In Warframe, players can build their own unique character and explore a vast universe. This guide will help you create a Zephyr Warframe that is suitable for your playstyle.

The warframe zephyr flying build is a guide that allows players to learn how to fly in Warframe.

With her unique aerodynamics, Zephyr is an airborne Warframe that relies on flying and wind to chase, strike, and escape her opponents.

She is a highly mobile Warframe capable of traversing vast distances, flying to difficult-to-reach locations with ease, and even delivering damage and crowd control from such vantage points.

What is the best way to get Zephyr?



To duplicate her designs for Zephyr’s components, they must first be studied at a Tenno Lab on the dojo grounds.

She may also be bought completely assembled from the orbiter’s market for 275 platinum.

Prime Zephyr


Zephyr Prime is the most powerful version of Zephyr, with more armor, energy, and a quicker sprint speed.

Zephyr Prime is found in the following relics:

  • Blueprint: Meso Z1, Neo Z1 Vaulted Neo Z2 is now available.
  • Vaulted neuroptics: Lith H2, Neo N10, Axi A4, Axi O4 Lith K2, Neo Z3 are two options.
  • Vaulted chassis: Neo K1, Axi L3, Axi O3 Meso A2, Neo A2 are among the options.
  • Systems: Lith Z1, Lith Z2, Meso Z2 Vaulted Meso Z3 is a product that is now available.

Other Warframe Abilities may be found here.



(Abilities of Zephyr)

Zephyr can launch herself and sprint in mid-air, generate explosive blasts from aerial missiles, deflect projectiles aimed at her, and conjure tornados to toss her opponents around.

His passive ability enables her to be lighter than other Warframes by allowing her to fall slower and navigate while in the air.

1) A strong tailwind


When Zephyr is cast, he will sprint up from the ground or go in a certain direction while in mid-air.

If enemies are in Zephyr’s path as she dashes, they will suffer damage.

Holding the ability causes Zephyr to charge up for a leap, which then suspends her in the air at a certain height depending on how long she holds the ability.

Enemies will be harmed and knocked back as you launch up into the air after charging.

When Zephyr is facing down and casts the ability while in midair, she will perform a dive bomb that does damage in a specific area depending on the height and speed at which she crashes down.

This ability enhances Zephyr’s mobility by allowing him to soar across missions and even open planets while still dealing damage and causing crowd control.


(Zephyr leaping up into the air, throwing Tail Wind from the ground)


(In mid-flight, Zephyr casts Tail Wind, racing through the air)


(Tail Wind charges the Zephyr)


(After charging Tail Wind, Zephyr takes to the skies.)


(Zephyr dive bombs, casting Tail Wind looking down)


Tail Wind’s damage increases by 50% each time an opponent is struck thanks to the Augment Mod Target Fixation.

2) A blast of air


Zephyr sends a burst of energy in the form of a multiple projectile at the area she is targeting, which explodes when it comes into touch with a surface, doing damage in the area and knocking opponents back.

When an airburst projectile collides with a tornado, the tornado’s height is boosted.

This ability may be used to inflict damage, knock opponents off the battlefield, clear several groups of foes, partially crowd control, and even knock enemy off the map.


(Airburst is cast by Zephyr, and it hits several opponents.)

3) The presence of turbulence


Zephyr builds a wind barrier around herself, deflecting projectiles and rendering her impenetrable to projectiles for the duration of the ability.

Except for melee assaults, status ailments, and explosives, Zephyr is relatively invulnerable to this ability, and with careful use, she may entirely escape ranged harm.

Zephyr’s shield grows in size in the form of a sphere as his range increases, rendering ranged assaults ineffective until they convert to melee strikes.


(Turbulence active in Zephyr)


Turbulence gains additional mobility and projectile speed for Zephyr and her teammates thanks to the Augment Mod: Jet Stream.

Tornado No. 4


Zephyr summons Tornadoes in the direction she is shooting, which will shut in on opponents and lift and throw them about, inflicting damage and knocking them around.

Tornadoes absorb damage from Zephyr and her allies, which is then dispersed to opponents trapped in the tornado, including critical strikes, status effects, and ability damage.

The elemental damage that the Tornados do is affected by the damage they take, since magnetic damage is the default and may be altered on purpose if desired.

If you cast Airburst and a projectile strikes a tornado, the tornado will grow taller and more powerful.

