Abalone is a new type of monster in Monster Hunter World, and it’s as tough as nails. It’s not the easiest creature to take down, but with some patience you’ll be able to learn its moves and get the upper hand.

The monster hunter world lump of meat is a type of item that can be found in the game. It is used to craft the Monster Hunter World: Lumpy Meat and Monster Hunter World: Roasted Meat.

  • Optional Quest is a kind of quest.
  • Coral Highlands is the location of the quest.
  • 4th place in the quest

The Meowscular Chef has his sights set on yet another ingredient that he needs you to collect for another dish.

It seems that it’s arm day, which means you’ll have to get work selecting Super Abalone for The Meowscular Chef.

This mission requires you to go to the Coral Highlands to collect Super Abalone from the Conch Shells scattered around the region.

Information about the questMHWOP25-2

  • Delivery Quest is a kind of quest.
  • The goal is to provide 10 Super Abalone.
  • The Meowscular Chef is the quest giver (Astera)

Other monsters include:


Start at whichever camp is nearest to Sector 5, since here is where the majority of the Conch Shells in the Coral Highlands may be found.

You may travel to the other sectors to gather Conch Shells after you have collected all of the Super Abalone from Sector 5.

Conch Shell is found in the following sectors:

  • 3rd Sector (1x)
  • 5th Sector (3x)
  • Sector 8 is a subset of Sector 7. (1x)
  • Sector 9 is a sub-discipline (2x)

Rewards for completing questsMHWOP25-4

The What A Bunch Of Abalone quest will be completed after you have collected 10 Super Abalone, and you will be awarded with 3,600 Zenny.

Soulful Caviar will be introduced to the canteen menu after the mission is finished.


  • You’ll need to gather 10 Super Abalone, which will need going back and forth or waiting for the nodes to regenerate, allowing you time to harvest resources or kill other monsters.
  • When collecting from the Conch Shells, try to gather in a logical order so that you may repeat the cycle and collect in a timely way.
  • To pass the time, you may always explore the map or go monster hunting and material seeking.

The monster hunter world super abalone is an achievement in Monster Hunter World. It requires you to kill a monster called the Super Abalone, which is a boss-like creature that can be found in Coral Highlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get super Abalone in Monster Hunter world?

You must complete the quest The Great Hunt to obtain a super abalone.

What is a super Abalone in Monster Hunter world?

A super abalone is a type of fish that can be found in the Coral Highlands.

What is the hardest mission in Monster Hunter world?

The hardest mission in Monster Hunter World is the Elder Dragon.

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