle it until you have reduced its health by a specific percentage.


The lantern will then be shattered, and the Zealoid Prelate will try to replenish its vitality by draining the life of infected foes surrounding it.

A blinding light will occur when the lantern is destroyed, momentarily disrupting your eyesight, therefore it’s better to drop the lantern after doing considerable damage to the Zealoid Prelate.

Avoid killing the infected opponents around you while the Zealoid Prelate is ready to absorb life so that the infested are positioned considerably closer and are easier to kill, allowing you to complete the phase quicker.


Following this phase, the Zealoid Prelate will do the same thing it did the first time you faced it: it will become invulnerable and make all other infected invulnerable.

Return to the waypoint where you’ll discover another Zealoid Bastion and continue the process until the Zealoid Prelate is defeated.


After you’ve completed the steps and reduced the Zealoid Prelate’s health and killed it, an unnamed object will be dropped, which you’ll find out about after you complete the task.


After you’ve vanquished the Zealoid Prelate, you may exit the quest to complete it and see what prize you’ve earned.

Rewards for the Emissary Derelict Assassinate Mission


You will get 1,500 Emissary Standing, a blueprint or component for the Pathocyst, and resources from the task itself after completing the Emissary Derelict Assassinate assignment.

Drops of Zealoid Prelate


Pathocyst Blade, Pathocyst Subcortex, and The Pathocyst Blueprint are all known to drop from the Zealoid Prelate.

It’s also possible that the Zealoid Prelate will drop the following:

  • Storm Number Eleven
  • Strike of Fever
  • Impact of molten metal
  • The Wind from the North
  • Astonishing Touch
  • Needle Spinning
  • Acquired the target
  • Royale Tempo
  • Extract of Nitain



If you are not properly equipped, the Zealoid Prelate may be very strong. It is recommended that you choose a Warframe that can both resist and deliver damage.

The Zealoid Prelate suffers extra damage from gas, heat, and slash damage since it is an infected opponent, which may help you and your squad destroy it quicker.

Using weapons with a large area of effect and elemental powers, such as an Ignis, may assist clear opponents rapidly, increasing the Arlo’s Flame range and removing enemies quickly while the Zealoid Prelate absorbs their life.



The Zealoid Prelate is not very difficult to beat, and if you follow the instructions, you should be able to complete the task in around 4 to 5 minutes.

A Warframe with a high level of survivability will aid in the process of avoiding being downed, and completing the task with a team would definitely speed things up.

Those aiming to get all of the components for the Pathocyst may need to make more runs than anticipated, but obtaining the weapon is an achievement in itself, and after you build it, you will be able to enjoy it much more.

The lephantis drops is a new type of item that was added in the latest update. Leiphantis drops are found on all enemies in the game and can be used to purchase items from the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What frame does Zealoid prelate drop?

Zealoid prelate drops at frame 33.

What is the fastest way to beat Zealoid prelate?

To defeat Zealoid prelate, you will need to use the sword and dodge his attacks.

How do I unlock derelict emissary assassination?

You must complete the quest The Lost Emissary.

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