Tornados will seek out opponents on their own and may be managed to do extra damage by forcing them to take damage from you or your squad while Zephyr is occupied with other foes.


(Enemies afflicted by the Tornado)


Funnel Clouds augments the game by spawning eight extra clouds that are half the size of the originals and are incapable of scooping up opponents.

Builds that Have Been Suggested



Zephyr’s Strength Build focuses on boosting her ability strength at the cost of reducing her ability duration.

This enables Zephyr to inflict greater damage with her skills while also limiting the speed and distance she travels through Tail Wind.

Tail Wind will deal a huge amount of damage with just the distance and speed being reduced; nevertheless, diving bombs may inflict massive amounts of damage.

The duration decrease has no effect on Airburst, which benefits from a significant boost in damage as well as a reduced energy cost.

Apart from having a reduced energy cost but at the expense of a shorter duration than usual, Turbulence does not gain anything from the construction.

Tornado has a shorter duration than usual, but it still does a lot of basic damage and may be useful during missions.

This build primarily increases Zephyr’s ability damage and makes Tail Wind one of her most powerful abilities, allowing her to reach high altitudes and dive bomb opponents.

Airburst and Tornado can easily take out low to medium opponents, while Turbulence, although its short duration, may offer a fair degree of protection.


(After using Tail Wind, Zephyr does a dive bomb)

Build a Range


The Range Build focuses on maximizing the range of Zephyr’s abilities so that they may impact many opponents and strike them from vast distances while also increasing the range of her Turbulence ability.

With her powers’ expanded range, she can easily impact large groups of opponents while still avoiding a lot of damage thanks to her defensive ability.

When cast, Tail Wind will have increased speed and range while still doing respectable damage, and the dive bomb will have a much wider radius, making it simple to knockback and even kill a huge number of opponents.

Airburst increases damage and affects opponents in a wide radius, causing them to be thrown about at huge lengths and perhaps even off of the map or into places where they would die instantly.

Turbulence’s shield radius will be greatly increased, making the sphere that shields her very big, rendering projectiles ineffective and even deflecting projectiles that might strike teammates owing to the shield’s size.

Tornado’s spawn range will be increased, allowing it to be positioned at a greater range and for a somewhat longer time.

This construct is fantastic for crowd management and damage dealing, with the added bonus of excellent protection because to Turbulence’s ability to block projectiles across a wide area.

Turbulence becomes one of the most effective skills since the range blocks in a spherical form, which may also defend her friends by forcing opponents to attack Zephyr or her allies with melee damage.

If Zephyr and her team escape the first damage from Airburst, it becomes extremely powerful and may impact opponents in a wide area, causing a lot of confusion among enemies and allowing Zephyr and her team to take advantage of the being pushed about.


(Zephyr uses Airburst to push opponents back.)

Build that is well-balanced


The goal of the Balanced Build is for Zephyr to be able to utilize all of her skills anytime she wishes, with no negative impacts on any of her stats and a solid balance across the board.

Her skills will have enhanced power, range, and duration, but the energy costs will be very cheap, enabling her to perform them many times.

Tail Wind will have a wide range and inflict fair damage while impacting a broader radius, making it ideal for a variety of situations.

Airburst will have a good reduction and inflict a decent amount of damage while having a larger radius of effect.

Turbulence will stay longer and cost less while covering a far wider area, which will be adequate to shield her from several missiles.

This build is suitable for both beginners and experienced players, since it increases Zephyr’s air time while also allowing her to inflict significant damage and even crowd control to opponents.


(In a mission, Zephyr uses several powers)



Zephyr gained popularity when she initially received her new modifications and when her prime version was introduced.

She is known for being able to cover a lot of territory since she can virtually fly over long distances, making traveling between objectives or open world regions a breeze.

Her skills are excellent for both damage and crowd control, and when combined with Turbulence, she becomes almost impenetrable, particularly in the air.

When utilized to dive bomb opponents, her Tail Wind ability may inflict tremendous damage and can be used both strategically and offensively.

Tornado and Airburst may be used together or separately to inflict a lot of damage and create a lot of mayhem due to their crowd control abilities.

It may take some getting accustomed to, but for those who like flying and can manage Zephyr’s movement, overpowering opponents may be simple as you take control of both the skies and the ground.

The warframe zephyr rework is a guide that explains how to build the Zephyr Warframe.

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