The Yakuza franchise is a long-running series of video games that has been released since the late 1980s. It’s one of the most popular franchises in Japan, and is known for its rich story, compelling characters, and open world gameplay.

The yakuza like a dragon revival microphone is a reward that can be gained by defeating the final boss in the Coliseum.

This guide will walk you through all of the Coliseum prizes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. You’ll be able to access these prizes after you’ve completed Chapter 12. All of the Coliseum prizes are mentioned here, and you may earn them as you go through the stages. Please have a look.

1. Dice Cane Win in 10 turns or less: Moth in Golden Colors

2. Spiky and hot Golden Butterfly had no teammates knocked out.

3. Defective Microphone There will be no swapping of party members: Beetle of the Golden Rhinoceros

omnipouch 4 There will be no use of talents or calling for assistance: Mantis Golden

5. Liu Chinese Saber Viking Helmet within 10 rounds

6. Overalls for Professionals Do not rely on your recuperation abilities: Spider, Golden

7. Sneakers for the Wind Golden Scorpion had no teammates knocked out.

Pumps for the Office There will be no swapping of party members: Dragonfly with golden wings

9. Win in 7 turns with Commander Hat: Beetle of the Golden Stag

10. Knuckles of the Dragon Within 7 turns, you’ve won: Ladler Damascus

11. Amulet of Hariti High-Density Metal had no teammates knocked out.

12. Bracelet in Silver Do not rely on your recuperation abilities: Ingot of silver

Sengoku Armor (nineteenth century) Do not resurrect members of your party: Ingot of gold

Insoles for Military Personnel There were no allies killed: Pearl

15. Win with the Leaden Bag in 7 turns: Prestige

Levels 16 through 30

16. Masquerade of Comedy Raw Platinum Ore: Win in 7 turns

Unbound Poetry, No. 17 Raw Ruby Ore should not be used as a recovery skill.

Win in 7 turns with Curse Substitute: Raw Sapphire Ore

Kiwami Mouthguard (19.) Do not resurrect members of your party: Diamond Ore in Its Natural State

20. Violence Guitar: Win in 5 turns: Club of Holy Might

Security Clothes (number 21) No pals are knocked out: Cough Drop Tin is empty.

22. Win in 5 turns with the Techincal Hat: Beat Anklet

Within 5 turns, win with the Suppression Helmet: Cough Drop Tin (Empty)

No switching party members: Revival Microphone 24. Minister Robe

25. The Five Wise Men’s Staff Within 5 turns, you’ve won: Cough Drop Tin (Empty)

Sacred Steel Helmet (No. 26) Do not resurrect members of your party: Whip (Electric)

27: Awkward Jacket Do not rely on your recuperation abilities: Cough Drop Tin (Empty)

28. Shoes of Mysticism Dragon Boots is the only ally who hasn’t been knocked out.

29. Dragon Kinagashi: Strange Helmet Win in 5 Turns

30. Win in 7 turns with the Dragon Soul Bat: Dragonhelm

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The yakuza: like a dragon best weapons is a video game that has been released recently. This article will detail what rewards are available in the Coliseum and how to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get for beating yakuza like a dragon?

You get a dragon egg.

Where is the revival mic in yakuza like a dragon?

The revival mic is a type of item that can be found in Yakuza games. It is a device that has the ability to revive an ally from death.

Where is the Colosseum yakuza like a dragon?


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