Yakuza is a Japanese action-adventure video game series developed and published by Sega. The first game in the series was released on December 8, 2005 for the PlayStation 2.

The yakuza: like a dragon management mode location is a guide for the game yakuza. It gives players tips and tricks for playing the game.

A step-by-step tutorial on operating Ichiban Confections is a Japanese confectionery company. is a Japanese confectionery company. successfully in the Yakuza: Like A Dragon Management Mode mini-game.


The group encounters Eri Kamataki, the proprietor of Ichiban Confections, in Chapter 5 of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. As you discover, the company is having difficulties, so Ichi offers to assist. Apart from the initial few minutes, which are required as part of the must-see Substory 15, the mini-game is completely optional.


Despite the fact that Management Mode is optional, I would suggest it for many reasons:

  • Progressing through the mini-game from beginning to finish will earn you a sizable sum of money, easily enough to bring you a long way into the narrative. You may get a lump payment of $3,000,000 for just a few minutes of near-zero effort after you reach Rank 1.
  • You may add Eri Kamataki to your party as a party member with the exclusive Clerk job. If you acquire her when you’re still in Chapter 5, she’ll start gaining level and job experience even while she’s not doing anything, making the following few chapters much easy.
  • At a cost of 200 MP, you acquire a very strong ability for Ichi that targets all opponents.


However, I can understand why some individuals might want to skip it entirely:

  • Aside from a short introduction early on, the mini-game has nothing in the way of a guide or tutorial. There’s a lot going on, and very little of it is properly explained.
  • It will take a long time to achieve Rank 1 and will start to seem tedious towards the finish.

DLC Management Mode

In addition, “Do I Need the Management Mode Set?” is a question I hear often. The short answer is no.

Long answer: Having Ultra-Rare (UR) workers on board will definitely help you get things forward faster, thanks to their superior company operation abilities and shareholder meeting statistics. Even if you own the DLC, you’ll still have to pay the workers on a daily basis, which may be very costly when you’re just starting off. I didn’t start utilizing them until I had a third store up and operating, since else, my daily income would have been eaten up by personnel expenses. They certainly made light work of shareholder meetings, so much so that I was always able to please all shareholders, resulting in the greatest increase in share prices and a faster ascension up the ranks than if I hadn’t. I never had the impression that I was in risk of missing any of Nick’s timed objectives. If you think it’s worth $10 USD as a standalone DLC, go ahead and get it. However, don’t feel obligated to do so since it simply makes things easier/faster than they would be otherwise.

List of Real Estate

Name of the property Volume of Sales Expenses for maintenance Profit before taxes Ranking of Profitability
Ichiban Confections 3935380 -100000 3835380 32
Workshop Kanamachi 1023960 -240000 783960 44
Twilight Bar 837510 -180000 657510 46
Muto’s Coin Laundry 681560 -150000 531560 50
Takeya is a Japanese restaurant. 1041380 -280000 761380 45
Tokuda Store is a Japanese department store. 836320 -180000 656320 47
Photographs by Takiyama 720620 -187000 533620 49
Ling Mahjong Club 855910 -200000 655910 48
No. 1 Yamashita Assembly Hall 1005530 -220000 Profit before taxes Ranking of Profitability
Name of the property Volume of Sales Expenses for maintenance 785530 42
Indeed! Sushi 1481690 -330000 1151690 39
Hamayasu Super 1318120 -300000 1018120 41
Yokodo Bookstore is a bookstore in Tokyo, Japan. 2189790 -492000 1697790 34
Photo Gallery of Jibika 1673830 -280000 1393830 36
Ryusei Stage Theatre is a theatre in Tokyo, Japan. 1549000 -175000 1374000 37
Pirates of Pachinko 928480 -143000 785480 43
Mr. Brillio, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for 1624330 -225000 1399330 35
Pinky Rabbit from a Fairytale 1384710 -268000 1116710 40
Oana Security is a company that provides security services. 1373120 -180000 1193120 38
Hydrangea 5466900 -450000 5016900 31
Imokko-Shochu chan’s Specialty 6212960 -555000 5657960 30
Flag of the White House 7863420 -630000 7233420 26
GonGon Karaoke 10486590 -950000 9536590 25
Mansaku Tokiwa is a fortune teller from Japan. 6024790 -100000 5924790 29
Hortensia 7476750 -600000 6876750 27
Servant of the Cat 15637400 -570000 15067400 24
Leda 6677510 -565000 6112510 28
Capsule Hotel Akebi 3810170 -850000 2960170 33
Piacevole Café 25072500 -1750000 23322500 21
Shokichi Camera is a Japanese camera. 36160020 -2250000 33910020 9
ELEGANT JEWELRY 27308930 -1750000 25558930 17
Mirai Stadium is a stadium in Mirai, Japan. 25969000 -1600000 24369000 20
Sailor with a Beautiful Face 22467620 -1600000 20867620 22
Aquarium Kojiriko 30485740 -1700000 28785740 16
PDCA Trading Company is a trading company based in the United States. 40152740 -8000000 32152740 11
Waipu Productions is a production company based in New Zealand 42800570 -3000000 39800570 6
Takumi Architects, Inc. 35120020 -2250000 32870020 10
Zone Taiyue 27590300 -2400000 25190300 18
Stonefish 40752680 -4350000 36402680 8
Marin 20037430 -2400000 17637430 23
WESN (Worldwide Earth Shop Network) 32866810 -3150000 29716810 14
Dianthus 55237830 -3650000 51587830 2
Chituma Depot is located in Chituma, Japan. 28035360 -3470000 24565360 19
Marino Grande Blu 41903930 -3950000 37953930 7
Building of the Industrial Hall 34450960 -2900000 31550960 12
Barter in the media 44843470 -3850000 40993470 5
Galaxy Land is a fantastic place to visit. 34928400 -3900000 31028400 13
Jinnai Stadium is a stadium in Jinnai, Japan. is a stadium in Jinnai, Japan. 52021740 -5050000 46971740 3
Gull Tower in Malta 33705610 -4200000 29505610 15
Red Park 48060830 -5000000 43060830 4
Mirai Tower is located in Mirai, Japan. is located in Mirai, Japan. 60250440 -5500000 54750440 1


I’d suggest operating Ichiban Confections (because it can never be sold) together with any shops that have the greatest profitability ranking you presently have unlocked, assuming you can meet the stat criteria to optimize their income, using the property list given. That would be towards the conclusion of the game:

  • Ichiban Confections
  • Mirai Tower
  • Dianthus
  • Jinnai Stadium
  • Red Park
  • Barter in the media

Thank you so much for taking the time to go over my tutorial! If you would want this guide to acquire popularity and assist others get into Yakuza: Like a Dragon, I would be grateful. You may leave a comment on my tutorial if you have any queries or constructive feedback.

Apart from this guide, please let us know in the comments area if you want us to cover any other guides connected to the game “Yakuza: Like a Dragon.” That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

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The yakuza like a dragon management guide reddit is a guide that gives players tips on how to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Management yakuza like a dragon?


How do you unlock yakuza like a dragon in management mode?

You cant.

How do you get to rank 100 on yakuza like a dragon?

You have to play the game a lot, and its not easy.

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